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Why Paired?

Our romantic relationship with our partner is one of the most important of our lives. While single people use dating apps to find love, couples can use Paired to maintain and deepen their connection.
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4/5 couples feel more connected than ever after using Paired. So can you!
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Overcome relationship challenges with the guidance of leading therapists and academics
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  • Perfect for any relationship stage
  • Track your progress with streaks
  • Earn badges for completing monthly challenges
  • Nudge your partner if they need a gentle reminder
  • Bookmark your favorite conversations for later
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive content

What Paired users say

Download, it’s a must!
Me and my partner use this every day. It’s helping is grow more of a bond than we did before and that we may have been missing and not realised. Highly rate this app.
My partner and I have had a difficult 3 years with long distance and only wish we could’ve had this app sooner. It encourages communication even when you don’t know what you need to say. Our relationship is amazing now.
Amazing product!
My girlfriend and I are absolutely addicted to it. It’s such a great way to have the small conversations about the things that matter or could be improved in our relationship. And the best part is that you can squeeze those moments into your daily routine.

Love more. Stress less.

A happier relationship starts here.

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