20 Most-Loved Relationship Questions

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20 relationship questions

Whether you’re looking to get to know a new partner better, improve communication in a relationship, or just strengthen your bond with your significant other, a proven way to do this is by asking your partner questions. 

The Paired app is your go-to destination for relationship questions. Each day, Paired sends the community a new daily question scientifically proven to improve their relationship and build intimacy and connection. In addition to the question of the day, Paired offers exercises, games, and quizzes over a variety of important topics so couples can continually improve their relationship.

Research by the Open University showed that 85% of couples who used Paired reported better communication with their partner after using the app daily, and relationship quality increased by 36% with regular use of the app. 

Whether you want to know your partner better or simply improve your relationship, below are 20 couple questions our community has loved the most so far this year.

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  1. Of your friends and family, who do you think has the best relationship and why?

  2. What does your partner need to feel loved?

  3. What's a memorable meal you've had together?

  4. How comfortable are you with silence?

  5. How do you and your partner handle conflict differently?

  6. How are your families similar?

  7. What's your least favorite household job?

  8. What does the right work-life balance look like for you?

  9. What causes you the most worry or frustration about money?

  10. How much foreplay do you like before sex?

  11. What's your partner's favorite food?

  12. How are your spending and savings habits similar, and different?

  13. What were some of your favorite childhood books?

  14. What healthy habits could you develop together?

  15. Aside from you, who do you think knows your partner the best?

  16. Which of your parents are you most like and why?

  17. Under what circumstances is it ok to get into debt?

  18. Can you name three of your partner’s closest friends?

  19. How often would you like us to have sex, as a minimum?

  20. Can you name three features of your partner's dream home?

Paired introduces a unique experience for all couples to strengthen their relationship

Do you and your partner live busy lives and only have a few free moments? Not a problem, these daily questions will still provide meaningful growth. Perhaps you and your partner have more specific needs or interests. Paired allows you to select exercises, questions, games, and quizzes in more than 10 areas of interest, ranging from sex & intimacy to conflict resolution to fun & adventure ideas. 

Interested in Paired? Download Paired and try our free premium version with your partner for 7 days. You’ll be able to access our daily questions, quizzes, exercises, and more to see why Paired is the #1 app for couples!

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