4 Ways Paired Can Help Couples Resolve Conflict Better

Couples who used the Paired app are more likely to resolve arguments — here’s why
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When it comes to relationships, arguments are inevitable — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Research shows that conflict in relationships can bring you closer to your partner and make your relationship stronger, the key is learning to have productive arguments rather than destructive ones. Luckily, there’s an app for that. 

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Paired is the #1 relationship app designed to help couples improve their communication, stay connected, deepen intimacy, and resolve conflict in their relationship. The app combines daily questions, weekly quizzes, couple games, and tips from world-leading therapists and academics. 

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Studies show, couples who used the Paired app were three times more likely to resolve arguments, according to researchers at The Open University and the University of Brighton in the UK. 

These studies also found that when couples first used Paired, only 16% of them strongly agreed that they and their partner were able to effectively discuss and resolve conflict. This number doubled within the first month and tripled over a three-month period.

Arguments are normal in all relationships, but what matters is how couples weather the storm. Here are four ways Paired can help you navigate conflict with your partner in a more productive way.

1. Paired helps you communicate better

We’re all told that “communication is key” in a relationship, and that’s because open and honest communication is essential for resolving conflict. 

When you and your partner are able to communicate what is bothering you, or what isn’t going so well in the relationship, you’re able to tackle the problem head-on.

Paired is on a mission to help couples communicate better in their relationship through research-based questions, games, and couple exercises designed by experts. Whether it’s about sex or money issues, Paired helps you start conversations on even the most sensitive subjects. 

Research shows that 81% of users agreed that Paired had helped improve their couple communication after only one month, rising to 85% among those who used it six or seven days a week.

2. Paired brings couples closer

When the honeymoon period is over and everyday life starts getting in the way, you might start to feel like you and your partner are drifting apart. Conflict and feeling disconnected often go hand in hand, so working on being emotionally connected is key. 

Paired is proven to bring couples closer: four out of five people felt strongly connected to their partner after using Paired consistently for three months. 

That’s because Paired allows you to do something for your relationship every day. Not only can you learn more about your partner, but it helps you stay connected through daily interactions and foster curiosity for one another. 

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3. Paired reminds you to check in on your relationship

When is the last time you and your partner did a relationship check-in? A relationship check-in is exactly what it sounds like — it’s a chance to take stock of how things are going, make sure you’re on the same page as a couple, and create a safe space to share your feelings or concerns

It might sound unsexy, but relationship check-ins allow you to celebrate your strengths as a couple and the challenges you’ve overcome together. Checking in on your relationship can keep you on the right track and give you the motivation to work through current or future issues. Rather than assuming how things are going, relationship check-ins let you and your partner share your needs and wants.

With Paired, you’ll receive monthly reminders to do a check-in with your partner and answer nine relationship check-in questions. Once you’ve both answered the questions you’ll be able to compare answers and discuss your strength and growth areas and track your progress.

“My husband and I have been together for six years and after a while, you think you know all there is to know about the person. This app helps you check-in with your partner and rediscover yourselves!” ★★★★★ App Store Review August 2022

4. Paired brings fun into your relationship

Last but not least, Paired ensures you make time for fun and playfulness in your relationship! Research shows that couples who are playful in their relationship are more likely to feel connected, satisfied, and overall happy. They’re also able to navigate conflict better and build trust. It’s true what they say: laughter is the best medicine. 

Every week on the Paired app you’ll find new couple games, quizzes, and relationship questions to prioritize humor and enjoyment. You’ll also receive weekly date night ideas, ensuring you never run out of fun things to do with your partner.

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