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Much like your physical and mental health, relationships are an area of your life that need constant attention to stay in good shape. Even the best relationships need time and energy invested in them, but where do you start? Well, there’s an app for that. 

Paired is a relationship app that helps boost your communication, connection, and intimacy with your partner, and makes putting the work in fun and simple. 

The app offers daily questions, games, and quizzes rooted in relationship science that are designed to strengthen and deepen your relationship. The Paired app also features expert tips on how to build healthy relationship habits and resolve conflict, written by leading therapists and academics. So whether you feel like you’ve lost touch with your partner, or simply want to strengthen your bond, Paired has something for every relationship. 

Research has found that using the Paired app can increase relationship happiness for couples by 36%. According to a study by the University of Brighton in the UK, couples who use Paired for just five minutes a day are more likely to have meaningful conversations and are happier in their relationship as a result*.

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Named as one of the best apps of 2020 by Apple and Google, here are five reasons why couples and experts alike love Paired: 

1. Paired improves your communication  

Every great relationship is an ongoing conversation. Whether you're already in a long-term relationship or have recently met, the Paired app helps make these conversations fun and useful by offering unique daily content on all kinds of relationship areas — from conflict and finances, work and family life, to sex and intimacy. 

98% of couples who used Paired strongly agreed that they communicate openly with their partner because of Paired, and the more often they used the app, the more likely they were to report better communication with their partner. 

“This app is really good to get you and your partner communicating and talking about things you might not normally talk about. Also, it helps with explaining each other’s feelings and why one might feel a certain way.”  ★★★★★ App Store review, September 2021

2. Paired helps you get to know each other better

It’s easy for curiosity to go on the backburner in a long-term relationship — that element of “newness” slowly fades and you get comfortable in your daily routine with your partner. But despite what you may have heard, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. In fact, maintaining an interest in your partner is key to staying connected. 

Emotionally intelligent couples are intimately familiar with each other’s world and keep updating their information as the thoughts, feelings, and tastes of their partners change. 

The Paired app is designed to open up communication between you and your partner and help couples learn more about each other through daily questions, games, and couple quizzes, so you never stop learning something new about your significant other. 

“Married almost 9 years and recently discovered this app. I have been telling everyone how much we are enjoying it! Amazing how we still have so many little things to learn about one another. Would completely recommend for any relationship status — from “talking” to married 20+ years” ★★★★★ App Store review, September 2021

3. Paired leads to better sex

When it comes to healthy sex life, research has found time and again that communication is key. But many people find talking about sex awkward or difficult, even with the very people they’re having sex with. Not only does this get in the way of a satisfying sex life, but an overall satisfying relationship too. 

The Paired app opens doors to conversations that might feel too scary to do in person. Users have access to a vast library of daily questions, quizzes, games, and advice from experts about all sorts of sex and intimacy topics — from sexual fantasies and kinks to porn habits and tips to get out of a sex rut. 

Discussing sexual matters is widely acknowledged to be a challenge for many couples, but couples who used Paired were more likely to feel comfortable discussing their sex lives with each other. 

“I love this app! It has helped me and my husband be able to openly talk about sex and our sexual desires” ★★★★★ Play Store review, June 2021

4. Paired helps couples resolve conflicts 

Disagreements are normal in a relationship, in fact, they’re often healthy! There are going to be things you don’t agree with your partners on, but this doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed. 

It's how you choose to engage with your partner when you disagree that matters, so choosing kindness and respect while working to understand each other’s points of view is important. 

Your capacity to deal with conflict as a couple can say a lot about the health and longevity of your relationship, that’s why the Paired app allows you to openly communicate with one another and understand each other’s conflict styles better.

Conflict is challenging for couples to address, but couples who used Paired were three times more likely to resolve arguments and credited Paired with helping them to resolve relationship issues.

“My partner and I have had a difficult 3 years with long distance and only wish we could’ve had this app sooner. It encourages communication even when you don’t know what you need to say. Even the disagreements aren’t so bad anymore because we are both making strides in healthy communication.” ★★★★★ App Store review, April 2022

5. Paired adds fun to your day 

Happy couples pepper their relationship with fun activities that get them laughing, relaxing together, or discovering something new and surprising about each other. 

The Paired app has a library of couple games designed to help you learn about each other in a fun way, as well as hundreds of questions to keep you curious about each other. Because working on your relationship doesn’t have to be a drag. 

“It’s helped me and my partner be closer, learn more about each other, and have fun in a really relaxed and enjoyable way. I think this app is a must for any relationship.” ★★★★★ App Store review, May 2022
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* Gabb, J. (n.d.). Paired App for Couples Proven to Increase Relationship Quality by 36%. Paired

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