5 Ways This New App Helps Couples Have Essential Conversations

Meet Paired – the app that helps couples communicate and feel immediately closer
by Paired

Communication is how we connect, it’s the string that holds people together, especially in romantic relationships. As time passes, this connection can get worn out by other distractions or not spending enough time together, and soon enough we start to miss the moments when we can have meaningful conversations with our partner again. 

This is where Paired the number 1 app for couples – comes in. The app helps couples communicate and take the extra time to connect with each other, even when there's a lot going on and their schedules clash.

How does Paired achieve this? Built on scientific research and input from experts, the app makes it fun for couples to connect with their partner via quizzes, games, and surprising prompts that will fire up conversations in no time! Results are only revealed when both partners have submitted their answers.  

Perfect for couples! ★★★★★ 
This app is amazing for couples who struggle to know what to talk about or sometimes shy away from the deeper questions. As a person who struggles to say what I feel or think because of bad past experiences this app is a blessing for my current relationship!  

App Store Review by Meggyladon, September 2021 

Thousands of couples worldwide have started to use Paired to:

1. Spark new conversations 

The Paired app generates a different question every day to inspire partners to talk about something new and meaningful as a couple, and to draw attention to interesting topics they may never have thought to talk about. These daily questions open up a great field of discovery, and encourage the exchange of ideas, mindsets, and conversations between partners. 

2. Create space for dialogue 

Remember those amazing conversations you used to have in the early stages of dating? As time goes on, practical matters and other priorities can get in the way and you don’t get the chance to talk like you used to. Most of the time, that’s not due to lack of interest in each other but due to lack of opportunity.

The Paired app makes taking time to connect every day possible, encouraging daily conversations and daily rituals of quality time and connection between partners, even when they're apart from each other. These daily habits are proven to make the world of difference in a relationship. 

3. Make communicating fun 

Paired makes it easy for couples have fun together answering questions and quizzes. It encourages couples to converse regularly by making it enjoyable and delightful. These playful interactions give couples the chance to laugh together, spark deeper meaningful conversations, and give each other the warm feeling of knowing that their partner is thinking about them during their day.   

Ready to connect with your partner everyday?

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4. Learn new things about each other

Even couples who've been together for years are pleasantly surprised by how many things they can still discover about each other. By sparking communication, Paired helps couples better understand where their partner is coming from, helps them explain feelings and articulate themselves.

Couples who use Paired are constantly learning new things about each other. This can include discovering different love languages, ways of communicating, physical intimacy, or even activities they never knew their partner liked.   

5. Grow closer and happier together  

Communicating and letting your significant other in on your feelings, experiences, and world view is a scientifically-proven way to strengthen the bond between partners. Using the Paired app for about 5 minutes each day brings couples closer together and makes them 36% happier in their relationship, a study conducted by the University of Brighton found out. This app offers a rewarding experience for couples looking for ways to deepen their connection and invest in their relationship.

Download the Paired app to spark new and meaningful conversations with your partner.

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