Couples Bucket List: 100 Inspiring Ideas to Work Towards Together

What are some bucket list ideas for couples?
on January 05, 2024
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While we all have dreams and aspirations for ourselves and our relationships, we can often get caught up in the mundane aspects of the every day, and forget to shoot for the stars!

Instead of your next couples game night, take the time to craft the perfect couples' bucket list to guide your relationship as a duo. From hot air balloon rides to whitewater rafting, there are no limits when it comes to devising your relationship bucket list! 

Bucket lists are completely customizable to your relationship, and are therefore, totally personal to your aspirations and desires as a couple. With such a personal undertaking ahead, we can’t possibly tell you what to do… But we can tell you where to start!

What is a couple's bucket list? 

The concept of a bucket list is simple, it involves developing a list of activities that you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. While this may seem a little daunting (and even morbid), life is short and we have to seize every opportunity we can!

Even though it’s fun to craft your own personal bucket list, a little bit of teamwork is certainly welcomed! Creating a relationship bucket list can help couples articulate their goals for their future, with a lot of fun things planned along the way. 

From bungee jumping to binge-watching, there are no limits or rules when devising the couple's bucket list of dreams! While it’s fun to sit down and craft your list, remember that your bucket list items are completely malleable — there are no losers here. 

How do I make a bucket list for my partner?

The key to crafting the ultimate couple's bucket list is open communication, with both partners feeling comfortable sharing their deepest dreams and desires with their significant other. 

While you can craft your list, collaboration is key when it comes to the perfect relationship bucket list, with both of your aspirations taking center stage. So, if your loved one isn’t keen on skydiving, that one can be saved just for you! 

Or, if you want to see if your partner has a kinkier bucket list in mind… We have the content you need in the Paired app. 

What are some couple bucket list ideas?

When it comes to creating a relationship bucket list, there are no rules! 

While it’s tempting to shoot for the stars with your list, remember to include some more basic romantic things on there too, even if it’s just about date nights or sexier bucket list activities. After all, everyone loves the satisfaction of ticking something off the list! 

To get you started, we’ve come up with some couple's bucket list ideas that are total relationship goals. If you’ve completed any of these bucket list activities, don’t forget to add them to your relationship timeline in the Paired app! 

Travel bucket list ideas 

  1. Experience the Northern Lights: Travel to Iceland or Norway for a spectacular view of the Aurora Borealis for an incredible and romantic experience with your loved one!

  2. Romantic Gondola Ride in Venice: Be part of your rom-com with a ride in a gondola in Venice, complete with the music and views!

  3. Discover the Ancient Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru: Hike the Inca Trail for a once-in-a-lifetime and ultimate breathtaking experience with your partner. 

  4. Visit the Taj Mahal at Sunrise, India: Witness the iconic monument in the magical morning light for a life-changing view!

  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia, Turkey: Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? We hear it’s a perfect proposal spot… 

  6. Wine Tasting in Bordeaux, France: Do you both enjoy wine? Well, take the opportunity to bring your skills to the next level with a wine-tasting experience in this beautiful French region. 

  7. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Discover the underwater wonderland of coral reefs and marine life for a picture-perfect experience. 

  8. Soak in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Relax in the geothermal spa amidst a stunning landscape! Slather yourself in the famous facemasks on the ultimate romantic getaway. 

  9. Plan a road trip across the United States: Every couple needs an epic adventure like this one! Whether you want to go coast to coast or carve out the time for an ultimate road trip experience. After all, it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you have your loved one by your side. 

  10. Go camping in a scenic spot: Whether you want to venture to a different country, or are happy to pitch a tent in your local National Park — this is one to add to your list! 

  11. Travel first class: Now this is an experience! If you’re finally taking the plunge to explore Europe, or have saved up those AirMiles, this is such a fun activity as a couple. (Even if you don’t want to reach the Mile High Club…) 

  12. Soak in the sights in Paris: A visit to the most romantic city in the world? Sign us up! Picture this: breakfast in bed with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, the love of your life cuddling you… Need we say more? 

  13. Whitewater rafting in the Colorado River: Are you both adrenaline junkies? Buckle up and get ready for a challenging adventure down this raging river! 

  14. Go stargazing: Have you ever sat under the stars with your loved one? Wrap up warm and enjoy this magical experience (and the meaningful conversations that such scenic views provoke!) 

  15. Explore each other’s hometowns: You’ve heard all about their high school sports team, and the place their famous first date spot… But have you ever seen it? Tick this one off your bucket list and walk down memory lane with your partner in tow. 

  16. Sail the Greek Islands: Set sail around the idyllic Greek Islands, exploring hidden coves and enjoying the Mediterranean sun.

  17. Witness the Serenity of Kyoto's Bamboo Forest, Japan: Walk hand-in-hand through the tranquil and otherworldly Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

  18. Take a Helicopter Tour over the Grand Canyon, USA: Experience the awe-inspiring scale and beauty of the Grand Canyon from the sky.

  19. Explore the Vibrant Markets of Marrakech, Morocco: Wander through the colorful souks, experiencing the rich scents, sights, and sounds.

  20. Walk Through the Lavender Fields in Provence, France: Stroll through fragrant lavender fields, a perfect setting for romantic photos.

  21. Ride the Orient Express Train: Travel in style on this iconic luxury train, experiencing old-world glamour.

  22. See the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt: Marvel at these ancient wonders and explore the rich history of Egypt.

  23. Enjoy the Seclusion of the Maldives: Stay in a private overwater villa in this tropical paradise.

  24. Attend the Rio Carnival in Brazil: Experience the world's most famous carnival with vibrant parades and samba music.

  25. Hike to the Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhutan: Trek to this stunning monastery perched on a cliff for a spiritual and physical journey.

  26. Experience a Traditional Tea Ceremony in Japan: Participate in the serene and ritualistic Japanese tea ceremony.

  27. Explore the Fairy Tale Castles of Bavaria, Germany: Discover the picturesque castles that inspired fairy tales, including Neuschwanstein Castle.

  28. Swim in the Crystal Clear Waters of the Maldives: Immerse yourselves in the stunningly clear and warm waters of this island paradise.

  29. Ride a Camel in the Sahara Desert, Morocco: Embark on a camel trek and spend a night under the stars in a desert camp.

  30. Attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in Seoul, South Korea: Witness the beautiful cherry blossoms and partake in the cultural festivities.

  31. Explore the Ancient City of Petra, Jordan: Walk through the Siq to the incredible Treasury and explore this ancient wonder.

  32. Float in the Dead Sea: Experience the unique buoyancy and therapeutic mud of this natural wonder.

  33. Watch a Broadway Show in New York City, USA: Experience the magic of a live Broadway performance.

  34. Visit the Colorful Tulip Fields in the Netherlands: Stroll through vast and vibrant tulip fields during spring.

  35. Explore the Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada: Dive or snorkel to see these intriguing and eco-friendly underwater artworks.

  36. Ride in a Traditional Bateaux Mouche in Paris: Cruise along the Seine, taking in the sights of Paris from a unique perspective.

  37. Go Dog Sledding in Alaska or Norway: Experience the thrill of dog sledding through snowy landscapes.

  38. Attend a Traditional Luau in Hawaii: Enjoy the cultural experience of a Hawaiian Luau with traditional food and hula dancing.

  39. Explore the Ruins of Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Wander through the world's largest religious monument and its surrounding temples.

  40. Stay in a Treehouse in the Costa Rican Rainforest: Embrace nature and adventure by staying in a luxurious treehouse amid the lush rainforest.

Romantic bucket list ideas

  1. Spa Day with your partner: It may seem simple, but even though we all talk about that couples massage — it can be hard to make it happen! Use your bucket list as an excuse to Indulge in luxurious bubble baths and relaxation with your partner!

  2. Go skinny dipping: While this one might not be for everyone, it’s one heck of a date idea! Find a nude beach or secluded beach to make your dreams come true. 

  3. Take a couple’s cooking class: Are you always complaining about your partner’s inability to cook? Take the reigns and change that by signing up for a cooking class (or cooking course) together! 

  4. Set a love letter challenge: Everyone loves a love letter, and we don’t think they should go out of fashion! Set yourself a challenge to write each other a love letter every year, whether for your anniversary or even as a Christmas present. 

  5. Enjoy breakfast in bed together: Another simple addition to your bucket list, but one that inspires a lot of creativity! Go all out with a curated breakfast tray (and feel free to add some DIY elements for some extra fun…) 

  6. Have a candlelit dinner at a beach: Enjoy a romantic meal under the stars with the sound of waves as your soundtrack!

  7. Recreate your first date: Relive the memories and feelings of when you first met by planning and executing a trip back in time. 

  8. Visit the place where you first met: It may not be a grand adventure, but it’s important to revisit and reminisce about how your journey began! 

  9. Plant a tree or garden together: Want a symbol for growth in your relationship? Planting a tree or rosebud for your relationship shows you how far you’ve come as a team!

  10. Take a sunset cruise: What’s more romantic than a sunset? Take it up a notch by taking your loved one on a sunset cruise of dreams. 

  11. Create a customized love map: Trace a map highlighting all the significant places in your relationship, like where you met, kissed, and traveled together.

  12. Organize a surprise-themed date night at home: Transform your living space into a themed venue (such as Paris, Hollywood, or the 1920s) for an evening, complete with corresponding food, music, and attire.

  13. Renew your vows in an intimate setting: Whether it's been 5 or 50 years, renewing your vows in a special, intimate setting can be incredibly romantic and meaningful.

  14. Experience a serenade dinner: Arrange for a private dinner where you're serenaded by musicians, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. (Just like in the Love Island final dates!) 

  15. Attend a couples' retreat: Join a retreat designed for couples to strengthen your bond and deepen your understanding of each other.

  16. Share a kiss under the northern lights: Plan a trip to see the Aurora Borealis and share a magical kiss under the mesmerizing skies.

  17. Dance together under the rain: Embrace spontaneity and romance by dancing together in the rain, reminiscent of classic romantic movies.

  18. Visit a castle and imagine your fairy tale: Explore an ancient castle and spend the day imagining your own fairy tale romance.

  19. Create a signature cocktail together: Experiment with ingredients and mixology to create a cocktail that represents your relationship. Are you a spicy margarita? Or a sweet strawberry daiquiri? 

  20. Take a carriage ride in a historic city: Whether it's through the streets of Central Park in New York or alongside the canals in Bruges, enjoy the charm of a horse-drawn carriage ride.

  21. Create a playlist of 'Our Songs': Compile a playlist of songs that are significant to your relationship and listen to it during a romantic evening or road trip.

  22. Have a professional photoshoot: Capture your love and affection in a professional photo shoot, creating lasting memories.

  23. Take a painting class together: Unleash your creativity by taking a couple's painting class, where you can paint each other or a shared memory.

  24. Visit a quaint bed and breakfast: Spend a weekend in a charming bed and breakfast, enjoying the cozy and romantic atmosphere.

  25. Participate in a charity event together: Bond over giving back by participating in a charity walk, run, or other event that holds significance for both of you.

  26. Build a piece of furniture for your home: Collaborate on a DIY project that will add a personal touch to your home.

  27. Organize a private dinner on a rooftop: Arrange for a private, candlelit dinner on a rooftop overlooking the city skyline. Enhance the ambiance with soft music, exquisite cuisine, and a view of the stars, creating an unforgettable romantic evening.

  28. Write and seal messages in a bottle: Each writes a love note to the other and seals them in individual bottles. Choose a future date to open them, perhaps on a milestone anniversary, and enjoy a future moment of reflection and deepened connection. This creates a sense of anticipation and adds a timeless, romantic touch to your relationship.

  29. Attend a glamorous ball: Dress up in your finest clothes and attend a ball or gala, enjoying an evening of elegance and romance. (Make sure you head home before midnight to avoid a Cinderella story!) 

  30. Create a time capsule: Fill a time capsule with mementos from your relationship and decide on a future date to open it together — whether in five years or fifty!

Fun bucket list ideas for couples

  1. Go skydiving together: Why not dive right in? Let out your inner adrenaline junkie by ticking off this ultimate bucket list activity. 

  2. Enjoy some scuba diving: It’s time to explore the deep! Hold your breath and enjoy a scuba session with your partner in tow for a life-changing experience. 

  3. Go to a drive-in theatre: The allure of the 50’s romance never fades! Relive the past with a cute drive-in movie night, recreating the Grease scene is totally optional. 

  4. Take a trip on a Ferris wheel: Another simple but sweet bucket list activity for you and your partner to take your relationship to new heights. 

  5. Go ice skating: It may not seem like much to some… but not all of us are pros on the ice (or live in the right conditions!) 

  6. Have a karaoke night: It’s time for your Troy and Gabriella moment! Tick this fun bucket list activity off your list with a rendition of your favorite romantic duet. 

  7. Build a treehouse: This is such a sweet activity for you and your partner to work on together, and could even feature on your bucket list — especially if you’re making it for the next generation! 

  8. Learn a new language: Have you always wanted to go on vacation in Europe? Test your language skills with lessons before your big trip — you can only tick it off your list when Duolingo says you can! 

  9. Have a private picnic at a vineyard: Spend a day at a picturesque vineyard, enjoying a private picnic among the grapevines. Taste local wines and savor a selection of cheeses and fruits, creating a serene and romantic setting.

  10. Attend a jazz night in New Orleans: Immerse yourselves in the soulful tunes of live jazz in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Enjoy the music, the ambiance, and the rich cultural history that surrounds you (and don’t forget to have a boogie!) 

  11. Ride in a vintage convertible along the coast: Rent a classic convertible car and take a leisurely drive along a scenic coastal route. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you enjoy the breathtaking views, and make sure you curate the perfect playlist to match this bucket list moment!

  12. Watch a meteor shower in the Desert: Travel to a desert location away from city lights, set up a cozy spot with blankets and pillows, and spend the night watching a meteor shower! (Or make a wish on a shooting star!) 

  13. Visit an Opera House: Dress up for an elegant night at an opera house! Enjoy the grandeur of the venue and the emotive power of the opera, making for a sophisticated and romantic evening where you feel like royalty!

  14. Join a lantern festival: Be part of a lantern festival, where you can write wishes or messages on lanterns and release them into the sky, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere.

  15. Explore a historic mansion by Candlelight: Tour a historic mansion or castle during a candlelit evening event. The dim lighting and historical ambiance add a sense of mystery and romance to your exploration, but be careful not to get spooked!

  16. Go horseback riding on the beach: Experience the romance of riding horses on the beach, especially at sunset. The combination of the gentle sounds of the waves and the beauty of the setting sun creates a memorable moment for any couple!

  17. Spend a night in a castle: Live out a fairy-tale fantasy by staying a night in an authentic castle. Explore the grounds, enjoy a royal dinner, and feel like a king and queen for the night.

  18. Attend a film premiere: Experience the glitz and glamour of a movie premiere. Walk the red carpet, watch a new release, and enjoy a night of Hollywood-style romance. (You may need to ring up a few connections for this one!) 

  19. Go on a culinary tour in Italy: Embark on a culinary tour in Italy, sampling regional specialties, attending cooking demonstrations, and dining in quaint, local restaurants.

  20. Ride a cable car in San Francisco: Take a ride on the iconic San Francisco cable cars, enjoying the charming views and unique experience of the city.

  21. Visit a butterfly sanctuary: Wander through a butterfly sanctuary, experiencing the delicate beauty of thousands of butterflies fluttering around you in a serene setting.

  22. Go to a chocolate tasting and making workshop: Wonka who? Participate in a chocolate-making workshop, where you can taste and create your chocolates, learn about the process, and enjoy sweet treats together.

  23. Stay overnight in a museum during a special event: Look for museums that offer overnight stays or after-hours tours for a unique and cultural experience, exploring art and history in a new light.

  24. Complete a marathon together: It’s time to start training! Take your couple's workout to the next level by training for the marathon together. 

  25. Join a dance flash mob: Be part of a dance flash mob, learning the choreography together and surprising an unsuspecting audience with your moves in a public place!

  26. Participate in a desert safari: Embark on a desert safari adventure, complete with dune bashing, camel rides, and a romantic desert dinner under the stars.

  27. Sleep under the stars in a glass igloo: Experience the beauty of the night sky by staying in a glass igloo, ideal for viewing northern lights or stargazing in a unique setting.

  28. Take a submarine tour to explore underwater wonders: Dive into the depths of the ocean in a submarine tour, exploring coral reefs and marine life in a way few have experienced.

  29. Volunteer abroad together on a conservation project: Combine travel with giving back by participating in a conservation project abroad, like protecting wildlife or restoring natural habitats.

  30. Embark on a gourmet food tour around a continent: Experience different cultures through their cuisines by embarking on a gourmet food tour across a continent, like tasting pasta in Italy, pastries in France, and tapas in Spain.

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