Date Night Idea: Write Your Couple's Bucket List 2022

Kick off the year in a positive, meaningful way by brainstorming your couple goals for the year ahead
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While we spend a lot of time talking about practical matters as a couple, we can forget to make time for in-depth conversations about our life goals, hopes or dreams. Dedicating time to whip up a couple’s bucket list for the year ahead is a great way to keep your relationship exciting and to challenge yourselves to try new things, both of which are linked to happiness in relationships.

Date night at a glance

Date night difficulty: 😅 ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Things you’ll need: Pen and paper, a jam jar, and your thinking cap

Time needed to prepare: 2 minutes

How doing this will improve your relationship

Psychologists Marc Kaplan and James E. Maddux explored the role of personal and shared goals in marital satisfaction. They found that working towards shared goals as a couple, as well as perceived partner support for individual goals, were both related to increased happiness in relationships.

Not only that, but talking about your goals together is a positive way to check in with each other as the new year begins. Your bucket list 2022 will likely reveal a lot about your own priorities and current aspirations in life.

For example, your focus for the year might be on learning new things as a couple, finally taking that salsa class together, or exploring something new in the bedroom. Or perhaps you want to tick off a milestone as a couple, such as buying your first home together?

Comparing your answers and discussing your priorities can build intimacy and shared meaning, and to the extent that you work together to achieve your bucket list items, can make your couple bond even stronger.

Get your date night started

To get started, each write down five bucket list items for your couple relationship on separate pieces of paper. Fold each of them up and put them in a jar, then pick out at random and choose your favorites together. In need of some inspiration? Check out our ideas for bucket list items below.

Compare your items – were they similar? If there are differences, consider how you can support each other’s goals so that they work alongside each other, or reach a healthy compromise.

Date night question ideas

  1. When it comes to completing our bucket list, how do we set ourselves up for success?

  2. What's at the top of your individual bucket list this year?

  3. Which item on our couple bucket list excites you the most and why?

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22 couple bucket list ideas for 2022

💋 Kiss in the rain

🧑‍🎨 Do a life drawing class

💦 Go skinny dipping

🌃 Sleep under the stars

📍 Go on a walking our of your local town

🏄 Take surfing lessons

👻 Do an escape room together

⛸️ Go ice skating

☃️ Visit a winter wonderland

✒️ Get matching tattoos

🚗 Go on an epic road trip

🍧 Have dessert for breakfast

🚜 Set up a farmer’s market stall

🩲 Play strip poker

🏕️ Camp out in the garden

⛰️ Climb a mountain

🎲 Host a games night for our friends

💃 Learn to dance

🐎 Go horse riding on the beach

🏛️ Visit an ancient city

🏂 Do an extreme sport

♥️ Volunteer at a homeless shelter

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