30 Family Traditions to Strengthen Your Relationships

What are some major traditions?
on July 09, 2024
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by Laura Caruso LMHC

Family traditions are passed down through the generations, shaping each family's sense of belonging and giving every member a sense of identity. 

Every family has their own unique traditions, with these habits inspiring feelings of nostalgia and positive sentiment for all members. 

“Family stories and traditions serve as a means to preserve and pass down family history from one generation to the next,” says Laura Caruso, licensed therapist and relationship expert. 

“Don’t be afraid to share the same stories throughout the years, they help keep the memory of ancestors alive and maintain a sense of continuity and heritage.”

Whether you’re looking for new holiday traditions, or wondering what family traditions to start for your own family — we’ve got your new favorite traditions wrapped up for you.

What are family traditions? 

“Family traditions are shared practices or routines that repeat regularly,” says Caruso. 

“These traditions hold special significance to the family and are often passed down through generations.”

It can be as simple as gathering at the dinner table for family dinner every Friday night, or it can house religious or cultural significance. These family traditions might seem small, but bringing the whole family together can make everyone feel involved in family life. 

Some families are big on tradition, and let it lead to family gatherings, while others felt their absence growing up. No matter what you experienced as a child, there’s always time to create new traditions for your own family that will go on to be passed through the generations. 

So, what traditions do you celebrate with your family?

Examples of common family traditions

  1. Celebrating holidays in a specific way, like preparing the same dishes or running a seasonal 5k every year

  2. Annual vacations to the same destination

  3. Birthday celebrations with unique customs, like a special breakfast or family outing

  4. Getting a new Christmas ornament each year, with the youngest member hanging it on the tree 

  5. Going apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch every fall

  6. Having a particular food on a set day each week, such as breakfast for dinner on Mondays, or tacos on Tuesdays 

  7. Staying up until midnight every New Year’s Eve as a family to do the countdown together 

  8. Lighting the fire and having a hot chocolate together on the first day of winter 

  9. Organizing an easter egg hunt for the family each year 

  10. Having a weekly family movie night, where a different member gets to choose each week 

  11. Stocking up on ice cream every time a family member is feeling down in the dumps 

  12. Gathering for a big family dinner every Thanksgiving, often with traditional foods like turkey and pumpkin pie

  13. Baking a cake and singing Happy Birthday while your family celebrant blows out the candle

  14. Signing a lullaby to your children every night before bed, or reading the stories that your grandma used to read you

  15. Setting aside a specific night each week or month to play board games or card games together

  16. Doing a thorough house cleaning together in the spring to prepare for the new season as a family 

  17. Holding a yearly reunion where extended family members come together to catch up, share stories, and enjoy each other's company

  18. Marking educational milestones such as graduations with ceremonies, parties, and gifts

  19. Participating in volunteer activities together, such as serving meals at a shelter, cleaning up parks, or organizing charity drives

  20. Sharing family stories and histories, whether around the fire or as bedtime stories 

  21. Organizing an annual charity project, like a toy drive during the holidays or a neighborhood cleanup

  22. Taking an annual vacation to a specific location, such as a beach, mountain cabin, or theme park

How do family traditions strengthen family bonds?

Family traditions play an important role in uniting a family over time, with certain family activities bonding the whole family together. 

While new fun family traditions can be introduced or incorporated into your routine, it’s equally important to carry on activities passed on from loved ones. 

“Traditions connect family members to past generations, providing a sense of continuity and shared identity,” says Caruso. 

“They reinforce family values, create lasting memories, and provide moments of connection for family members to look forward to. Participating in traditions can evoke strong positive emotions like joy, gratitude, and love. These emotional experiences help strengthen bonds between family members through positive associations. They create a framework within which families can grow, support each other, and thrive together.”

By carrying on these traditions, a unique sense of identity and belonging is created, as you tap into the generations to make your family feel united. 

What are some family tradition ideas for strengthening relationship bonds? 

On top of harnessing the old traditions, you can also resolve to create your own traditions in your family to bring everyone together. 

There are so many new family traditions that you can introduce for further generations to follow, beginning as family rituals that you implement to strengthen your bond. These activities can have a hugely positive impact on your family life, with every family member involved, boosting connection and camaraderie. 

Whether you want to introduce some new traditions for the holiday season or establish traditions that make you think of your loved ones at certain times of year — we’ve got some ideas to get you started. 

According to Laura Caruso, these are some ideas for family traditions that can help foster connection, communication, and joy:

  1. Regular family meals, like Sunday brunches, allow everyone to share recent life experiences, discuss important topics, and enjoy each other’s company.

  2. Family game nights, like board games, cards, or video games, are a fun way to bond and create lasting memories over shared interests.

  3. Finding unique ways to celebrate holidays, like baking cookies, decorating the house together, or engaging in seasonal activities, can make these times more meaningful and memorable.

  4. Taking a yearly trip to a favorite destination can become a cherished tradition that everyone looks forward to. Simply driving to the beach or the mountains for a day trip is a great option for families to take a break from routine and create new experiences together.

  5. Seasonal traditions like apple picking, planting a garden, or going to the beach are all activities that mark the changing of seasons and provide regular, anticipated family time.

  6. Introducing special ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant milestones, like family barbecues, personalized notes, or scrapbooks are memorable ways to communicate care.

  7. Holding regular family meetings to discuss plans, solve problems, and share ideas promotes open communication and ensures everyone feels heard and valued.

  8. Participating in community service projects as a family not only strengthens family bonds but also instills values of compassion and giving back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some unique family traditions from around the world?

    There are so many unique family traditions around the world, with many Christmas traditions originally linked to religious festivities, such as waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, putting up the Christmas tree, or exchanging gifts on Christmas Day. Other traditions include Hanukkah, Diwali, and Ramadan — each with its own set of traditions and rituals that make them unique.
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