5 Minutes Daily With Paired Will Help Parents Keep The Spark Alive

Becoming a parent is hard, but keeping the romance alive with your partner should be easy

Having a child is a huge responsibility that is so rewarding, but also time consuming, energy draining, and in some ways distracting. Luckily having a partner throughout the chaos of parenting can be a blessing, but also adds a layer of complication as you still have to find the time to focus on each other. 

Many parents struggle in their romantic relationship whether that is while the kids are still in the house, or even after they move out. However, the problem remains for most parents, how do we keep the romance alive in our relationship and how will we find the time? That’s why Paired was designed to help couples in just 5 minutes a day!

The app designed to help parents keep romance in their relationship

The Paired app helps parents make sure their romance keeps burning in just a few minutes per day. Paired doesn’t provide generic gimmicks or require hours of time that parents simply don’t have to offer. Instead, Paired provides daily questions and quizzes to take with your partner on your own schedule; games to play together to get to know each other better; and expert-led advice to help your relationship. Most importantly, you can use paired anytime, anywhere, and it’s designed to fit your specific relationship needs.

Curious how Paired can help you and your partner? Here are 4 proven ways, and if you think Paired can help your relationship, you can try Paired Premium completely free for a week and test it with your partner.

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1. Paired helps you make quality time for each other

Becoming a parent is time consuming. Taking care of children can make it hard to make time for everything else, your relationship included. However, research shows that making time for you and your partner each day results in much happier relationships

With these things in mind, Paired has strategically designed the app to help parents! Each day, you and your partner will both receive a “question of the day”. The questions are designed by in-house relationship experts and cover a variety of important relationship topics. This small daily exercise is designed to spark meaningful conversations in just a few minutes a day. Best of all, you both can record your answers and discuss whenever you have the time!

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2. Find intimacy and passion with the help of renowned Paired experts

Speaking of quality time, a common “side-effect” of parenting is that couples stop being intimate. Sometimes couples just need a little reminder to make time for it, or sometimes they just need a little help bringing the spice back into the relationship. For couples looking to keep it light and easy, Paired offers games, quizzes, and questions all specifically designed to reignite the spark and help you discuss each other's fantasies. Paired also works with leading sex and relationship therapists to develop advice and exercises for couples who want more help in this area. 

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3. Paired helps you date each other again

Oftentimes, couples who are also parents, forget to keep dating each other! Going on a fun adventure, reliving some of your best memories together, or going on a romantic dinner for two is vital to keeping romance alive for parents. Paired makes sure you keep dating your partner! Not sure where to go or what to do? Paired has spontaneous “date night” suggestions and even allows you to play games to keep it interesting. Not to mention, Paired has a unique "couples check-in" feature each week, so these things don't slip through the cracks.

Remember what it feels like to go on that first date again with your partner? The spark, excitement, and romance of a date doesn’t have to be a thing of the past for parents.

4. Keeping communicating with Paired

One of the most important aspects of romance is communication. Listening to your partner and being heard yourself. It’s easy for parents to stop talking about new things, and focusing solely on their children and being a parent full-time. However, experts in relationship counseling all say that one of the cornerstones of romance is communication. Talking to each other as lovers, partners, and friends will keep the romance alive and leave you feeling more satisfied in your relationship. How can Paired help? Independent research from the Open University in the United Kingdom has shown that more than 80% of couples say they felt closer and more in touch with their partner after using Paired for just 7 days.

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