National Husband Day 2024: History & How to Celebrate

What day is National Husband Day?
on April 12, 2024
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While we believe that every day is essential when it comes to celebrating your relationships, sometimes it’s nice to have the excuse to go the extra mile. 

Have you been feeling like your husband needs a little more love lately? Well, you’re in luck, because National Husband Day 2024 is just around the corner! This day is carved out in the calendar solely to make your partner feel loved, appreciated, and celebrated. 

So if you were looking for a sign to celebrate your wonderful hubby — this is it! 

(And don’t worry, there’s a National Wife Day too!) 

Is there a National Husband Day?

While we all remember Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or our spouse’s birthdays, did you know that there are specific holidays for married life? 

Even though they haven’t quite earned a spot on everyone’s calendar quite yet, there is actually a day of the year to make your husband feel extra special. Introducing National Husband Appreciation Day, also known as *your next date night*...

When is National Husband’s Day? 

National Husband’s Day takes place on the third Saturday in April, meaning that this year it falls on the 20th of April 2024. 

Since it doesn’t have a fixed day in the calendar, this annual celebration historically takes place between approximately the 15th and the 25th of April every year. Which luckily is the perfect opportunity to delve into more spring/summer-themed date ideas!

Even though you might not feel you need a specific day to spoil your husband, choosing to celebrate Husband Appreciation Day is more about looking for an excuse for spoiling your husband!

While these relationship celebration days aren’t national holidays (we’re working on it), there are a few key dates to remember if you want to keep these special days on your agenda! 

  • National Wife Appreciation Day - September 15th  

  • National Spouses Day - January 26th 

  • National Girlfriend Day - August 1st 

  • National Boyfriend Day - October 3rd

History of National Husband Appreciation Day

Unlike some of the bigger holidays, National Husband Day is a newer addition to the calendar. 

Fueled by social media and various trending TikToks, there are a range of fun days for every occasion and celebration cropping up. While some might find them silly, we can’t help but get on board! 

While Father’s Day is a favorite to celebrate your partner’s role in your children’s lives, this day is simply an opportunity to spoil your hubby. 

Why not take part in the history of this new day? We’re pretty sure you’re husband won’t mind being the center of attention! 

How to celebrate National Husband’s Day 

Unlike Valentine’s Day, this holiday has decidedly less pressure to make everything perfect! Since it’s also a newer event, it could also serve as the perfect way to surprise your partner — as they may not be expecting anything at all. 

From simple gestures to that extra special date night, these observances provide the motivation you need to go all out for your loved one. 

10 creative ideas to celebrate National Husband’s Day 

  1. Sports Day: Is your husband a big sports fan? It’s time to host your own Super Bowl with a day full of his favorite sports with his friends. Getting everyone involved can make your hubby feel extra special (and pretty lucky!) 

  2. Plan a romantic dinner: A classic idea that works for every special occasion! Surprise them with their favorite meal with all the trimmings, and we will leave the choice of dessert to you… (Wink, wink!) 

  3. Make a personalized bouquet: While men may not traditionally be lovers of floral bouquets, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little creative! Fill a bouquet with all of their favorite things, from sweets to books. 

  4. Give them a day off: Is your husband a hard worker? Give him a day off from slaving away in the kitchen, or do something small like taking his chores off his hands. Let him take a few hours to himself, as he counts down to some 1-1 time with you! 

  5. Plan a romantic getaway: Have you been getting caught up in the hustle and bustle? Or are you struggling to remember the last time you and your husband had that kind of alone time? Plan a romantic getaway for your partner to ensure you stay connected. 

  6. Themed movie night: Is your husband a Lord of the Rings fan? Or maybe he’s secretly a musical theatre geek? Go all out and build a pillow fort in your living room, set out some themed snacks, and witness the smile on your husband’s face when he walks in!

  7. Adventure book: Have you ever seen (and cried to) the Up movie? Well, maybe it’s time to craft your own adventure book for your best friend and partner. Whether you want to spend an evening creating it together, or presenting your finished work as a unique gift, it’s up to you!

  8. Digital detox day: Have you become that doom-scrolling couple? Treat yourself and your husband to a day away from your screens, focused only on spending time with one another.

  9. A day of favorites: Prove how well you know your partner by planning out a day of his favorite things. Map out a full itinerary of how you want to celebrate him, with food menus, activities, and more. It’s the small touches that will make this day special!

  10. Backyard camping: With the nicer weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a camping adventure — even if only in your backyard! Go all out with smores, roasted marshmallows, and maybe some campfire reminiscing about your wonderful life together! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some unique gift ideas for National Husband Day?

    While you’re not expected to go as extravagant as a birthday or Christmas, it can be sweet to mark the occasion with a small gift. From a love letter to a sweet scrapbook, try and tailor your chosen gift to your husband’s love language for extra brownie points. Or, if you’re looking for something extra special — we hear an annual Paired subscription is the perfect gift for any occasion!
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