Joint Journeys: New Year’s Resolutions for Couples in 2024

How do you make a relationship resolution?
on December 21, 2023
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New Year, New You? 

At Paired, we’re all about setting sustainable goals and relationship intentions for the year ahead. Instead of choosing New Year’s resolutions for couples that are about complete change (!!), we want to say Happy New Year to each other with creative, tangible resolutions that set up our relationships for success in the New Year. 

So, we’ve rounded up the best couple’s New Year resolution ideas to get you and your loved one off to the best start as 2024 rolls around! 

What is a New Year’s Resolution? 

Traditionally, a New Year’s resolution is whereby someone commits to completing personal goals or projects to be fulfilled in the coming year. There are no limitations on what these can be, from a new fitness regime to learning a new language! 

While New Year’s resolutions are often focused on individual goals, some couples choose to create resolutions that speak to their relationship! This is usually centered around overall relationship satisfaction, but it can also act as a sort of couple’s bucket list for the year — with a range of fun New Year’s resolutions to choose from. 

Should couples make New Year’s resolutions together? 

While a lot of pressure is put on couples to start fresh when the clock strikes twelve, it doesn’t need to be all ‘New Year, New You’. Instead, the New Year can be a time for couples to reflect on their relationship overall and think about what the coming year will hold for them and their significant other. 

If your relationship is going through a rough patch, it’s tempting to aim for a completely fresh start, kicking all your bad habits to the curb. 

However, when it comes to setting couples’ resolutions, it shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity for total change — rather as a chance to put measures in place to ensure a healthy relationship can grow throughout the year, not just for one night only! 

Start by looking back on the past year, and take the time to check in on your relationship health and happiness. What did you succeed at as a couple this year? What relationship goals slipped off the schedule? 

Before New Year’s Eve rolls around, take the chance to chat with your partner about all the little things that made you stronger this year, and some of the things you’d wish you’d done better. Taking the time to openly communicate with your partner at the end of the year can help you set the right intentions, coming from a place of mutual authority and understanding. 

Instead of picking resolutions out of a hat, use your joint creativity to align on tangible goals that will benefit both parties. These couple resolutions should speak to both of your relationship needs and put your relationship satisfaction in the spotlight. 

If you’re struggling to get the conversation started, Paired can help to spark these authentic discussions, and even give you some inspiration on where to start when it comes to your intentions for the New Year. 

But, if you’re unsure where to start with your relationship bucket list, we’ve cooked up a few resolutions to get you started! 

Best New Year’s Resolutions for couples to make in 2024 

Fun New Year’s Resolutions for couples

Start cooking as a couple. Buy that cookbook and get ready to cook up a storm, with both of you taking turns to craft loving dishes for your relationship recipe book.
Create a couple’s book club. Want to get on top of that reading goal for 2024? Get your partner involved in your reading endeavors this year by setting up a couples book club.
Build a dream jar. What do you want to achieve as a couple? Shoot for the stars and put your greatest goals in a dream jar, you never know what might happen if you both put your mind to it.
Date nights! Spending time with your partner will never go out of fashion, and a weekly date night is never to be underestimated. Take turns taking the planning reigns, and try and get creative with your choices to surprise your partner.
Sex bucket list… Want to revamp your sex life in 2024? Start with the Paired Kinky Bucket List and see what sexy date nights start to fill up your alone time.

New Year’s Resolutions for couples about communication

Lower screen time. While it’s tempting to spend your Netflix and chill time scrolling on your social media, this practice interrupts any opportunity for intimacy! For your resolution, try and define some no-screen time hours so you have the chance to spend quality time with your loved one.
Practice active listening. In a long-term relationship, listening can become more complicated than you’d think! Take the New Year as an opportunity to improve your listening skills, and try and tune into your partner’s desires and needs!
Conflict resolution challenge. Married couples can often fall into conflict resolution patterns that aren’t healthy. This year, try and set yourself challenges around arguments. For example, you can promise never to go to sleep on an argument or to always follow the 3-day rule before communicating your feelings.
Practice gratitude communication. Even if you’re happy in a relationship, it’s easy to forget to say it! Set yourself the challenge of gratitude communication, as a reminder to show your appreciation to your partner as often as you can. (It can be as simple as a daily ‘I love you!’)
Discuss progress on resolutions. As January becomes a distant memory, it’s common to lose touch with your resolutions! Take the time each month to check in with your partner on your progress, and see what you can do to continue to get better.

Health & Fitness New Year’s Resolutions for couples

Joint workout sessions. Working up the motivation for exercise is easier with someone by your side! Commit to joint workout sessions with your loved one for a better shot at success.
Fitness challenges. For some extra motivation, commit to a fitness challenge with your partner — why not Couch to 5k?
Healthy cooking challenges. Have you been indulging in too many takeaways? Instead of eating healthy by your lonesome, make the effort to eat healthier as a team (and maybe remove the ice cream from the freezer!)
Sleep schedule sync. Is this the year you’re finally going to catch up on your sleep? It may not seem like a romantic relationship goal, but setting a sleep schedule can really benefit your overall happiness — and even give you a little more energy for some sexy time!
Practice mindfulness together. With the hectic nature of life, it’s easy for things to get on top of you! Whether it’s meditation or yoga sessions, practice mindfulness as a couple to reap the rewards.

Financial New Year’s Resolutions for couples

Set a savings goal. Once again, things are easier in teams! Whether it’s for your next big trip, or a rainy day, setting a savings goal can make it easier to get your finances in line.
Create a joint budget. Even though it’s important to keep individual expenses and savings, setting a joint budget can be really beneficial when working towards your goals.
Create an emergency fund. Do you often get stuck in sticky situations with unplanned expenses? Let 2024 be the year that you’re always prepared for emergencies with extra fun to dip into — just in case.
Discuss financial goals together. Money is always a tricky subject, but here’s to 2024 and opening up the conversation (with the help of Paired!) Discuss your financial goals as a couple and see how you’re working together to achieve them.
Try a no-spending challenge. Do you have a tendency to splurge on a ‘little treat’? Set yourself a no-spending challenge for one of the upcoming months, and see how you both fare when working as a team!

Personal growth New Year’s Resolutions for couples

Learn a new language. Is this the year you both become fluent in French? Whether you’re traveling together to a new city, or simply want to expand your vocabulary — learning a language together is a great challenge for the new year!
Relationship check-ins. While it’s fun to schedule home dates or to plan grand adventures, it can feel very formal to schedule relationship check-ins. However, checking in on your relationship health is an essential part of keeping things in order!
Learn each other's love languages. Do you know your partner’s love language? Take the time this year to learn more about your partner’s needs, and try new ways to meet these requirements! (Feel free to get creative!)
Encourage each other’s personal resolutions. While you may have set couples’ resolutions, it’s just as important to encourage each partner to pursue their own individual goals. Whether it’s waking up early with them as they go for their morning job, or helping them eat healthy — these gestures can mean a lot!
Start a daily complement rule. Whether you’re a fan of words of affirmation or not, relationships are all about the small things — starting with words of encouragement and love. Every. Single. Day.
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