70 Newlywed Game Questions to Ask Your New Spouse

Test how well you know your partner

If you’re looking for something fun to do on your next date night, why not take inspiration from the iconic ‘60s TV game show and ask each other some Newlywed Game questions? 

How to play the Newlywed Game

The game has a simple premise: quiz a newly (or soon-to-be) married couple about how well they know each other and their relationship — from their favorite snacks to who is more likely to hog up the bathroom in the morning. 

The Newlywed Game is usually played at engagement parties, bachelorette parties, and wedding receptions but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it on any given Tuesday. And you don’t really have to be married in order to play it. 

Asking your partner Newlywed Game questions not only teach you new things about one another but also reveal how much you know about each other.

Write down the answer to each question on a piece of paper (or the Notes app on your phone, if you don’t have pen and paper to hand). Then, take turns revealing the answers to each other and see how well you guessed each other’s answers. 

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What are some good Newlywed Game questions?

  1. Who’s your partner’s celebrity crush?

  2. Who’s the better cook? 

  3. What’s your partner’s favorite comfort TV show?

  4. What movie could your partner watch on repeat?

  5. What would your partner’s ideal date night consist of?

  6. What is your spouse’s favorite dish? 

  7. If they won the lottery, what’s the first thing your partner would buy?

  8. What’s your partner’s favorite breakfast? 

  9. What was your partner’s first job?

  10. How many kids does your partner want?

  11. What would your partner say is your worst habit?

  12. What’s your partner’s favorite time of year?

  13. What position is your partner most likely to sleep in? 

  14. When is your partner most likely to be in the mood for sex?

  15. What’s your partner’s biggest turn-on? 

  16. What’s your partner’s biggest turn-off?

  17. Who’s a better kisser?

  18. Who’s the tidiest?

  19. Who has the best sense of humor?

  20. What’s your partner’s favorite sex position? 

  21. What’s your partner’s biggest fear?

  22. What hobby would your partner like to try the most?

  23. What’s your partner’s dream job? 

  24. What’s your partner’s favorite animal? 

  25. What’s your partner’s biggest pet peeve?

  26. Who’s more into their looks?

  27. Who’s more likely to be late?

  28. What’s your partner’s love language?

  29. What’s your partner’s biggest sexual fantasy?

  30. Who takes the longest to get ready?

  31. What’s your partner’s desert island book?

  32. What’s your partner’s favorite way to spend a day off?

  33. What’s your partner’s biggest shopping addiction? 

  34. Who’s the more emotional one? 

  35. How does your partner like to be comforted when they’re upset?

  36. What’s something that always makes your partner laugh?

  37. What makes your partner lose their temper the most?

  38. If your partner could change one about themselves, what would it be?

  39. Who says “I’m sorry” first after having a fight?

  40. Which part of your body does your partner like the most?

  41. Who’s more likely to start an argument? 

  42. If your partner could have a superpower, what would it be?

  43. Who’s more likely to order take-out?

  44. Who’s better at giving gifts?

  45. What does your partner love the most about your personality?

  46. What’s your partner’s guilty pleasure? 

  47. What’s your partner’s least favorite chore to do around the house?

  48. What are you and your partner most likely to argue about?

  49. Which type of physical touch does your partner enjoy receiving the most?

  50. What’s your partner’s favorite way of spending quality time with you?

  51. What makes your partner feel the most appreciated?

  52. Who’s more likely to suggest a double date?

  53. Who’s most likely to cry while watching a sad movie?

  54. Who is better at communicating? 

  55. What would your partner say is their worst personality trait?

  56. Who is more affectionate? 

  57. What’s the weirdest place your partner has had sex?

  58. What country would your partner like to visit most?

  59. What’s your partner’s most-used emoji? 

  60. What’s one thing your partner would never, ever try?

  61. What’s your partner’s least favorite food?

  62. If your partner found a wallet on the floor, would they keep the money or return it to the owner? 

  63. What’s a surefire way to get on your partner’s nerves?

  64. What adjective would your partner use to describe you? 

  65. What’s one thing you’ll always disagree on? 

  66. What’s your partner’s favorite cuisine?

  67. What item would your partner save from your house if it was on fire? 

  68. Who is usually the one to plan dates?

  69. Who is more likely to forget a relationship milestone, like an anniversary?

  70. Who’s more likely to pay for a date?

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