223 Newlywed Game Questions to Ask Your New Spouse

How do you explain the newlywed game?
on February 20, 2024
Read time: 5 mins

Ready to embark on this adventure of love and laughter?

Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Newlywed Game, a delightful battleground for those who've recently said "I do" and are eager to prove just how well they know the person they've vowed to spend their life with!

Whether it's a cozy night in, a gathering with friends, or a virtual get-together, why not take inspiration from the iconic ‘60s TV game show and ask each other some Newlywed Game questions? 

Key Takeaways
  • The Newlywed Game is an engaging activity for newly married couples, inspired by the iconic 1960s TV game show. It is designed to explore how well partners know each other through a series of questions that range from simple preferences to more personal and humorous inquiries.
  • While the game originates from a television show format, it has been adapted for personal use among couples. It can be played in various settings such as engagement parties, bridal showers, or even casual evenings at home, making it a versatile choice for couples looking to have fun and learn more about each other.
  • The game involves couples answering questions about their partner or their relationship, with the objective of matching their partner's answer.
  • Unlike the TV show, there is no set limit to the number of questions that can be asked during the game, allowing couples to tailor the length and depth of the game to their preferences.

What is the Newlywed Game? 

The original Newlywed Game was a television show that first aired in the 1960s, designed to test how well newly married couples know each other.

The questions range from simple, such as "What is your spouse's favorite food?" to more personal or humorous ones, like "What was your spouse's first impression of you?" The game's appeal lies in the humorous and sometimes surprising revelations that come from the couples' answers, providing entertainment for both the participants and the audience.

While various versions of the show continue to air today, couples can play this game at home — with just a pen and paper at their disposal! 

How to play the Newlywed Game

The game has a simple premise: quiz a newly (or soon-to-be) married couple about how well they know each other and their relationship — from their favorite movie to who is more likely to hog up the bathroom in the morning. 

The Newlywed Game is usually played at engagement parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and wedding parties but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it on any given Tuesday. And you don’t really have to be married to play this party game. 

Asking your partner Newlywed Game questions not only teaches you new things about one another but also reveals how much you know about each other. From your first kiss to your favorite color, knowing the small details about your partner shows how much you care — and might reveal who is the better listener! 

Write down the answer to each question on a piece of paper (or the Notes app on your phone, if you don’t have pen and paper to hand). Then, take turns revealing the answers to each other and see how well you guessed each other’s answers!

How many questions are on the Newlywed Game? 

Without the constraints of the TV show format, there are no limits to how many questions you can ask in the Newlywed Game! 

Depending on how long you want the game to last, or how competitive you are, you can ask as many questions as you like. (We’ve rounded up quite a few to get you started!) 

What are some good Newlywed Game questions?

Ready for the game show to begin? Even though this is traditionally a married couple questions game, if you think you know your partner well enough — give it a go!

  1. Who’s your partner’s celebrity crush?

  2. Who’s the better cook? 

  3. What’s your partner’s favorite TV show?

  4. What movie could your partner watch on repeat?

  5. What would your partner’s ideal date night consist of?

  6. What is your spouse’s favorite dish? 

  7. If they won the lottery, what’s the first thing your partner would buy?

  8. What’s your partner’s favorite breakfast? 

  9. What was your partner’s first job?

  10. How many kids does your partner want?

  11. What would your partner say is your worst habit?

  12. What’s your partner’s favorite time of year?

  13. What position is your partner most likely to sleep in? 

  14. When is your partner most likely to be in the mood for sex?

  15. What’s your partner’s biggest turn-on? 

  16. What’s your partner’s biggest turn-off?

  17. Who’s a better kisser?

  18. Who’s the tidiest?

  19. Who has the best sense of humor?

  20. What’s your partner’s favorite sex position? 

  21. What’s your partner’s biggest fear?

  22. What hobby would your partner like to try the most?

  23. What’s your partner’s dream job? 

  24. What’s your partner’s favorite animal? 

  25. What’s your partner’s biggest pet peeve?

  26. Who’s more into their looks?

  27. Who’s more likely to be late?

  28. What’s your partner’s love language?

  29. What’s your partner’s biggest sexual fantasy?

  30. Who takes the longest to get ready?

  31. What’s your partner’s desert island book?

  32. What’s your partner’s favorite way to spend a day off?

  33. What’s your partner’s biggest shopping addiction? 

  34. Who’s the more emotional one? 

  35. How does your partner like to be comforted when they’re upset?

  36. What’s something that always makes your partner laugh?

  37. What makes your partner lose their temper the most?

  38. If your partner could change one about themselves, what would it be?

  39. Who says “I’m sorry” first after having a fight?

  40. Which part of your body does your partner like the most?

  41. Who’s more likely to start an argument? 

  42. If your partner could have a superpower, what would it be?

  43. Who’s more likely to order take-out?

  44. Who’s better at giving gifts?

  45. What does your partner love the most about your personality?

  46. What’s your partner’s guilty pleasure? 

  47. What’s your partner’s least favorite chore to do around the house?

  48. What are you and your partner most likely to argue about?

  49. Which type of physical touch does your partner enjoy receiving the most?

  50. What’s your partner’s favorite way of spending quality time with you?

  51. What makes your partner feel the most appreciated?

  52. Who’s more likely to suggest a double date?

  53. Who’s most likely to cry while watching a sad movie?

  54. Who is better at communicating? 

  55. What would your partner say is their worst personality trait?

  56. Who is more affectionate? 

  57. What’s the weirdest place your partner has had sex?

  58. What country would your partner like to visit most?

  59. What’s your partner’s most-used emoji? 

  60. What’s one thing your partner would never, ever try?

  61. What’s your partner’s least favorite food?

  62. If your partner found a wallet on the floor, would they keep the money or return it to the owner? 

  63. What’s a surefire way to get on your partner’s nerves?

  64. What adjective would your partner use to describe you? 

  65. What’s one thing you’ll always disagree on? 

  66. What’s your partner’s favorite cuisine?

  67. What item would your partner save from your house if it was on fire? 

  68. Who is usually the one to plan dates?

  69. Who is more likely to forget a relationship milestone, like an anniversary?

  70. Who’s more likely to pay for a date? 

  71. What was your partner’s first impression of you? 

  72. Who was your partner’s childhood best friend? 

  73. What was the first movie you watched together? 

  74. What is the childhood pet name of your spouse? 

  75. What’s your partner's go-to karaoke song? 

  76. What is your spouse’s shoe size? 

  77. Where did you go on your first date? 

  78. Who’s the better driver? 

  79. Who cried more (or cried first) on your wedding day? 

  80. Who made the first move? And when was it? 

  81. Who was your partner’s favorite teacher in high school? 

  82. What’s your partner’s favorite and least favorite ice cream flavor? 

  83. What’s the most embarrassing thing your partner has ever done? 

  84. What podcast does your partner never miss an episode of? 

  85. Which board game makes your partner the most competitive on game night? 

  86. Which family member makes your partner power clean the house before their visit?

  87. Who’s the most likely to weep over a soppy film? 

  88. Is your partner an early bird or a night owl? 

  89. Who is more clumsy in the relationship? 

  90. Who is the funniest? (Dad jokes accepted!) 

  91. Who is the most organized at the airport? 

  92. Who’s the social butterfly in the relationship? 

  93. What’s your partner’s weirdest habit? 

  94. Who’s the most ticklish? 

  95. What celebrity would your partner fangirl over? 

  96. Who was more studious in school? 

  97. Does your partner prefer phone calls or texts?

  98. Who is the least punctual for dates? 

  99. Who was the most nervous to meet the in-laws? 

  100. Who’s the better dancer?

  101. Who’s more likely to lose their keys or spend ages looking for their phone?

  102. Who’s more spontaneous in the relationship?

  103. Who is more of a scaredy cat?

  104. What is your partner’s go-to takeaway order?

  105. Which partner has more of a sweet tooth? 

  106. Who’s better at keeping secrets? 

  107. What’s one thing your spouse has that you would love to throw away? 

  108. Who takes longer showers? 

  109. Who’s a bigger hoarder? 

  110. Can you remember what your partner wore on your first date? 

  111. Do you think that your partner is more like their mom or dad?

  112. If you had to choose an actor to play your spouse, who would it be? 

  113. Would you say your partner is more of a pessimist or an optimist? 

  114. Who falls asleep first? You or your partner? 

  115. Does your partner have the most used catchphrase? 

  116. What topic could your partner talk about for hours? 

  117. Who is more likely to snooze their alarm? 

  118. What superpower would your partner choose? 

  119. What emoji would you use to describe your spouse? 

  120. Who’s the biggest procrastinator in the relationship?

  121. What is my favorite thing to do when I’m feeling low? 

  122. What’s my favorite book that I like to read over and over again? 

  123. What’s my go-to icebreaker when meeting new people? 

  124. What would your partner consider their signature dish in the kitchen?

  125. Which song can instantly lift your partner’s mood?

  126. What’s a skill your partner wishes they were better at?

  127. If your partner could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be?

  128. What’s your partner’s favorite way to unwind after a long day?

  129. Which historical figure does your partner find most fascinating?

  130. What’s one habit your partner wishes they could break?

  131. If your partner could live in any book’s universe for a day, which would it be?

  132. What’s your partner’s favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

  133. Which cuisine does your partner wish they could cook like a pro?

  134. What’s your partner’s favorite childhood memory?

  135. If your partner could instantly master a musical instrument, which would it be?

  136. What’s a movie your partner loves that most people haven’t heard of?

  137. What’s your partner’s favorite podcast genre?

  138. If your partner could witness any event in history, what would it be?

  139. What’s the most adventurous thing your partner has ever done?

  140. Which book has had the biggest impact on your partner’s life?

  141. What’s one thing your partner is surprisingly good at?

  142. If your partner could be a champion in any sport, which would it be?

  143. What’s your partner’s favorite family tradition?

  144. What’s the most thoughtful gift your partner has ever received?

  145. If your partner could have dinner with any author, dead or alive, who would it be?

  146. What’s your partner’s favorite thing to cook or bake?

  147. What’s a cause that’s really important to your partner?

  148. What’s your partner’s favorite way to spend a weekend morning?

  149. What’s a country your partner would love to explore?

  150. If your partner could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

  151. What’s your partner’s favorite board or card game?

  152. What’s a talent your partner admires in others?

  153. If your partner could be an expert in any field overnight, which would it be?

  154. What’s your partner’s favorite type of weather?

  155. What’s a language your partner wishes they could speak fluently?

  156. What’s your partner’s least favorite trend?

  157. What’s the first thing your partner would do if they were invisible for a day?

  158. What’s your partner’s go-to song for karaoke?

  159. What’s a movie genre your partner secretly loves?

  160. If your partner could only eat one dessert for the rest of their life, what would it be?

  161. What’s your partner’s favorite thing about their job?

  162. What’s an item on your partner’s bucket list?

  163. What’s your partner’s favorite outdoor activity?

  164. If your partner could meet any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

  165. What’s a subject your partner wishes they had paid more attention to in school?

  166. What’s your partner’s favorite thing to do on a long drive?

  167. If your partner could start their own business, what would it be?

  168. What’s your partner’s favorite scent?

  169. What’s a pet peeve your partner has about public places?

  170. What’s your partner’s favorite piece of clothing?

  171. If your partner could relive one year of their life, which would it be?

  172. What’s your partner’s favorite way to exercise?

  173. What’s something your partner does to make you feel special?

  174. If your partner could master one style of dance, what would it be?

  175. What’s your partner’s favorite comfort food?

  176. What’s the best advice your partner has ever received?

  177. What’s a book your partner has read more than once?

  178. What’s your partner’s favorite snack during a movie?

  179. If your partner could choose a theme for their birthday party, what would it be?

  180. What’s your partner’s favorite mobile app?

  181. What’s a hobby your partner has always wanted to pick up?

  182. What’s the most unusual food your partner has tried and liked?

  183. What’s your partner’s favorite kind of cake?

  184. What’s something your partner is really proud of?

  185. If your partner could live in any TV show’s world, which would it be?

  186. What’s your partner’s favorite thing to do at an amusement park?

  187. What’s a dream destination for your partner’s next birthday?

  188. What’s your partner’s favorite way to celebrate an accomplishment?

  189. What’s a small thing that makes your partner incredibly happy?

  190. What’s your partner’s favorite type of museum to visit?

  191. If your partner could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

  192. What’s a skill your partner has that you find sexy?

  193. What’s your partner’s favorite thing about their hometown?

  194. What’s a movie that always makes your partner cry?

  195. If your partner could be a character in any video game, which would it be?

  196. What’s your partner’s favorite season and why?

  197. What’s something your partner is afraid to try but really wants to?

  198. What’s your partner’s favorite kind of date night?

  199. What’s a song that reminds your partner of you?

  200. What’s your partner’s favorite way to relax before bed?

  201. What’s something your partner collects?

  202. If your partner could solve one mystery, what would it be?

  203. What’s your partner’s favorite memory of your relationship?

  204. What’s a tradition your partner wants to start with you?

  205. What’s your partner’s favorite thing to get at a coffee shop?

  206. What’s a goal your partner has for the next year?

  207. What’s your partner’s favorite way to spend time with family?

  208. If your partner could be famous for anything, what would it be?

  209. What’s your partner’s favorite thing about where you live now?

  210. What’s a fear your partner has overcome?

  211. What’s your partner’s favorite kind of sandwich?

  212. What’s something your partner does that always makes you laugh?

  213. If your partner could learn one magic trick, what would it be?

  214. What’s your partner’s favorite thing to do on a sick day?

  215. What’s a habit your partner has that you find endearing?

  216. If your partner could guest star on any TV show, which would it be?

  217. What’s your partner’s favorite way to spend a holiday?

  218. What’s something your partner was really into as a kid?

  219. If your partner could win an Olympic medal in any sport, what would it be?

  220. What’s your partner’s favorite type of cookie?

  221. What’s something your partner is really good at cooking?

  222. If your partner could join any past or present music group, which would it be?

  223. What’s your partner’s favorite thing about the place where you first met?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many couples can play the Newlywed game?

    If you’re playing in a large group — don’t fret! Depending on how many keen couples you want to get involved, there should be room for everyone to take part. Ideally, one person (perhaps a single volunteer) should sit out in order to act as the game host. Then, everyone else can section off into their couples and let the games begin.
  • How many questions are asked in the Newlywed game?

    As you may have guessed, no matter how long you have been with your partner, there is always something else to learn! The brilliance of the newlywed questions is that you can never quite run out of ideas. But if you’re looking for a place to start, our list should help!
  • How do you play Newlywed Game on Zoom?

    If you are a long-distance couple, you can still take part in this fun game. After each question, you can still take note of your answer. Over video chat, it might be easier to count to three before the big reveal or you can type in your answer if it works better. Even if you are apart, the fun shouldn’t be lessened!
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