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Smash hit relationship and romance app Paired is causing a stir among relationship experts and counselors, who say the app is surprisingly a bonafide option for couples seeking help with their relationships. The app has received recognition from The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and The New York Times, with one review from The Huffington Post saying “People feeling like there might be something missing in their relationship or those who want to start tricky conversations, Paired could be a handy starting point”

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4.7 50K+ Ratings on the Apple App Store

The app, having shot to ratings in the App Store has acheived an impressive 4.7 star rating among fans and is set to be the go-to source for relationship advice this year and beyond. Not only is the app proving wildly popular, but it’s already partnered with some of the top experts in the industry.

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Hotly-tipped Paired App is Set to be The Most Addictive Couples App of 2023

Why have thousands of couples become obsessed with Paired? The first app of its kind allows users to pair with their partner inside the app for each party to gain a deeper meaning in their relationship. Couples are asked questions about one another and answers are only revealed once both parties have entered their response. The hook is the anticipation behind every question as you wait to reveal the messages from your loved one. As it turns out, Paired power couples say it’s never too late to discover something new about your lover and the responses to each quiz, question or game give the receiver the same butterflies in their stomach as they had in the relationship’s early days.

The Lusty Excitement Keeps Couples Hooked  

Packed full of steamy and sensual advice for couples, Paired has ignited passion in relationships everywhere and it’s not hard to see why. When a user enters Paired, from the very outset they’re faced with incredible resources on almost every topic, while bedroom and intimacy advice ranks highest with the apps users, the app caters to all, with topics ranging from money and finances, home and work and meaning and growth.

The explosive self-help relationship app ramps up the intensity in relationships that have lost their spark and takes users one step closer to bliss with their sweetheart. It’s never been easier to connect and communicate, particularly when it comes to topics lovebirds tend to shy away from. 


Get Closer to Your Lover, One Paired Question at a Time

The unputdownable Paired App leans into the notion of “relationship care” and while the apps founders claim the idea isn’t to replace couples therapy, professionals in the industry are so impressed with the apps abilities that they say communication problems in a relationship can be tackled earlier when couples use the app. Some critics say being present in the room with a traditional counselor in couples therapy provides a deeper, more personal approach to tackling issues within our relationships, but, with rising levels of inflation and a return to work in a post pandemic world, the classic couples therapy is costly in comparison and difficult to fit into busy schedules. 


Daily questions are available for free in the app and it’s yearly subscription package gives access all areas to questions, games and quizzes for you and your significant other. Users are reportedly indulging in the relationship questions at any given opportunity, hooked by the thrill from their partners responses, checking in on the Paired app around the clock. One user reviewed the app and drew the conclusion that the year-long subscription cost about the same as one date night dinner, drinks and tip. While a delicious meal out may last a few hours, strengthened bonds and increased intimacy provides happiness that lasts a lifetime.   

The unique app has raked in investments in the region of $3.6 million dollars, setting a precedent that app based relationship advice could become a thing of the future. With screen time on the rise across the globe and growing dependency on tech in every day life, creating time and space for bonding with a partner via your smartphone makes for a logical romantic gesture.

Relationship Advice Tailored to Your Needs

As you and you partner use the app, it’s unique algorithm learns more about you both and your interests, tailoring questions to your specific needs. Each question designed to promote healthy relationship behaviors. With that in mind, no topic becomes taboo or awkward, answered discreetly from the palm of your hand. Paired also know that relationships are not ‘one size fits all’, as they provide subject matter for a range of sexual orientations. 

It’s not just forward thinking tech either, the app is backed by science and opinion pieces from industry leading experts who specialise in relationship matters. Users are even able to view the profiles of the doctors featured in the app and delve into their backgrounds and specialised questions for more insight. 

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The Power Of Communication  

Communication is one of the biggest success factors in any relationship, and letting your needs be known unlocks advanced levels of connectivity. From boundary setting, to finding manageable ways to getting along with the in-laws. Increasing pleasure and physical affection to money matters, Paired opens up the space for frank and honest dialogue between partners in a way that offers flexible support that fits in with your life. Through clear and open communication, couples are able to identify their shared values and interests and build on them. Bringing couples closer together, Paired users strengthen their relationships keeping a close monitor of each other’s feelings and needs. 

In an age where wellness and health well-being are of paramount importance, Paired provides users with their very own relationship health check, ensuring both parties are fullfilled and balanced, which begs the question, as a society, are we ready to uncondition our brains out of thinking relationship check ins are reserved only for those who experience challenging moments? Or should working on keeping that healthy balance be regarded as a priority? Paired and it’s thousands of users would say so.

The app is available in both the app store and google play, try it out with your significant other and become a Paired power couple today. 

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