These Relationship Experts Share the Secret to a Happy Couple

If you've been wondering what the secret to a happy relationship is, you're in luck!

A recent study conducted by researchers from top British universities found that couples who practice simple habits guided by the Paired app see an almost 40% increase in relationship happiness.

How does the Paired app improve your relationship?

Paired makes it easy for couples to do the things that scientists have found to be essential for a happy relationship:

  1. Daily conversations

  2. Discussing and resolving arguments

  3. Comfortably and openly talking about sex

  4. Making time for deeper intimacy and connection

The app does this by offering daily quizzes, games, and prompts to answer questions about your partner.

Not only that but with a catalog of expert tips from world-leading couple therapists, couples were able to learn about how to spice up their love lives, too!

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Building daily habits together makes for deeper connections

If you've been in a relationship for awhile, you know how special it is to do things together with your partner. Whether it's new experiences or activities, or just asking them questions to discover more about them, the more you're able to share, the deeper you're able to connect with each other.

But when life gets in the way, it's easy to forget to share these special moments with each other, and slip into complacency.

Luckily, Paired makes it really easy to build rituals and habits together that encourage you to try new activities, share new experiences, and ask deeper questions to deepen intimacy and feelings of love.

"Fall in Love All Over Again! I've fallen in love with my wife all over again. This app gave us the opportunity to connect on the deepest, most intimate level. It made us make time out of our day for our relationship. The tips and exercises we did together made me rediscover why she was the woman I fell in love with." ★★★★★ App Store Review December 2022

Talk about sex together, openly and healthily

Talking about sex can be difficult for a lot of couples. In fact, up to 60% of couples find it awkward or difficult to bring up topics about sex, fantasies, or desires with their partner.

Paired eases the tension and makes you comfortable talking about sex.

Using its question feature, Paired sends you questions you've never considered to facilitate healthy and comfortable conversations about sex.

More than 55% of couples who use the app find it easier than ever to talk about their sexual wants and needs without feeling awkward or judged.

The app acts as a guide to open up conversations with quizzes, games, questions, and tips.

"I can finally tell my partner what I want in bed! I've always felt a little awkward expresssing what I want from sex, but thanks to this app, my partner and I are talking about sex and our sexual desires more than ever before. We can't keep our hands off each other now!!” ★★★★★ App Store Review December 2022

Do something special for them with Paired's help.

We all know that it doesn't have to be a special occasion to do something special for our partners, but it's easy to fall into a routine that makes us forget to spoil them now and then.

But Paired helps you make time for each other again.

Whether it's doing something small every day, like fixing up their favorite snack, or writing them a love note, or something bigger like trying a new kind of date night, making time for each other makes a big difference.

The app helps you to discover new things about your partner with its questions and quizzes – what they love at the moment, things they want to try, or even dreams they might have. When couples learn these things, they strengthen their bonds by doing special things that make their partners feel seen and appreciated.

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98% of Paired couples feel more emotionally connected thanks to the app.

Couples who used this app for the first time found they were more emotionally connected to each other than ever before.

Thanks to its research-backed games, quizzes, questions, and tips, couples have found a way to meet their needs for stability, intimacy, and passion.

Even using the app together for as little as 5 minutes a day was shown to increase the likelihood that couples would stay together in the future.

Become happier together with Paired.

This relationship app was designed to help you become happier than ever in your relationship. If you're ready to explore your relationship, deepen intimacy and communicate better, then this app is for you.

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