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At the beginning of a relationship, when excitement, infatuation, and the dreams of your future together are on the horizon, communication and getting to know the other person can come easily. Yet, as time goes by and the newness starts to fade, our spark can need a little help to keep that flame going.

What if you could learn to communicate with your partner again like it's your very first date, and overall be more satisfied in your relationship just by spending five minutes a day, wherever you are? Now you can!

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An app designed to build better communication in your relationship

Paired — the #1 app for couples — helps you become more connected with your partner again in minutes. Paired offers daily questions and quizzes to take with your partner, games to play together to get to know each other better, and partner exercises designed by leading academics and relationship therapists. And the best thing? You can do this any time of day, wherever you are: on your commute to work, waiting in line at the grocery store, or even before bedtime. 

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Any moment can be a good moment to invest in your relationship. Here are five proven ways Paired can help.

1. Rekindle that flame

Many couples can fall into a routine and lose that spark that once brought them together in the first place. By opening up new conversations and inviting you to engage in new couple activities, the Paired app can help you mix up your routine and break out of your monotony.

Paired will ask you and your partner questions to remind you of what brought you together, and make suggestions such as potential “date night” ideas that will help you look forward to your future together. By taking steps to remember your past and reignite that spark for the future, you’ll experience a sense of fulfillment and fun as individuals and as a couple, which keeps the passion alive and your relationship more interesting.

“My relationship with my boyfriend was already so great, but the app required us to make time out of our day for our relationship. It’s like a mini date. The tips and exercises are an amazing plus. If you take the time to actually do an exercise, there’s a great big connection at the end where you just wanna stare into each other’s eyes and say I love you all day and cuddle” ★★★★★ App Store Review June 2021

2. Learn about your partner

Whether you’ve been together six months, a few years, or even longer, there's always something new to learn about your significant other. For couples who are still in that honeymoon phase, this is your chance to learn more about your partner's likes, dislikes, and quirks. For those who can’t remember life without their better half, this is an opportunity to check in with your partner and even learn something new!

Flirt with them, laugh with them and ask them questions you might not have ever asked or thought about in a long time. Remaining curious and open to your partner keeps relationships of all durations alive and fresh, and helps communication thrive. 

This is where Paired can assist by answering fun, research-based questions with your partner each day to bring you closer together. New couple questions are available daily, and by answering the question, you’ll unlock your partner’s answer.  

“My husband and I have been together for six years and after a while, you think you know all there is to know about the person. This app helps you rediscover yourself as you rediscover your partner!” ★★★★★ App Store Review August 2022

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3. Build trust

Looking for an opportunity to share what’s on your mind, but not sure of the right time or place? This is an issue many couples face and struggle to make themselves vulnerable out of fear that their partner will be caught off guard, not answer honestly, or simply keep their own feelings bottled up. That’s why creating a respectful and safe environment for conversations can help build the trust needed for open communication.

With Paired, your partner can’t see your responses without first answering them themselves, which allows both partners to answer questions without additional influence. More importantly, conversations remain private for just you and your partner to discuss in your paired accounts. Taking time to answer the questions and quizzes in the Paired app together can be such a bonding ritual. Trusting the other person and making it a habit to connect and check in each day is at the heart of good communication.

4. Talk about difficult subjects 

When it comes to a healthy relationship, countless studies have found that communication is key. Yet, many people avoid talking about difficult or awkward subjects with their partners. For example, sexual desires and needs can be awkward, or bringing up certain topics may feel impossible without starting an argument or hurting the other person. The Paired app opens up a variety of conversations in a healthy way, offering quizzes, questions, and expert tips to help you approach even the touchiest of subjects. 

“I really like the conversations it opens up in my relationship with my partner. Some things are hard to gain courage to approach, but this app makes it easier to have hard conversations. I also like that it doesn't make me feel bad about my answers. It really helps me see where I can improve.” ★★★★★ App Store Review August 2022

5. Have fun together

Working on communication is something we all know we should do, but when it comes down to it, we get distracted, tired, bored, and everything else in between. Communicating with your partner shouldn’t be a chore and that’s why Paired balances the difficult topics with light-hearted conversation starters. With Paired Premium, you can specifically select question packs that you find fun, interesting, or even a bit spicier depending on the mood. Communicating with your partner should make your life together more fun so forget about awkward and boring icebreaker questions and dig into the stuff you want to talk about.

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