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Having children can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, responsibilities that a couple ever faces together. A partner by your side throughout this rewarding challenge of parenting, creates a bond that lasts a life time. However, the truth is that many parents struggle in their romantic relationship and in navigating the new difficulties of parenting. 

Yet, what if you could become a better parent and build a stronger relationship just by spending 5 minutes a day, wherever you are?

The app proven to help you and your partner become stronger and better together

Now you can! Paired – the number 1 app for couples – helps couples navigate the difficulties of parenthood and continue setting aside time for one another with just a few minutes each day. Paired has worked with renowned parenting experts and couples therapists to provide couples with expert advice and exercises for difficult parenting and relationship struggles, daily questions and check-ins to help you make time each day for yourself and one another, and even fun couples games and quizzes to help keep the spark alive romantically. And the best thing? You can do this any time of day, wherever you are: on your commute to work, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or even before bedtime.

Any moment can be a good moment to invest in your relationship. Here are 5 proven ways Paired can help you become a better parent and partner.

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1. Happy relationships create happy homes

When you’re in a loving and happy relationship, it creates a home for your children that is free of stress, loving, and has both parents at their very best. Selfishly, doesn’t everyone want to have that picture perfect family with a loving supportive partner and happy kids?

This is just one proven area Paired has proven to help as independent research by the Open University in the United Kingdom shows that 80% of parents who used Paired, felt more satisfied in their relationship after just 1 week. Paired is able to do this in numerous ways by bringing partners closer each day, through daily questions, quizzes to get to know your partner better, and expert tips to help you approach even the touchiest of subjects. As we know, happy parents make happy households and Paired can help. 

2. Set an example of a healthy relationship

All couples and parents want their children to learn what a healthy relationship looks like. As a parent and as a romantic partner, children will watch and see how you communicate with one another, handle disagreements, and how you show love for one another on a daily basis.

Romantic relationships are never perfect and you and your partner may struggle to always communicate, maybe you struggle to fight in a “healthy” way, or perhaps you and your partner have other struggles. Paired is uniquely personalized for each couple to help them focus and improve areas in their relationship that they find needs more attention. Paired will allow you to select topics that matter to you and your partner and give you the expert designed excersices and tools to work on these areas.

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3. Paired helps you work together better as parents.

Parenting is hard enough, but fortunately, you’ve got a partner through this journey. The most important part of this partnership is being on the same page throughout! What values are important to both of you? What is your preferred parenting style? How do you handle a parenting “crisis”? Paired is designed to support parents facing these questions, and help keep you on the same page. Paired has specific parenting exercises, quizzes, and questions that will spark conversation over these parenting topics, provide expert advice, and keep you working together as a team.

4. Be a lover not just a parent

Keeping the romance alive between you and your partner has a huge impact on your relationship. It can be easy for parents to get caught up in the day-to-day life of a “mom” or “dad”, and forget that they are a partner too. Paired has helped hundreds of thousands of couples avoid this issue. Paired will provide you and your partner with relationship-specific daily questions, date night ideas, and help you take a few minutes each day to remember your partner is more than a parent. 

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5. Take a load off your shoulders

Parenting, relationships, and life can be stressful, especially if you’re bottling it up inside. Research shows that connecting with your partner just a few minutes a day will help significantly reduce that stress. Each day, Paired will help spark conversations with your partner and help you in a variety of ways. 

Paired will give you the tools to effectively voice any frustrations you may have with your partner, or discuss difficult topics that may be giving you anxiety. Perhaps, you need to have a few minutes to get your mind off of your problems and just talk to your person? Paired has fun quizzes designed to spark memories, discuss future dreams, or laugh together. Whatever the reason, using Paired just a few minutes a day will help you reduce your stress, connect with your partner, and be a better partner and parent in the long-run. 

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