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Meet the relationship app that’s helping couples be more intimate
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In the beginning of a relationship, when lust and attraction cause your body’s chemicals and hormones to take over, desire and intimacy can come a lot more organically. Yet, as time goes by and the passion starts to wane a little, our spark begins to need a bit more kindling.

Yet what if you could become more intimate with your partner again, and be more satisfied in your relationship just by spending 5 minutes a day, wherever you are?

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An app designed to build intimacy in your relationship

Now you can! Paired – the number 1 app for couples – helps you become more connected with your partner again in minutes. Paired offers daily questions and quizzes to take with your partner; games to play together to get to know each other better; and tips to help your relationship. And the best thing? You can do this any time of day, wherever you are: on your commute to work, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or even before bedtime. 

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Any moment can be a good moment to invest in your relationship. Here are 5 proven ways Paired can help.

1. Talk about sex 

When it comes to a healthy sex life, countless studies have found that communication is key. Yet, many partners avoid talking about their sexual wants and needs for fear of feeling awkward, saying the wrong thing or offending their partner in the process. The Paired app opens up the conversation in a healthy way, offering quizzes, questions and expert tips to help you approach even the touchiest of subjects. 

“I love this app! It has helped me and my husband be able to openly talk about sex and our sexual desires” ★★★★★ Play Store Review June 2021
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2. Shake up your routine

Many couples lose a sense of intimacy and connection when areas of their relationship become complacent. By opening up new conversations and inviting you to engage in new couple activities, the Paired app can help you mix up your routine and break out of your routine.

By taking steps out of your comfort zone with your partner, you’ll experience a sense of fulfillment and fun as individuals and as a couple, which keeps passion alive and your relationship more interesting.

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3. Date your partner again

Another key step in bringing intimacy back is to recreate those fun and exciting dates from the beginning of your relationship. These can take any form that’s right for you: have a conversation with the same eagerness to discover as you would on a first date; cook a romantic dinner inspired by their favorite holiday; try a new activity together; or go on a long walk and let the conversation flow. 

Flirt with them and ask them questions you might not have asked in a long time. Remaining curious and open to your partner keeps long-term relationships alive and fresh, and helps intimacy thrive. 

This is where Paired can assist by answering fun, research-based questions with your partner each day to bring you closer together. New couple questions are available daily, and by answering the question, you’ll unlock your partner’s answer.  

“My relationship with my boyfriend was already so great, but the app required us to make time out of our day for our relationship. It’s like a mini date. The tips and exercises are an amazing plus. If you take the time to actually do an exercise, there’s a great big connection at the end where you just wanna stare into each other’s eyes and say I love you all day and cuddle” ★★★★★ App Store Review June 2021
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4. Create daily intimacy rituals

Take a moment to think of something you can do every day to feel closer and more connected to your partner. Maybe do something nice for them or write love notes and leave them around the house. It doesn’t have to be something big – just caring and loving to make them feel seen and appreciated. 

Taking time to answer the questions and quizzes in the Paired app together at a specified time can be such a ritual. Making it a habit to connect, communicate and check-in with each other each day, is a proven quality in the most intimate of couples.

5. Try something new

As humans, we have conflicting needs, for stability and predictability versus adventure and new experiences. One study even found that couples who try out new activities end up feeling better about each other and are more likely to stay together in the future. That's where Paired comes in, with new questions, games, quizzes, and activities to discover together each week you'll be able to spice up your life together, feel more connected, and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

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