Relate and Paired Partner Up to Help Couples Keep Talking

Bringing a new form of relationship support to the 5 million people Relate works with each year.
by Paired
May 18, 2021

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Relate, the leading relationships charity, and Paired, an app to improve romantic relationships, today announce a new partnership to make relationship support accessible to more couples.

Relate helps more than 5 million individuals, couples and families each year through counselling, information, mediation, and support. Through the new partnership, people visiting Relate’s website will have the opportunity to discover Paired, and in future Paired users will benefit from in-app relationship tips from Relate counsellors.

Communication between partners is vital to the success of a relationship. However, research from Paired found that 62% of British adults in a relationship do not speak to anyone for advice. A further 1 in 5 admit that sex is the hardest topic to discuss with their partner.

Paired is a fun mobile app that prompts daily conversations between partners. It reminds users to regularly check in on their relationship with questions, quizzes and expert tips.

New research published by The Open University and the University of Brighton has demonstrated the significant role relationship apps can play in romantic partnerships. In evaluating the effectiveness of Paired, the study found that couples using Paired see a 36% increase in relationship quality in just three months. In addition, 85% reported improved communication with their partner.

Relate recommends Paired as one way of helping couples to keep their relationship strong and stay connected with each other. Paired are offering Relate website users 20% off the Paired Premium yearly plan, which will give access to the full range of content and support.

Talking about the partnership, Aidan Jones, Chief Executive, Relate said: “Good communication is the foundation of strong and healthy relationships. Relate counsellors see everyday what happens when communication breaks down between couples, families and friends, so we know how important it is to enable people to build and maintain good communication skills. This equips people to handle life’s challenges and shores up relationships for the long-term. The Paired app is a great way to support couples to proactively think about their relationship, deepen their connection and deal with life’s ups and downs together.”

Kevin Shanahan, co-founder and CEO, Paired said: “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Relate, who have been a pillar of relationship support for over 80 years. Both organisations have the same objective – to make relationships happy and healthy – but we approach this in different and complementary ways. We’re looking forward to working with Relate and benefitting from their expertise to give more couples a new way to care for their relationship.”

Paired is available globally and is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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