40 Adventurous Date Ideas for You and Your Partner

The best adventurous date ideas to push yourself out of your comfort zone
by Sarah Finley
adventurous date ideas

When you’re in a relationship it’s great to mix it up occasionally and plan adventurous date ideas. Although you can’t go wrong with drinks, dinner and a movie, occasionally pushing each other outside your comfort zones and trying something new will create a stronger bond and bring you closer together. 

What's your idea of an adventurous date idea? 

We’re all different; one person's idea of a fun date or adventurous date could be completely different from another's. Suppose you and your partner's adventure scales are on two ends of the spectrum. In that case, either decide on a middle ground or tentatively try out each other's suggestions, giving each other the space to decide if the adventurous date idea is for them or not. 

Planning adventurous first date ideas can be a little more flexible, as they have the dates themselves will allow you to show off your personality and see if you’re matched when it comes to hobbies or activities you both enjoy.

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What is adventure dating?

Adventure dating is when you’re both actively doing something together, whether it's learning a new hobby or a date idea which will create a conversation. You both have an adventurous side and are not the type of couple who enjoys spending every evening in the living room on the sofa together watching Netflix. 

Instead, you push each other to experience new things, sensations and experiences. Ultimately you love fun adventurous date ideas which push you outside your comfort zone and challenge your world's perspective.

How can I be adventurous with my partner?

Once you’ve decided on the adventurous date ideas which you’ll both enjoy it’s time to plan the actual date. You and your partner should be on the lookout for new and fun adventurous date ideas — don't just leave it to them. 

Sign up for websites and follow local Instagram and Facebook groups to make sure you see what new events are coming up. Book events and special evenings, such as adventurous things to do for anniversaries, in advance so you don’t miss out. 

How do you plan an adventure date?

Knowing what you’re doing on your adventurous date idea will give you both an idea of what to wear. Make sure the date isn’t any longer than around three hours and, depending on the date, take snacks or meals with you. 

The more fun adventurous date ideas you tick off your list the easier it will be to get an idea of what your favourite is. It could be a compromise between a very active adventure date and something more creative, or you may find new active date ideas that you both didn’t know you’d love.

What are some adventurous date ideas?

You don’t have to fly millions of miles to take part in an adventurous date idea, nor do you have to spend a lot of money. Here are some cheap adventurous date ideas:

  1. Try wine tasting: pick some bottles you’re not familiar with and give them marks out of 10.

  2. Go foraging: other nature-inspired adventurous date ideas include foraging for your food. 

  3. Stargazing: free and fun, date night ideas don’t come any easier. 

  4. Camping: cuddle up in the great outdoors and get some s’mores on the go. 

  5. Plan a scavenger hunt: take turns creating challenging hunts for each other. 

  6. Go zip-lining: find some adventure as you whizz through a forest. 

  7. Go to a concert: if you have similar taste in music you can sing and dance your way through a date. 

  8. Bowling: lace up those sexy shoes for an adventurous date on the lanes. 

  9. Rollerskating: this may be an old-school date, but the first one to fall over buys dinner. 

  10. Mini golf: this date idea will make you more competitive than you think. 

  11. Charter a boat: whether it’s a pedalo or a rowing boat it's bound to put a smile on both your faces. 

  12. History tour of your city: learn something new about your favourite city.

  13. Painting class: creative dates, where you learn something, are also fun date ideas. 

  14. Pizza making: once you’ve made your favourite pizza the best part is that you can eat it. 

  15. Pottery making: so you can recreate that scene from Ghost

  16. Gin or whiskey tasting: learn about the origins of the spirits. 

  17. Axe-throwing: a great way to show your strength and release some stress! 

  18. Ruins and temples: explore the country’s best historic artefacts. 

  19. Explore untouched beaches: sun, sea, sand, what more can you ask for?

  20. Go on a road trip: if you don’t have any holidays planned jump in the car and go on a last-minute road trip with your significant other.

  21. Bike ride: navigate something together such as riding around your local town will bring you closer together. 

  22. Kayaking: those who row together, stay together. 

  23. Cooking class: create a meal you’ve never cooked before. 

  24. Paintballing: team up against another couple for the ultimate bonding experience. 

  25. Amusement park: ride on the roller coasters or jump on the dodgems. 

  26. Hiking: it’s a great way to stay fit and bond with your partner, with one study even showing that walking allows you to have deeper conversations with partners, or even resolve conflicts. 

  27. Go for a run: an easy and cheap outdoor date as all you need is a pair of running shoes and the great outdoors

  28. Sponsored run: If you’re both avid runners already you could sign up for a sponsored run together and raise money for a good cause. 

  29. Trail running: if you want to push yourselves further find a trail for running

  30. Rock climbing: want a more exhilarating date night? This should be on your bucket list. 

  31. Bungee jumping: jump from great heights with or next to your partner. 

  32. Sky diving: soak in the views side by side as you fall from the sky. 

  33. Spinning: feel like getting sweaty? This is the HIIT class for you both. 

  34. Horseback riding: perfect if you both love nature and horses. 

  35. Sailing or rafting: perfect if you both love the water. 

  36. Paddleboarding - this day date activity will raise your heartbeats and allow for some good views

  37. Skiing or snowboarding: if you prefer the cold then head for the slopes. 

  38. Snowshoeing: love hiking in winter? This is your perfect date. 

  39. Go ice skating: wrap up warm and hold hands for the ultimate romantic date night idea as you skate around the rink. 

  40. Try a new dance class: it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, follow a routine or simply dance around the house. 

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