12 Easy and Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas to Try

We put together a list of date night ideas anyone can pull off from the comfort of their own home
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at home date night ideas

We get it — things have come a long way since your first date. As much as we’d love to be holding hands on a beach every night of the week, life gets in the way. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still give time to our partners, even if little ones are running around the house. If you want to keep the spark alive but don’t have the time (or budget) to plan something out of the house, we’ve put together some of the best at-home date night ideas to try.

What can couples do for fun at home?

It’s easy to fall into a routine when you’re in a relationship — we might come home from work and want to collapse in front of Netflix or chill out after the kids have gone to bed. Rather than hitting the town, why not bring date night to your living room? Start by brainstorming some ideas.

Do you have any goals in mind?

You might have chores you need to complete or personal projects, but there’s no reason why they can’t be fun. Whether it’s DIY or a creative date night, ask each other if there’s anything you’d like to achieve — even if it’s as simple as reorganizing a scrapbook.

Do you have any budgets or other constraints?

A homemade ice cream sundae is going to cost less than a wine tasting, so be realistic about your ideas for a fun date night at home. The important thing is that you’re spending time together, so even if you have to factor in kids or work schedules, you can make it work.

How do you both like to unwind?

One of you might prefer a movie marathon with a bottle of wine; another might prefer massages. Remember, date night is your chance to relax and get to know each other, so have an open and honest conversation with your significant other.

What can you do on a date night at home?

From card games to cooking, we’ve compiled the best romantic date night ideas at home for him and her. Whether you’re loud and proud or keeping the noise down for the kids, you’ll find the perfect date.

1. Try a new cuisine

Experimenting with new flavors is an easy and accessible way to spice things up — literally. Rather than cooking your old favorites, why not ask each other what kind of food you’ve never tried before, and look up some recipes? If you’re not feeling too bold, start small with appetizers. 

2. Plan your next vacation

This one’s great if you’ve got little ones, or even if you don’t! Pull out a brochure and see what’s on offer, or get the kids involved and build your itinerary for a trip to Disneyland. Set your dealbreakers: must there be a pool or excursions? The choice is yours. This way, you can plan the holiday of your dreams together and have something to look forward to. 

3. Make your own at-home spa

You don’t have to run a bubble bath or light candles to enjoy a spa night. Most relaxation only needs the tools you’d find in your own home — like Amazon Alexa. Find an ASMR recording or a relaxing playlist, dim the lights, and enjoy a moment of peace together. Or cuddle up and run your fingers through each other’s hair. Bliss.

4. Open a good bottle of wine

Life is short, and there’s never a better occasion to celebrate than an at-home date night. Make a game of it by looking up some wine tasting techniques — such as pairing the wine with bitter walnuts or creamy cheese. If you’re really into wine, you can also tune into a virtual wine tasting seminar. 

5. Learn more about your family tree

Our familial roots make for great conversation starters. Search through historical records together to find out more about your family or sign up for a genealogy service. The kids can get involved too — imagine finding out grandpa worked for somebody famous!

6. Groom your pets together

Who says the adults get to have fun with all the cucumbers and face masks? Whether it’s just the two of you or the whole family, focus on your pets and groom them. Try a warm soapy bath, trimming their claws or brushing their fur — great for bonding with your significant other, and teaching your kids how to look after a pet.

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How can I spice up date night at home?

Looking for a unique date that’s a little more daring than board games? We’ve got you. Stock up on massage oil and a few other bedroom goodies to make your at-home date night more fun.

7. Try your hand at life drawing

Imagine the thrill of getting naked without getting down to it. Try your patience with a pencil and a sketchpad while your partner poses for you — the more provocative, the better. Those blank canvases are a one-way ticket to the bedroom.

8. Play the quiet game

Afraid of being interrupted? Drive each other crazy by trying to be as quiet as you can while you pleasure one another. It will make it all the more intense. Trust us.

9. Bring food into the bedroom

Strawberries dipped in chocolate, anybody? Yummy. Food can be extremely sensual, and there have even been studies into the aphrodisiac effects of some herbs. But make sure to keep it clean — fondue is great for the dining room, not so much for the bed.

What can I do with my boyfriend or girlfriend at home?

If you’re new to a relationship or don’t have the constraints of a young family, the world is your oyster. Even if it’s just staying in and ordering takeout, you can get to know each other or explore your goals together.

10. Create a mood board for your next home project

One step at a time, there’s no need to go reaching for the tools here. Putting together a mood board or creating a Pinterest account can help you plan your next interior design project. Discover more about your favorite colors, themes, and interests.

11. Learn a language together

Way back when you had to attend language classes to get your lingo on. Now those experiences have turned into our very own romantic date night ideas, and all you need is an app! Make it themed with an indoor picnic and give each other high fives as you navigate your next love language.

12. Look up at the stars

You’ll have to venture outside for this one — but not far beyond your front yard or balcony! Great if there’s nobody home, you can abandon the sofa and indulge in a little stargazing. Talk about your future or just ponder what’s out there.

Explore your own ideas for a stay-at-home date night

Whether you’re going steady or are in a long-term relationship, have kids, or are just one plus one, there’s no limit to creative at-home date ideas.

Frame them around your interests and use them to get to know your partner. It could be anything from a simple game night or movie night, or a chance to tick another item off your bucket list. And the best part? No curfew!

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