40 Fun Challenges for Couples to Get Competitive!

What is a good challenge for couples?
on October 23, 2023
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Relationships can be a wild ride, but no matter what obstacles are thrown your way, there should always be room for fun! 

Challenges for couples are usually perceived as hurdles they have to overcome in order to reach their relationship goals. However, we like to focus on the fun side of couple challenges. We’ve rounded up some of the games and challenges for couples to let out their competitive side — with a range of heartfelt ones in there too! 

So, are you ready to rise to the challenge? 

What are couple challenges?

Couple challenges can be a fun way to spice up your love life and add a little fun to your next date night! 

While we all love board games or video games, these couple challenges extend beyond just date night fun! Many of the options offer couples new ways to invite each other to actively participate in the relationship, even if they have a fun twist. 

Beyond just providing date ideas, we hope these challenges will open you up to new ways of thinking in your relationship. 

What is a challenge I can give my partner? 

There are an array of couples challenges for you to try out. While TikTok and YouTube challenges might focus on the silly side of your relationship — it doesn’t make them less important! 

Love challenges for couples come in all shapes and sizes, with options suited for every couple. If you want to set your partner with a challenge, make sure you’re both comfortable getting involved and actively participating — or else it won’t work! 

What are the best challenges for couples? 

While you may want to steer clear from a cutthroat game of Monopoly, we’ve rounded up some of the best challenges for couples that will allow your competitive side out to play. With your partner there to keep you in check! 

Try out our list of couples challenges to make the most out of your time together, and bring a little bit of fun into your everyday relationship. 

Date night challenges for couples 

  1. Staring Contest: A simple one, but an absolute classic. See who can maintain eye contact the longest without blinking. Feel free to ramp it up with a forfeit for each round, let’s see who comes out on top!

  2. Twister: An oldie but a goldie! Enjoy a game of Twister where your bodies get all tangled up, and see where the night leads you. 

  3. Sniff and Tell: This one could get messy! Blindfolded, guess various scents, and share your sensory experiences. Try not to laugh as you’ll give it away!

  4. Language Game: Test your language skills by playing snippets of different languages from around the world and see who is the linguist in your couple!

  5. Guess the Food: This fun couple's challenge is going to get tummies rumbling, or if you want to go the other way, may trigger your gag reflex… Blindfolded, try to identify different foods by taste and texture.

  6. Jenga Challenge: If you’re running out of challenge ideas, there’s no game that gets hearts racing like Jenga! Add another level to your game by adding relationship-themed questions to each block.

  7. Karaoke Contest: Get ready to warm up your vocal cords! Sing your hearts out and compete for the best performance.

  8. Budget Shopping: Everyone loves a late-night run to the store! Set a budget and shop for each other's favorite items. 

  9. Treasure Hunt Challenge: This challenge takes a bit more prep but is so much fun! Create a treasure hunt with clues leading to romantic surprises.

  10. Couples LEGO Challenge: Collaborate to build a unique LEGO creation together, or if you’re feeling competitive, challenge your partner to see who can build the best set! 

  11. Couples Yoga Challenge: Strengthen your bond and flexibility through partner yoga.

  12. Imitation Game: Who’s the best at impressions? Mimic each other's mannerisms and actions to see where this challenge takes you!

  13. Try Not to Laugh Challenge: Time to dive into your social media saves! Watch funny videos and try to keep a straight face. The first person to laugh loses!! 

  14. Try Not to Cry Challenge: How well do you know your partner? Share sentimental videos or stories and see what pulls on their heartstrings. (Personally old couple videos do it for us every time!) 

  15. Do My Makeup Challenge: What does an eyelash curler do? Where do you put contour? Let your partner do your makeup for a hilarious outcome.

  16. Couples Whisper Challenge: Take turns whispering sweet or silly nothings back and forth. It’s not quite as good as Chinese Whispers but can help break the ice! 

  17. Conjoined Twin Challenge: Attempt to complete tasks while tied together at the hip. If you try this while making your date night dinner, we simply can’t be blamed for the outcome! 

  18. Love Scrabble: Even though normal Scrabble can be a lot of fun, this is a fun way to level things up with your significant other. Play Scrabble with relationship-related words and meanings, with extra points granted for romance! 

Relationship challenges for couples 

  1. Love Language Challenge: What’s your partner’s love language? Identify and cater to each other's love languages by planning gestures or activities for you to do together. 

  2. Surprise Date Challenge: Everyone loves a surprise! Set yourselves a challenge over a longer period of time so you have a chance to plan your surprise — and so your partner doesn’t catch on to your plan! 

  3. Bucket List Challenge: Take some time to plan out everything you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ and then come back to your partner with your list! Now plan how to achieve these dreams as a team! This challenge might take a while to complete, but it will be worth it when you do. 

  4. Fitness Challenge: This one is all about teamwork! After all, it’s easier to work out with a friend by your side! Kickstart your 30-day challenge to motivate each other with workout and fitness goals. From push-ups to couples hiking trips, you got this! 

  5. Love Letter Challenge: This may not seem like a hardcore challenge, but it’s tough to get your feelings out on the page! Write each other heartfelt love letters to express your feelings, but remember, there are no winners here. 

  6. A Moment Every Day: This challenge is something that should never end. The idea behind this one is to challenge yourself and your partner to be there for each other every day. Take a moment for just you and your relationship every day, no matter what else is going on in your lives! (We think Paired is a good way to hold yourself accountable to this one.) 

  7. A Little Laughter Challenge: Life can get tough, but even on the bad days, it’s important to find the light. Challenge yourself and your partner to laugh at least once every day — feel free to great creative in order to see your partner smile! 

Intimate challenges for couples 

  1. Kissing Challenge: Never underestimate the appeal of ‘just kisses’, even if you don’t plan on letting them lead anywhere! Get your partner to close their eyes and try out different kissing techniques — you can vote for your favorite at the end if it makes it feel more like a challenge! 

  2. Touch and Guess: Grab a blindfold and challenge your partner to guess various household items. Get creative and competitive by picking difficult items, or even throw some sex toys into the mix. 

  3. Sexy Truth or Dare: Play an adult version of truth or dare for spicy fun. 

  4. Role Play Challenge: This challenge allows you to let out your creative side! Are there any fantasies you’ve been dying to try out? Use this challenge to grab your chance!

  5. Chapstick Challenge: Mango? Strawberry? With this couples game, one person is blindfolded and challenged to identify flavors of lip balm through kissing.

  6. Sexy Never Have I Ever: Never Have I Ever is a fun way to reveal some intimate secrets. It may not be a conventional challenge, but it’ll be a fun one! 

  7. Blindfold Challenge: Explore sensations and anticipation with a blindfold. Try out whipped cream or other fun activities on your partner’s body to spice things up! 

  8. Dress Up Challenge: Similar to the role-play challenge, this one is another opportunity to get creative and have fun! Dress up in sexy outfits and play out fantasies. Who said cops and robbers aren’t fun as an adult? 

Long-distance relationship challenges for couples 

  1. Rapid Fire Texting: When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be tough to deal with longer gaps between text messages. Set yourself a rapid-fire texting challenge to see who’s quickest with their thumbs! 

  2. Emoji Answers: Communicate using only emojis and decipher each other's messages. See who gets the message faster to decide your winner. 

  3. Complete the Song: Share song lyrics and take turns completing them. Keep score and see who’s better at getting the right lyrics! No cheating! 

  4. Name the Movie: Think of it as the texting form of charades, where you describe movie scenes or the actors involved, with your partner guessing the titles! 

  5. Spicy Text Messages: We hear sexting is still trending, and that doesn’t have to stop if you’re long-distance! Set your own dirty challenges to get your significant other squirming! 

  6. Guess Where I Am: Challenge your partner to guess where you are, no matter what time of the day! Start by sending some photos of small details in the room and see how long it takes them to guess your location. 

  7. Fill in the Blanks: For this one, you can use lines from your favorite movies, or use things that you and your partner have said before. Who’s got the better memory?

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