25 Phone Games for Couples To Play Together

Is there an app game for couples?
on October 31, 2023
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Are you sitting in on a Saturday night and wondering what to do? 

If you don’t feel like dusting off your old board games or waiting for an Amazon purchase, these phone games for couples are the perfect option! From trivia to racing games, these app games for couples allow you to let your competitive streak out to play. 

Instead of doom-scrolling your next date night away, use that time to play with your partner! While downloading these apps may not seem like a big deal, bringing fun back into your relationship certainly sounds good to us! 

What app is the best for couples to play together?

There is a wide range of apps available for couples to play together! 

No matter what you’re looking for, there are loads of multiplayer games out there for you and your partner to try. While we all love playing Playstation or battling it out on the Nintendo Switch, these games are always accessible on your phone!

So if you’re both backseat passengers on your next road trip or need to pass some time on the plane, going head to head could certainly pass some time. 

What are the best phone games for couples to play?

Paired: As the #1 app for couples, Paired has over 1000 games for couples to play together! With quizzes and challenges on a range of relationship topics, from sex and intimacy to communication — you’re never going to run out of things to talk about. While you’re playing these games, you’ll also naturally grow closer to your partner, with expertly designed questions boosting intimacy without you even realizing it!
The Sims Mobile: Did you spend hours building homes in Sims as a child? Well, it’s time to bring back this classic game as it’s finally available as a mobile game! Create and customize characters that look exactly like you and your significant other, build your dream home, and live out life scenarios. Couples can play by creating their virtual family and exploring real-life choices together, with all these creative endeavors taking up lots of date nights!
Pokemon Go!: Although this isn’t a generic couple game, this augmented reality game allows you to catch Pokemon in the real world! Couples can go on walks together, compete in gym battles, and participate in special events. This is a fun activity for gamers and couples and is available on both IOS and Android.
Kindu: Struggling for things to do with your loved one? This is one of the best apps for couples that suggests date ideas and activities. This relationship game allows you to swipe through various suggestions and match on activities you both want to try.
Words with Friends: Any Scrabble fanatics in the crowd? This word-building game is perfect for you and your partner, where couples can challenge each other to word games and improve their vocabulary while having fun! This may seem like a contradiction, but this fun twist on a classic board game is perfect for our competitive couples!
Love Nudge: Do you know your partner’s love language? Based on the "Five Love Languages," this app helps couples express and receive love more effectively. Engage in activities and track each other’s love languages.
Happy Couple: Looking for a relationship quiz? This mobile app allows you to answer questions about your partner and relationship. It’s a fun way for couples to take their relationship to the next level, while also learning even more about each other in real time.
Fortnite: This game app is a classic for a reason! This multiplayer game allows couples to team up, compete against others, and try to be the last ones standing. Make sure you don’t turn on each other!
Badland: This atmospheric adventure video game is perfect for couples to play together in co-op mode, navigating through beautiful but treacherous landscapes as a team!
Mario Kart Tour: This mobile version of the classic racing game allows couples to race against each other, with gameplay allowing in-app purchases and power-ups! Available on Apple IOS and Android, this is a great game for all couples to let out your competitive streak.
Cooking Battle!: Who’s the best cook in your relationship? Whether you’re newlyweds or have been a married couple for years, it’s never too late to put your (virtual) cooking skills to the test! Couples can work together in a virtual kitchen to prepare meals under time pressure.
Sarah’s Adventure - Time Travel: Who’s the problem solver in the relationship? This puzzle-adventure game allows couples to solve puzzles and navigate through the different eras together!
Dog Sim Online: Is your house too small to have a pet? Well, this is the next best thing! Simulate life as a dog in this online world, where couples can play as virtual dogs and undertake adventures together!
Spaceteam: Ever wanted to fly a spaceship? Work together as a team by giving each other instructions to help manage controls and fly yourself to victory!
Everdale: Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of real life? This peaceful building game is where you can collaborate to create a virtual village.
Bounden: Did you spend your childhood bopping around to Just Dance? This game is your time to shine! Couples can follow the path on the screen to dance to their heart's content.
Virtual Families 3: This life simulation game allows you to adopt and nurture your character, allowing couples to manage a virtual family together — might as well get in some practice for the real thing!
Crossy Road: Who knew crossing the road could be so entertaining? This is an arcade-style game where you help characters cross busy roads. Compete to see who can get the furthest or work together to unlock new characters.
Tic Tac Toe: Another classic game is, of course, noughts and crosses! Couples can challenge each other to a quick and fun game if they don’t want to level up to Scrabble or Sudoko just yet.
Monopoly: While this app may not be free, that probably makes sense considering the objectives! Try not to get too ruthless if you’re playing multiplayer with your partner, but we won’t judge you if you become the next big tycoon!
8 Ball Pool: Are all the pool tables booked? This virtual pool game allows couples to play pool matches against each other or join tournaments.
Heads Up!: It’s time to play charades! While one person holds the phone to their forehead while the other gives clues to help guess the word on the screen.
SongPop 2 - Guess The Song: Who’s got the better musical ear? This music trivia game challenges each other’s music knowledge across various genres and eras.
Bowmasters: This aim-and-shoot game with various characters, taking turns trying to hit each other’s character or team up to take on the world together!
QuizUp: It’s game night and it’s time for the trivia round! Couples can challenge each other to trivia matches in their areas of interest or learn new facts as a team.
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