Date Night Idea: Play Chinese New Year Trivia

Bring in the year of the tiger by challenging yourselves to our Chinese new year couple's quiz
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Fancy adding a cute new couple tradition to the mix? Throw a Chinese New Year party for two this year. Hang red decorations for luck, happiness and prosperity; crack open fortune cookies (or write your own); lay out bowls of candies, and challenge each other to our trivia quiz below. 

Date night at a glance

Date night difficulty: 😅 ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Things you’ll need: Pen and paper, red decorations and plenty of candy

Time needed to prepare: 2 minutes for the quiz + time to hang decorations and set the scene

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What does the year of the tiger mean for our romantic relationships?

On Tuesday 1st February 2022, we enter the year of the tiger; a year associated with big changes, risk-taking and adventure. 

In addition to twelve animals, the Chinese Zodiac also moves through a cycle of five elemental types. According to experts, this year’s water element is all about interpersonal relationships and working closely with others. 

So, if you believe in this sort of thing – 2022 is the year to be courageous as a couple, take on new projects, tick off some items on your bucket list, and, most importantly, work together as a team.

And with that in mind...

Take our Chinese New Year Couple’s Quiz

Mark your answers to the following questions on a piece of paper. You can challenge each other or work together as a team. 

Once you’re finished, check out the answers below (no peeking beforehand!) and give yourselves a mark out of 20.

  1. Name another common name for the Chinese New Year festivities. (1 point)

  2. There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, can you name them all? (12 points)

  3. When was the last Chinese year of the tiger? (1 point)

  4. Loong is often seen on Chinese New Year, what is it? (1 point)

  5. What do Chinese New Year celebrants tend to fill lucky red envelopes (hóngbāo) with? (1 point)

  6. Solve this Chinese New Year-themed anagram: (2 points) 


  7. According to superstition, which of the following will NOT bring you luck on Chinese new year’s day? (1 point)

    a. Wearing new clothes
    b. Taking a shower
    c. Talking about good luck

  8. Which festival takes place 15 days after Chinese New Year and concludes the celebration? (1 point)

    a. Spring Festival
    b. Lantern Festival
    c. Dongzhi Festival

    (Scroll down for answers)⁠

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Answers: 1. Lunar New Year or Spring Festival (either will earn you a point); 2. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig; 3. 2010 (each animal year comes about every 12 years); 4. a mythical Chinese dragon; 5. Money; 6. Fortune; 7. B – Taking a shower (wearing new clothes and talking about luck and prosperity are most said to bring good luck omens); and 8. B - Lantern Festival

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