Date Night Idea: Try a Chocolate Tasting Night

For a date night idea that’s better than sex (no, really) become chocolate connoisseurs for the night
by Paired

There’s a reason why chocolate is often said to be the food of love. Research shows it stimulates a neurotransmitting chemical called phenylethylamine, the same one secreted by the brain during hugs, kisses and general love-making. 

Chocolate’s also full of antioxidants that promote heart health as well as mood-boosting hormones to make you feel happier. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy date night to lift your spirits, you can’t do much better than a chocolate tasting night for two. 

This easy, at-home date night couldn’t be simpler to plan, all it takes is a selection of chocolate bars; (preferably ones you’ve never tried before); a chocolate tasting scorecard each (download yours here) and you’re ready to go.

Date night at a glance

Date night difficulty: 😅 ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Things you’ll need: 5 or 6 bars of chocolate and one of Paired's printable tasting scorecard each (download yours below)

Time needed to prepare: 1 minute

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Getting started

There are many ways to plan a chocolate tasting date night – there are even virtual chocolate tasting classes you can attend together, or chocolate-tasting kits you can order online. However, one of the funnest ways is to grab a selection of chocolate bars you’ve never tasted before and invent your own chocolate tasting event for two.

We’d suggest buying 3 to 6 bars of chocolate. Break off a few squares of chocolate from each bar, and place them into separate bowls. Line each bowl up on a tray or table and number them.

Next comes the tasting bit. Explore the smells, tastes and textures of each chocolate in turn. Mark out your favorites by printing out our chocolate tasting scorecard below and filling it in.

We’ve suggested you score them based on look, smell and of course, taste – but you can add your own criteria such as individuality, character and texture.

chocolate tasting scorecard.png

Download your printable chocolate tasting scorecard to mark your favorites together.

Date night tip

When inventing your own chocolate tasting date night, it’s all about the presentation. Bring your tasting table to life with rose petals, tea lights in jars and a bottle of bubbles on ice.

3 date night questions to ask each other

  1. If you could pick sweet or savory, which one would it be?

  2. When was the last time you did a food or drink tasting?

  3. If you could be a chocolate bar, which would you be and why?

petal decoration

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