50 Drinking Games for Couples to Cheers to Love!

What is an easy drinking game for couples?
on March 07, 2024
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Games are the perfect way to get fun and flirty on date night, and drinking games for couples take it to the next level! 

Couples drinking games will show you a different side to your partner, whether you’re a new couple or a long-term pairing. From spin the bottle to question games, settle in with your favorite beverage and your favorite person for a night of fun! 

Even though getting tipsy with your partner is fun, always remember to drink responsibly and know your limits — even if your competitive side is telling you differently! 

What are the best drinking games for couples? 

Selecting the ultimate drinking games for couples is like crafting a recipe for love and laughter! 

While a lot of drinking games tend to be group-focused, there is a range of fun drinking games that are perfect for that one-on-one time with your partner. 

Picture this: a delightful blend of classic games with a splash of boozy charm and a dash of innovative ideas to spice things up. We're talking about creating moments that not only make you giggle but also deepen that special connection.

The best drinking games are focused on both fun and intimacy, with rules designed to let your walls down and really open up to your partner! 

What is a fun two-person drinking game?

Since drinking games are often more group-friendly as they are designed for pre-drinks or parties, it can feel more difficult to tailor them to a two-person kind of party. 

However, most drinking games are adaptable to make them more couple-friendly if you want to introduce them on your next date night! 

Question-based couples drinking games to try

Trying to remember the name of your partner’s first pet, or their favorite sex position can become weirdly difficult with a few drinks on board! 

These fun drinking games for couples are question-focused, designed to allow you both to get to know each other on a deeper level — with a lot of fun penalties for your mistakes. As we always say, no matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always something new to learn.

1. Never Have I Ever

One of the best drinking games for fun revelations, Never Have I Ever works just as well for couples as friends. Start out by saying something you’ve never done - if your significant other has, they take a drink! Get ready for some naughty new info.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

As simple as it sounds, this classic game will test how well you really know each other. Think of two facts about yourself and one lie, and answer questions while your partner guesses which is the lie! Take a shot each time you guess wrong.

3. Trivia

Put a twist on this classic quiz game by asking each other questions about your relationship. See if your significant other remembers the date of your first kiss, or the first person to say “I love you.” You can also test how well you know each other by asking them questions about yourself with these Newlywed Game ideas. Drink for every wrong answer!

4. Most Likely To

Awards season has arrived! Prepare some titles in advance, like “Person most likely to... Forget to shower for a week,” or “Person most likely to... Win an Oscar” on pieces of paper. Shake them up in a bag or bowl, read them together, and point to the winner as quickly as you can. Every time you disagree, you drink! This fun game lets you see what your partner really thinks of you. Mix serious and flirty questions for a Russian Roulette-style surprise.

5. Truth or Drink

This simple game puts a boozy spin on the party classic Truth or Dare. Ask your significant other whatever personal questions spring to mind, and vice versa. Don’t want to answer? Drink instead!

6. Anchorman 

Choose a word that is off-limits for the evening. Every time someone says the word, they take a drink. This game encourages you to pay attention to the conversation and is surprisingly difficult depending on the word you choose!

7. Memory Lane

Take a stroll down memory lane with this sentimental drinking game. Create a list of significant milestones or shared experiences in your relationship. Ask each other questions about these moments, and for every incorrect answer, take a trip to the drinks station. It's a nostalgic way to reminisce about your journey together.

Classic games with a tipsy twist!

Some of the best drinking games are rowdy twists on the classics. Make your next date one to remember with flirty game night ideas. From board games to drawing, nothing is off-limits!

1. Twister

It’s time to get flexible! Show your partner your best moves with this laugh-a-minute game. Twister is the perfect balance of intimacy and fun. Take a drink every time you fall or stumble and you won’t be sober for long.

2. Strip Poker

Add another layer to this striptease card game. Every time you remove a piece of clothing, you also have to drink! One of the most competitive and sexy couple games around.

3. Jenga

Build up the fun until it all comes crashing down. It’s impossible to keep a straight face while playing this simple game. Every time the tower falls, the player responsible takes a drink. Don’t blame us if your skills only get worse each time!

4. Pictionary

To make Pictionary a two-player game, use an app, prepare a deck of cards with suggestions, or just use your imagination to generate ideas to draw. One person lets their creativity flow while the other partner guesses. Set a timer and if the other player doesn’t guess correctly, you lose - so drink!

5. Snakes and ladders

Buy a board on Amazon, roll the dice, and take your chances. Make your own rules depending on how wild you want to get. One drink could be for each ladder you fall down, or for each square you pass. Welcome to the jungle!

6. Couple's Charades

Put your acting skills to the test with Couple's Charades. Compile a mix of romantic, funny, or challenging scenarios on small pieces of paper. Take turns acting out the scenes while your partner guesses. Cheers, to correct guesses and sips for the incorrect ones. This game adds a hilarious twist to classic charades and promises laughter-filled moments.

7. Kings 

Break out the pack of cards, it’s time to play Kings! The classic set of rules works really well when you’re in a group, but you can easily reassign the rules to suit if it’s just you and your partner playing. For example, instead of six meaning that all girls drink, you can change it to a Truth or Dare question!

8. The Alphabet Game 

Choose a category and go back and forth as you start working your way through the alphabet. If you can’t think of something within five seconds, you drink and start again!

9. Sip and Spell 

It’s time for a boozy spelling bee. Each person takes a turn spelling a word that their partner chooses. If they spell it correctly, they’re safe. If they make a mistake, it’s time to drink. 

10. The Name Game 

It’s time to brush up on pop culture. Take turns saying a celebrity name, the other person must say another celebrity whose first name starts with the first letter of the previous celebrity’s last name. If you can’t think of a name within a couple of seconds or repeat a name, take a drink!

11. Tipsy Tic-Tac-Toe

Elevate the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game into a tipsy showdown. Create a grid and mark each square with a beverage icon or action. When a player claims a square, they must perform the associated action or sip the designated drink. It's a strategic and amusing take on a childhood favorite that adds a playful twist to every move.

12. Drunk Uno

Unleash the wild side of Uno with a tipsy transformation. Assign drinking penalties for different cards – draw two, skip a turn, reverse – and let the Uno chaos unfold. Be prepared for unexpected challenges and rapid shifts in fortune as you navigate the colorful world of Drunk Uno.

13. Tipsy Operation

Turn the delicate task of Operation into a tipsy surgical challenge. Assign different drinks to body parts on the board. When a player successfully extracts a piece without setting off the buzzer, they can assign a sip to their opponent. However, if the buzzer sounds, the "surgeon" takes a drink. It's a steady hand that meets tipsy tactics in this amusing twist on the classic game.

Fun drinking games for couples to play together

Playfulness is great for a relationship and these high-energy party games will bring you closer than ever. From the competitive to the intimate, look no further for the best drinking games to get you up and out of your seat.

1. Beer Pong

This college classic works just as well as a two-player game as in a group. Shake things up by combining beer pong with a flip cup, or take things to the next level by replacing the red cups with shot glasses.

2. You Laugh, You Lose

Set a timer for 60 seconds (or longer) and use every weapon at your disposal to get your partner to laugh, while they do their best to keep a straight face. Sing, show them videos, give them a funny lap dance, tickle their most sensitive body part... The only rule is to maintain eye contact! If you laugh, you drink.

3. Spin the Bottle

Make Spin the Bottle a two-player drinking game by arranging cards or other markers in a circle between you and your significant other. Assign your own rules to each one and spin the bottle. Maybe one card means you remove a piece of clothing, or another means you have to give your partner a lap dance. Whatever the bottle lands on, don’t forget to take a shot!

4. Russian Roulette 

This classic game has recently been given a fun twist on TikTok — so why not try it out? Line up some shot glasses and fill some with vodka (or any other clear alcohol and the others with water. If you take a shot of vodka, try not to show it on your face and then your partner has to guess if it was alcoholic or not. If they guess wrong, they have to drink! 

5. Drunk Mario Kart 

Play a game with Mario Kart with a twist! If you get hit by an item or fall off the track, take a drink. Keep a tally of how many drinks your partner has to take at the end of each round — our guess is no one will come out of Rainbow Road victorious! 

6. Bobbing for Booze

This one may get a little bit messy but is a great twist on the Halloween classic. Fill a bucket with a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Each couple takes turns bobbing for drinks using only their mouths — whatever they retrieve they drink! 

7. Drunk Karaoke 

Maybe it just takes a few drinks to unlock your inner superstar! This one is perfect for double dates, with one couple singing a duet and the other couple rating their performances. The couple with the worst score has to drink! 

8. Hands Off 

No touching! For our physical touch couples, this game is surprisingly difficult. If you touch your partner, you drink. A simple but potentially spicy game! 

9. Eye Contact 

If you’re interested in getting tipsy quickly — this might be the one for you! You know how it works. You blink or break eye contact with your partner, and you drink! 

10. Power Hour 

This is a good one if you want to at least attempt to pace yourself! Every minute, you take a sip of your drink. By the end of the hour, you should be well into your wine and have a good time. 

11. Guess the Emoji

Unleash your inner emoji expert in this delightful twist on a guessing game. Create a list of romantic or cheeky phrases represented by emojis, and take turns guessing the correct answer. Get it right, and your partner sips; get it wrong, and it's your turn to take a swig. This game adds a playful touch to decoding each other's emoji language!

12. Innuendo Bingo

Inject some flirtatious vibes into your evening with Innuendo Bingo. Find a list of innocent-sounding phrases that can be easily turned into suggestive innuendos. Each time someone delivers a line with a naughty undertone, the other person must take a drink. It's a playful way to explore your cheeky side and keep the laughter flowing.

13. Role Reversal

Switch things up by taking on each other's personas in Role Reversal. Craft scenarios or situations for your partner to act out as if they were you, and vice versa. The more convincing, the better! For every convincing portrayal, celebrate with a sip. It's a playful way to gain insight into each other's perspectives and share a few laughs.

14. Mix and Match Madness

Bring out the bartender in both of you with Mix and Match Madness. Each round, take turns concocting a unique drink for your partner by selecting different spirits, mixers, and garnishes. The challenge? Your partner has to guess the ingredients in the drink. For every incorrect guess, a sip is taken. It's a flavorful and unpredictable game that adds a mixological twist to your evening.

15. Sip or Strip

Combine strategy with a dash of daring in Sip or Strip. Lay out a deck of cards, and each player takes turns drawing a card. Odd-numbered cards mean taking a sip, while even-numbered cards call for a piece of clothing to be removed. It's a tantalizing game that keeps things exciting with every draw, leading to a playful striptease.

16. Mimic Mixology

Put your mimicking skills to the test with Mimic Mixology. One person demonstrates a unique cocktail-making technique or flair, and the other must replicate it. The catch? For every missed step or clumsy move, a sip is taken. It's a game that challenges coordination and creativity while keeping the drinks flowing.

17. Card Roulette

Add an element of chance to your drinking game with Card Roulette. Place shot glasses in a circle, each labeled with a card from the deck. Take turns spinning a roulette wheel or using an app to determine the card to draw. The person drawing the card must drink the corresponding shot. It's a suspenseful and unpredictable game that ensures surprises with every spin.

18. Jukebox Jamboree

Create a musical showdown with Jukebox Jamboree. Each person selects a song, and the other must guess the title and artist. For every incorrect guess, take a sip. It's a melodic game that adds a musical twist to your evening, allowing you to showcase your music knowledge while enjoying some tunes.

19. Karaoke Battle Royale

Elevate your karaoke night with Karaoke Battle Royale. Choose a theme or category, and each couple takes turns performing songs that fit the theme. The other couple acts as the judging panel, assigning scores based on performance. The couple with the lowest score takes a drink, adding a competitive edge to your musical showdown.

Shot games for couples to let loose!

Do you want to take things to the next level? If you’re getting ready to head out, or just want to make things a bit more rowdy, these shot games for couples are for you!

1. Battle Shots 

This is a fun twist on the classic Battle Ship board game but with shots instead of ships. Set up a grid of cups representing your “ships”. Each of you takes turns guessing the coordinates to “sink” their opponent’s ships. When a ship is hit, you have to drink the shot! 

2. Dartboard Dares 

Transform your ordinary dartboard into a game of daring shots. Assign different dares or challenges to each section of the dartboard, and take turns throwing the darts. Wherever the dart lands, the corresponding challenge must be completed, and shots are taken as a reward. It's a spirited way to test aim, and courage, and perhaps discover hidden talents.

3. Shot Glass Roulette

Give your game night a casino vibe with Shot Glass Roulette. Label shot glasses with numbers, place them on a spinning roulette wheel and take turns spinning. Whichever number the ball lands on, that person takes the shot from the corresponding glass. It's a game of chance and anticipation, making every spin a thrilling moment.

4. Flip Cup Frenzy

Put a spin on the classic college party game by incorporating shots into Flip Cup. Instead of beer cups, use shot glasses and fill them with your favorite spirits. Race against each other to successfully flip the cups. The catch? Each time a cup lands successfully, the opponent takes a shot. It's a fast-paced and intoxicating twist on a familiar favorite.

5. Memory Shots

Test your memory and tolerance in this challenging shot game. Arrange shot glasses in a specific order and assign a unique drink to each glass. One person starts by taking a shot and naming the drink; the next person repeats the sequence and adds a new shot. The pattern continues, and each mistake results in a penalty shot. It's a game that mixes strategy, memory, and a touch of inebriation.

6. Ping Pong Precision

Elevate your beer pong skills with Ping Pong Precision. Set up a table with shot glasses arranged in a pyramid formation at each end. Use ping pong balls to bounce into the opponent's shot glasses. 

For every successful shot, the opponent must drink the contents of the corresponding glass. It's a game that demands accuracy and a steady hand.

7. Cocktail Mix-Up

Explore your mixology skills in this creative shot game. Each person takes turns creating a unique shot by combining different spirits and mixers. The catch? The other person must taste and guess the ingredients. For every incorrect guess, a shot is taken. It's a flavorful and unpredictable game that adds a mixological twist to your shot night.

8. Shot Glass Shuffle

Transform your living room into a makeshift dance floor with Shot Glass Shuffle. Lay out shot glasses in a grid and assign different dance moves or actions to each. Turn up the music and dance around the room. 

When the music stops, each partner must find a shot glass and perform the assigned action. It's a rhythmic and entertaining way to enjoy shots while showcasing your dance moves.

9. Puzzle Shots

Challenge your cognitive skills with Puzzle Shots. Create a puzzle with a picture of your choice, divide it into several pieces, and mix them up. 

Assemble the puzzle together, but here's the twist – each time a piece is correctly placed, the placer takes a shot. It's a brain-teasing game that adds a tipsy twist to teamwork and problem-solving.

10. Shot Glass Roulette Relay

Inject a relay race dynamic into your shot game night with Shot Glass Roulette Relay. Set up a series of shot glasses in a row, each containing a different beverage. One partner starts by downing the first shot and then passes a baton (or any creative item) to their partner, who repeats the process. The relay continues until all shots are consumed. It's a fast-paced and spirited way to share the drinking responsibilities.

11. Shot Jenga Showdown

Infuse strategy and balance into your shot night with Shot Jenga Showdown. Before playing, write different shot instructions on each Jenga block. As the tower becomes increasingly unstable, each player must carefully extract a block and follow the instructions. 

Whether it's taking a shot, assigning a dare, or sipping slowly, this game adds an element of unpredictability and skill to your evening. It's a thrilling twist on the classic Jenga experience, promising laughs and suspense with every move.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What drinking game to play on the first date?

    Drinking games can be a fun way to open up on a first date. To get to know your partner more, try out some of the more question-orientated games such as Never Have I Ever or Truth or Drink. Since you’re only getting to know each other, make sure that your date is comfortable before starting to play.
  • What is an easy drinking game for couples?

    The easiest drinking games are the ones that don’t require any extra materials other than your date and a drink. With our list as a starting point, there are loads of easy options to start you off, including some spicy options like Hand’s Off.
  • Which is the most popular drinking game for couples?

    Determining the most popular drinking game for couples can be subjective and dependent on individual preferences. Amongst couples, Strip Poker or Truth or Dare are probably some of the most popular games for couples — with alcohol introduced to provide every fun twist!
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