16 Flirty Sex Games for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

Need to spice up your relationship? These sexy games will do the trick
by Sarah Finley

Long-distance relationships can have their perks, but missing each other day in and day out can take its toll on your relationship. 

A 2014 study by Emma Dargie found distance doesn’t actually affect the relationship quality and longevity. Instead, it’s down to the relationship and individual characteristics that predict the quality of the relationship. 

However, lack of daily intimacy can also strain your relationship, but couples that play together stay together. So sex games for couples in long-distance relationships are a great way to not only reach the big O, but also relieve stress and bond with your partner when you’re miles away.

Playing games, whether they are kinky, fun or sexy FaceTime games with your long-distance partner allows you to have fun, see a different side to them, and allows you to open up and be vulnerable with each other — the basis of any good relationship. 

Whether your bag is sex games over the phone or dirty games to play over FaceTime, below we’ve listed the kinkiest and most exciting sex games for couples in long-distance relationships.

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Sex games for long-distance relationships to spice things up

1. Roleplay

We all have a role-play scenario we’d like to act out — whether it's doctors and nurses or teacher and student — thanks to modern technology you can either send each other videos or FaceTime, for the ultimate fun long-distance sex game. 

2. Boss for the day

If you and your long-distance partner love to power-play, take turns in ‘being boss’ for the day. You can give them orders on what to wear, how to act, and even what sexy pictures to send you.

3. What am I wearing?

Nothing is more of a turn-on than trying to imagine what your partner is wearing that day, and that includes underwear too. Send little clues to each other throughout the day or the week before you’re meeting for some online fun.

Sex games over the phone

4. Sexting 

Whether you’re new to the sexting game or a seasoned pro, exchanging dirty phrases with your long-distance lover is a great way to work on your sexual communication! Just like sex in real life, sexting is better with some foreplay, so ease in with a flirty question and delight in your partner’s response. 

5. Guess the body part 

This one can be as sexy, or as obscure as you like. Take turns in sending pictures to each other and trying to figure out which body part they are taking photos of. Take it in turns and keep them guessing.

6. Strip sexting 

If you’ve already got hot and steamy with your sexting, why not go a little further and start to peel each other's clothes off, word by word?

7. Guess the emojis 

If you both love emojis, send them a text full of emojis telling them precisely what you want to do with them the next time you see them. Fun and naughty.

8. Never have I ever 

We all know how this one works:  spill your deepest darkest secrets while you sip on your favorite liquor — you’ll know them a whole lot better afterward.

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Dirty games to play over FaceTime

9. Sexy Scrabble 

You spice up this classic board game as much as you like, as you both think up the naughtiest words and share them over FaceTime. 

10. Truth or dare

Use this game to learn more about your partner's sexual desires, or just dare them to do something funny.

11. Strip poker 

This game needs no introduction, just a pack of cards and clothes to take off! See who’s the better bluffer in the relationship.

12. Would you rather?

Choose sexy questions (mainly involving body parts) for this fun game, like “Would you rather… kiss me on the neck or suck my toes?” Have a drink, slip into bed and enjoy each other.

13. Remote-controlled vibrators 

Who says vibrators are only for solo play? Now you can invest in toys that connect via an app, so it’s almost like your partner is in the room with you. 

Sex games when you’re going to see each other soon

14. Fantasy recall 

If your sexting gets too heated, jump on the phone and tell your partner what your sexiest fantasy, with them, looks like. Leave no stone unturned until you have them excited to see you!

15. Paint or draw each other naked

Get creative and sexy with this one, strip off and draw each other via FaceTime. It can be silly or serious but take time to admire the curves of each other's bodies. Bonus point if one of you makes a Titanic reference…

16. Hide and seek

Hide some underwear or lingerie when you next see your partner, then just before you’re about to see them again give them clues to where you’ve hidden it, just like a kinky treasure map. They’ll be counting down the days to when they see you again.

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