125 Good Night Messages For Him To Send Him Off to Sleep

How do I say goodnight to make him smile?
on March 07, 2024
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Let's face it, sending a good night message to your significant other can sometimes feel like you're competing in the 'Olympics of Affection.' 

You want to jump higher than a simple 'Goodnight' and run faster than the cliché 'Sweet Dreams.' But how do you win gold when you’re writing the perfect good night messages for him? 

Even though it can lead you down some cringy avenues, these goodnight love messages are actually a very vital part of your routine as a loving couple. So before you drift off to sleep tonight, this is your reminder to craft that goodnight message, ensuring you send your loved one off to sleep with a smile!

How do you say goodnight to a boy and make him blush?

Heartfelt good-night (and good-morning) messages are the most likely to get your boy blushing, alongside any flirty or dirty variations! 

Just like anyone else, boys appreciate it when you compliment them or call out any of their achievements from that day. Using some of our examples as a starting point, try to make it as specific as possible to show how much you pay attention to them. 

The simple act of letting your partner know that you’re thinking about them can really go a long way, with this simple gesture having a positive impact on your relationship overall. While some couples prefer to be romantic and sentimental in their messages, you can also go the funny route with little inside jokes tailored to your partner! 

Don’t be afraid to have a few emojis or extras when you’re crafting your perfect goodnight message for your significant other — whatever makes the message feel more personal to you and your partner. 

What is the best good night message for him?

The perfect good night love messages should feel authentic to your relationship, while still being flirty and fun. 

However, if you’ve gotten into the habit of writing your boyfriend a goodnight message, the pressure can build and build — as you try and craft the perfect sentiment every time. 

That’s why we’re here with some inspiration for your next cute good night message (just to give you a headstart!) 

Goodnight paragraph for him 

  1. "As the night settles in, I find myself thinking of you, wishing we could share this peaceful moment side by side. Though miles may lie between us, my heart feels close to yours, wrapped in the gentle embrace of our shared memories. May your dreams tonight be a reflection of the happiness we've found in each other. Sleep well, knowing that you are cherished."

  2. "Under the vast, starlit sky, I feel a deep connection to you, as if each star is a testament to the moments we've shared. Though we're apart for now, my heart finds comfort in knowing that we're looking up at the same night sky. Let the stars guide you to peaceful rest, and may you feel my love envelop you until the morning light."

  3. "In the quiet moments before sleep, I often find myself lost in thoughts of you, smiling at the memories we've created. It's in these silent, reflective times that I feel our bond the strongest. As you drift off to sleep, know that you're in my heart and my dreams, a comforting and constant presence. Goodnight, and may tomorrow bring us closer to our next cherished moment together."

  4. "As night falls, our hearts seem to beat in harmony, despite the distance. It's a comforting reminder that our connection transcends the physical, living in the words we've shared and the love we've grown. Sleep peacefully tonight, in the knowledge that our bond is strong, our future bright, and every night a step closer to being in each other's arms."

  5. "The moon hanging high tonight reminds me of the light you bring into my life, a beacon in the darkness. It's as if its glow is a reflection of the love and joy we share, illuminating our path forward together. May its light guide you into sweet dreams where we can meet and spend the night in each other's embrace. Sleep tight, my love."

  6. "As you settle into bed, listen to the night's whispers, carrying messages of love from me to you. Let them be a soothing balm, easing away the day's worries, and filling you with warmth and peace. I'm sending you all my love, wrapped in the hope that we'll soon end our days together with a kiss instead of a call. Goodnight, my dearest."

  7. "Tonight, let's promise to meet in our dreams, in a place where distance and time don't exist. There, we can share whispers, laughter, and the quiet, tender moments that I miss so much. As you close your eyes, let this thought carry you away to a peaceful sleep, where I'll be waiting for you. Goodnight, my love."

  8. "The night brings a quiet serenade for our hearts, a melody that speaks of love, longing, and the sweet anticipation of our reunion. As you drift to sleep, may you hear this song of my heart, singing to you to rest with promises of endless love and a future bright with shared dreams. Sleep well, my heart's companion."

  9. "Look to the moon tonight, and see in its radiant glow a promise of love that endures and grows, even through the darkest nights. It's a symbol of my love for you, constant and unwavering. May its light bring you comfort and warmth as you fall asleep, and may you dream of the days when we'll be together again. Sweet dreams, my love."

  10. "In the stillness of the night, our love shines as a beacon of hope and joy. It's a powerful reminder that no matter how the day turns, we have each other, a sanctuary in a chaotic world. Let this thought guide you to restful sleep, where the worries of the world fade away, and all that remains is the strength of our bond. Goodnight, my love, until we can share the dawn together."

Sweet good night message for him 

  1. "Snuggle up in our memories tonight for the coziest dreams, my love."

  2. “Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!”

  3. “Is it cheesy that I’m already excited to say good morning to you? Sleep well, my love.”

  4. "As the night whispers sweet nothings, remember my heart sings your name. Sleep tight."

  5. “I am sending you this I love you message with a kiss to send you off to dreamland.” 

  6. "May the peace of the night envelop you, and my love keep you warm. Sweet dreams."

  7. "Close your eyes, and let the night's quiet bring you the serenity of our love."

  8. "Tonight, may your dreams be filled with the joy and love we share. Good night, my heart."

  9. "Feel my love wrap around you like a blanket. Good night, my dearest."

  10. "As you drift into sleep, remember our love is the bridge to your sweetest dreams."

  11. “Wishing you a peaceful night’s sleep and sweet dreams of us all night long.”

  12. "Good night, my love. May your dreams be gentle whispers of my affection for you."

  13. "Let the night sky be a canvas for our love story. Dream deeply, my beloved."

  14. "May the night’s calm carry you to dreams where we dance under the stars. Good night."

  15. "Every night, I count my blessings, and you're always at the top of my list. Sweet dreams."

  16. "Let the lullaby of my love guide you to dreams of happiness. Good night, my treasure."

  17. "May your rest be as rewarding as the joy you bring to my life. Good night, my love."

  18. "The night is long, but it’s shorter when I know I’ll see you in my dreams. Good night."

  19. "Wishing you a night filled with dreams of our future happiness together. Sleep well."

  20. "May the moonlight guide your dreams as you navigate through the night’s adventure."

  21. "Sending you a good night kiss that travels the miles between us. Feel it as you sleep."

  22. "As the world quiets, may your thoughts be filled with the sweetness of our love."

  23. "Good night, my love. May your sleep be as comforting as our conversations."

  24. "Let the stars be the guardians of your dreams, and my love the blanket that keeps you warm."

  25. "Every night is a chance to dream about us, and every day is an opportunity to make those dreams come true."

  26. "Sleep well, my love, for tomorrow brings another day for us to share."

  27. "May your dreams tonight be as kind and generous as your heart."

  28. "Sending you off to sleep with thoughts of love and a promise of a brighter tomorrow."

  29. "As you close your eyes, remember, my love for you is as vast as the night sky."

  30. "Let the quiet of the night bring you the peace you deserve. Good night, my dearest."

  31. "Dream sweetly, live beautifully. Good night, my inspiration."

  32. "May the serenity of the night accompany you as you rest, my love."

  33. "Tonight, may you sleep with a smile, thinking of our happiest moments."

  34. "Wishing you a restful sleep, filled with dreams of our joyous moments together."

  35. "Let the night’s silence be a comfort, knowing our love speaks volumes. Sleep tight."

  36. "May your dreams be a sanctuary for our love to grow. Good night, my cherished one."

  37. "As you journey into sleep, take my love with you like a guiding star. Good night."

  38. "Good night, my hero. May your rest recharge you for another day of adventure."

  39. "Sleep in peace, wake in joy, and know that I am always with you in heart."

  40. "May the night bless you with restful sleep and dreams of our future together."

  41. "Wishing you a night as sweet as our love and as peaceful as your spirit."

  42. "As the moon watches over the night, my thoughts of you light up my heart. Sweet dreams."

  43. "Rest easy, my love, for tomorrow we write another chapter of our story."

  44. "Good night, my soulmate. May your dreams be sweet and your rest complete."

  45. "Let the night be a canvas for your dreams where our love paints the most beautiful scenes."

  46. "Sleeping without you is hard, but knowing we share the same dream makes it easier. Good night."

  47. "May the tranquility of the night accompany you as I hold you in my heart. Sweet dreams."

  48. "Dream of me, as I will of you, in a place where our love forever feels new. Good night."

  49. "Let the night air carry my love to you and whisper sweet dreams until the morning light."

  50. “You are one in a million and an angel in human disguise! Goodnight!” 

Romantic good night message for him 

  1. “I want your face to be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.” 

  2. “I know that text messages don’t always feel romantic, but this one is full of love for you (hope that helps!) Goodnight!”

  3. “Every night before I go to sleep I thank God for having blessed me with the most amazing person. Good night my love!”

  4. “Goodnight! I’m sending lots of warm hugs your way until I see you again soon!” 

  5. “You're the brightest star in my universe and I can’t believe you’re mine.” 

  6. “My heart beats only for you, my love. Good night, handsome!”

  7. “My sweet angel, you’re the last thought when I go to sleep and the first person I think of every morning.”

  8. “Goodnight to the man of my dreams, I hope you have a peaceful sleep dreaming of me…” 

  9. “What did I do to get this lucky? Night night my love!” 

  10. "As the stars twinkle in the night sky, remember, each one represents a reason I adore you. Sweet dreams, my love."

  11. "May your dreams tonight be as sweet and loving as the moments we've shared. Good night, my heart."

  12. "Falling asleep is easier when I imagine your arms around me. Good night, my dear."

  13. "Let the quiet of the night remind you of all the quiet moments we've shared together. Sweet dreams."

  14. "I'm sending you a good night kiss that's as deep and passionate as my love for you. Sleep well, my prince."

  15. "May your night be serene and your dreams full of the love we share. Good night, my everything."

  16. "With you in my heart, I close my eyes, feeling the warmth of our love. Good night, my only one."

  17. "Good night, my love. May you feel my love envelop you as you dream tonight."

  18. "Sleep tight, knowing that you are my forever and always. Good night, my soulmate."

  19. "The night sky is beautiful, but it pales in comparison to the beauty of our love. Good night, my treasure."

  20. "As you drift to sleep, may you dream of all the possibilities our love brings. Good night, my beloved."

  21. "Good night, my guardian angel. May your dreams be guarded by the depth of my love for you."

  22. "Let the night breeze whisper my love for you as you sleep. Sweet dreams, my dearest."

  23. "Every night, I find comfort in knowing that our love is a beacon in the darkness. Sleep well, my love."

  24. "Good night, my heart's desire. May your dreams be filled with the joyful melodies of our love."

  25. "Sleep peacefully, my love, and let the tapestry of our memories guide you through the night."

  26. "As the moon illuminates the night, let my love illuminate your dreams. Good night, my cherished one."

  27. "Wishing you a night as gentle as your touch and as sweet as your kiss. Good night, my love."

  28. "May your dreams be a soft refuge for our hearts to meet. Good night, my darling."

  29. "Tonight, let's meet in our dreams and continue our adventure. Sweet dreams, my adventurer."

  30. "Good night, my love. Remember, in every dream, I am right there with you."

Dirty good night message for him 

  1. “You think I’m shy but you don’t know what I am going to do to you later in my dreams. Good night to the love of my life.” 

  2. “I don’t think that a good night text can capture all the things that I want to do to you when you get home…” 

  3. "Sleep tight, knowing that I'll be the one to invade your dreams with thoughts too hot to whisper out loud. Good night my love!” 

  4. "Imagine my hands, my lips, my whispers against your skin as you drift off, promising a night of passion. Sweet dreams, my love."

  5. "As the night deepens, so does my desire for you. I’ll be the one to light up your dreams. Good night!”

  6. "Dream of me, and feel the heat of my longing wrapping you in an embrace that lasts all night. Sleep well, my desire."

  7. "Tonight, let every dream be a page where we write our most intimate desires. This should be fun…” 

  8. "May your dreams be as charged and electrifying as our last kiss!” 

  9. "As you slip into sleep, think of my lips whispering desires in your ear, promising a night of passion.”

  10. "I'm counting down the moments until I can make all your dreams a reality. For now, let your imagination run wild. Good night."

Good night message for him for long-distance relationships

  1. “No matter how far away we may be, I’ll always find a way to reach you and touch your heart — even if it has to be through your phone for now.” 

  2. “Even if I can’t be there, sending you good vibes for an amazing day tomorrow!” 

  3. “Counting down the days until we get to cuddle till we fall asleep. Goodnight my love.”

  4. “The only thing I want at the end of the day is time with you.” 

  5. “I want to rest my head on your chest, wish you goodnight, and fall asleep listening to your heartbeat.”

  6. “Sending you a virtual hug until I can see you again!” 

  7. "Let the stars above be a reminder of the sparkling moments we share, despite the miles. Sweet dreams, my distant love."

  8. "As you drift into sleep, remember, our love knows no distance. Dreaming of the day we no longer say goodnight via text."

  9. "May your night be peaceful and your dreams filled with the moments we have yet to share. Good night from afar."

  10. "Though miles separate us, our dreams unite us. Can't wait to be with you in every waking moment and in every dream."

  11. "Sending you my love on the wings of the night breeze. Feel it whisper 'goodnight' across the distance."

  12. "Wishing I could teleport to you just for a goodnight kiss. For now, let this message be a placeholder for my lips."

  13. "The distance only makes me long for you more. Dream sweetly, for soon we'll no longer be apart."

  14. "Each night apart is one night closer to being together. Sleep tight, my love, dreaming of our reunion."

  15. "Let the moon be my messenger tonight, carrying my love and kisses across the miles to you. Good night, my heart."

  16. "Dreaming of the night when phone screens won’t be the closest I can get to holding you. Until then, goodnight, my love."

  17. "As you lay down, remember, every star in the sky is a testament to the love we share over this distance. Sweet dreams."

  18. "Though we're miles apart, in my heart, you're right here. Sleep well, dreaming of the day we're finally together."

  19. "Sending a goodnight wish filled with love and longing. May your dreams bring you closer to me."

  20. "May the thought of our future together lull you to sleep on this lonely night. Good night, my distant dream."

  21. "Counting each star as a reason why I love you. Looking forward to ending these nights apart. Sweet dreams."

  22. "Let's meet in our dreams tonight, where the distance melts away, and it's just you and me. Good night, love."

  23. "Holding my phone close, pretending it's you. Can't wait for the day when I can say goodnight in person."

  24. "Every night we're apart is another reminder of how strong our love is. Dream of me, as I'll dream of you."

  25. "Feeling the distance tonight more than ever, but knowing our love bridges any gap. Sweet dreams, my one and only."

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