120 Fun Hobbies for Couples to Try Together

What are the best hobbies for couples?
on February 19, 2024
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Curious about the ultimate hobbies for couples? Seek no further for fun and fascinating pastimes to enjoy with your better half. Embarking on new adventures and acquiring new skills together is an exhilarating way to make the most of your shared leisure time.

Hobbies aren’t just entertaining — they’re a lifeline to improved mental and physical well-being, with studies underscoring their impact on our health and longevity.

Eager for a dash of inspiration? We’ve assembled the best and most brilliant ideas for hobbies for couples, covering everything from active outdoor pursuits to relaxing indoor activities. Ready, set, explore!

Do couples need hobbies together?

Many people have their own, individual hobbies. That’s completely healthy and something that can be part of a well-functioning partnership.

However many studies show that having common interests and being deeply compatible can lead to a stronger relationship. It makes sense — if you’re doing something you love with somebody you love, you’ll probably enjoy it more.

What hobbies are fun for couples?

While everyone loves a Netflix and Chill night, there are far more romantic hobbies out there for couples to enjoy! 

From game nights to cooking classes, these fun activities allow couples to spend time with their loved ones — while also expanding their list of hobbies! 

What hobbies can you and your partner do together?

There are so many great hobbies out there for you and your partner to pursue together! While we all enjoy our alone time, finding hobbies that both you and your loved one enjoy can further strengthen your connection, with your mutual interests bringing you even closer together! 

So, what are some hobbies for couples to enjoy together? 

While you might know what you like to do, the best hobbies for couples are ones that you both enjoy! Therefore, while you might love a bit of retail therapy, this won’t always match up with your significant other. 

To get you started, start thinking about what kind of couple you are! Are you sporty? Is there something you’d both like to learn? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new activity to do at home together.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, we’ve compiled a list of hobbies for couples to try together to strengthen their connection and build new memories together. 

Outdoor hobbies to do as a couple

  1. Running: Whether you’re planning on a 5K or a marathon, running together is an excellent way to stay healthy and see new places.

  2. Hiking: Likewise, hiking or walking together is a fantastic way of spending time together in nature.

  3. Camping: If you’re really adventurous, try staying outdoors overnight. Simply grab a tent and some camping essentials and head out.

  4. Rock climbing: One for the real extreme sports fans. If your grip is firm and you’ve got a head for heights, why not try out rock climbing? It’s a lot of fun — just take all the proper safety precautions.

  5. Biking: Whether mountain biking or staying on firm ground, heading out on bikes together will take you to new places and keep you strong.

  6. Birdwatching: For a more relaxing nature experience, give birdwatching a try. With so many species to see, you’ll never run out of new places to explore.

  7. Stargazing: Astronomy fans? Stargazing could be your new hobby. You’ll have loads of fun heading to secluded spots for the best night sky experience.

  8. Plan a road trip: A perfect hobby for fans of traveling, try creating a list of your future road trips. Try these road trip games on your journey.

  9. Scuba diving: If you live near water, scuba diving is a fantastic way to see new sights. It can also take you all over the world together.

  10. Paintball: What about a hobby with some friendly competition? Paintball is one of the best hobbies for couples that thrive on action.

  11. Kayaking adventures: Paddle through serene lakes or thrilling rapids! Kayaking as a duo is all about teamwork and soaking in the beauty of nature from the water's edge. Get ready to navigate the ebb and flow together!

  12. Sailing into the sunset: Embark on a nautical journey by learning to sail! Feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea as you master the waves. It's not just a hobby; it's about charting your course and sailing into breathtaking sunsets.

  13. Beach volleyball: Dive, jump, and spike! Beach volleyball is a sandy, fun-filled way to get competitive and work up a sweat. It's the perfect blend of sun, sport, and teamwork.

  14. Outdoor photography challenges: Capture the wild, the whimsical, and the wonderful! Challenge each other to photography contests in the great outdoors. From majestic landscapes to the intricate beauty of nature, immortalize your adventures through the lens.

  15. Horseback riding: Saddle up for romance and adventure! Whether galloping through open fields or trotting along serene trails, horseback riding offers a unique bond with nature and each other.

  16. Archery: Aim for love and maybe a bullseye! Archery is not just medieval; it's modern-day fun that tests precision, focus, and patience. Perfect for couples looking to target a new skill together.

  17. Snowball fights and snow fort building: Embrace the winter wonderland with epic snowball fights and constructing snow forts! It's a playful return to childhood joys, with a dash of strategy and a whole lot of laughter.

  18. Surfing waves together: Catch waves and maybe even some air! Surfing is an exhilarating way to bond over learning a challenging yet rewarding skill. Plus, there’s nothing like the thrill of riding a wave side by side.

  19. Fishing for fun: Relax by the water’s edge or on a boat, waiting for the catch of the day. Fishing is a serene way to connect, share stories, and enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

  20. Gardening in the great outdoors: Cultivate love and plants! Start a garden project together—whether it’s a flower bed, vegetable patch, or herb garden. It’s a nurturing activity that grows along with your relationship.

Sporty couples’ hobbies ideas

  1. Join a gym: Joining a gym together helps make fitness part of your routine. If it’s got a pool or spa area, even better.

  2. Weightlifting: If you’re looking to get stronger, look no further than weightlifting. What better way to spend time together than by muscling up?

  3. Badminton: Badminton can be played as a couple or with other players. Why not learn together, and then consider joining a local club?

  4. Ballroom dancing: Another fantastic way to exercise together is ballroom dancing. A typical dance class will teach you new moves and teamwork.

  5. Salsa dance lessons: Looking for something a bit steamier? Salsa classes will get you dancing together — with some added spice.

  6. Martial arts: How about learning martial arts together? It’s not all kicking and punching. For example, you might choose a martial art that specializes in self-defense.

  7. CrossFit: If you enjoy varied and challenging fitness classes, try a CrossFit session together. There are often workouts designed for two people to complete, with constant variations to keep fitness interesting.

  8. Join a sports team: If there’s a particular sport you both enjoy, join a local team. For example, soccer, softball, and flag football all usually have thriving local amateur competitions.

  9. Golf: Whether you’re looking for competition or days outdoors, golf is a relaxing hobby with almost unlimited replayability.

  10. Tennis: Tennis can be played year-round and is a great way for competitive couples to stay fit. You can take lessons together, or even play doubles against another couple.

  11. Squash: For some fast-paced action, why not try a game of squash together? Remember to warm up first!

  12. Follow a sports team: Is there a pro sports team you both follow? Then take a look at their schedule and plan some trips to the stadium (or date nights at home).

  13. Rock climbing: Indoor or outdoor rock climbing challenges your strength, endurance, and teamwork. It's an exhilarating way to build trust and communication.

  14. Cycling: Whether it's leisurely rides through the park or more intense road biking, cycling is a great way to explore new areas together while staying fit.

  15. Trail running: For couples who love nature and running, trail running offers the perfect combination. It's a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors and keep fit.

  16. Paddleboarding: Stand-up paddleboarding is not only fun but also a good workout for balance and core strength. It's perfect for water-loving couples.

  17. Canoeing: Exploring rivers, lakes, or even the ocean in a canoe can be both peaceful and adventurous. It's a great way to see nature from a new perspective!

  18. Beach volleyball: If you're near a beach or sand court, beach volleyball is a fun and active way to enjoy the sun and sand while getting a great workout.

  19. Ice skating or rollerblading: Depending on the season, hitting an ice rink or taking to the streets with rollerblades can be a playful and active date idea.

  20. Snow sports: Skiing, snowboarding, or even cross-country skiing are excellent winter activities that combine fitness with the thrill of sliding on snow.

  21. Frisbee or ultimate frisbee: A casual game of frisbee, or stepping it up to play ultimate frisbee, offers a fun way to run around and enjoy some friendly competition.

  22. Hiking: Plan weekend hikes to explore local trails or national parks. It's a fantastic way to stay active and experience the beauty of nature together.

  23. Surfing: Catching waves together can be both challenging and rewarding. Surfing is a great way to connect with the ocean and each other.

  24. Adventure races: Participate in adventure races or obstacle course races like Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. These events are designed to test physical and mental strength, teamwork, and endurance.

  25. Acroyoga: Combining acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage, acro yoga is a playful and physical practice that strengthens communication and trust.

Indoor hobbies for couples

  1. Scrabble: Fancy yourselves as wordsmiths? Prove who’s the best with a friendly game of Scrabble. You’ll never play the same two games twice.

  2. Chess: Chess is another great way for couples to learn together. Get to grips with the rules and you’ll have a hobby for life. 

  3. Card games: Likewise, why not play cards together? You could also join a local club that focuses on one particular game.

  4. Video games: If you love video games, try getting some two-player favorites like Overcooked or A Way Out.

  5. Jigsaw puzzles: Completing jigsaw puzzles together will use all of your teamwork and communication skills. You can also turn the completed versions into home decorations.

  6. Crossword puzzles: Are you a logical thinker? Maybe crossword puzzles will take your fancy. Ask each other clues and debate the answers — you’ll learn a lot along the way.

  7. Watch a box set: Sometimes it’s great just to chill. While TV isn’t the most active hobby, there’s nothing better than being addicted to a box set together.

  8. Movie nights: If movies are more your thing, why not host movie nights? You can take turns picking or making themes that narrow your options.

  9. Baking: Why not get creative in the kitchen? Take turns leading the recipe and making delicious treats for yourselves, the kids, or local organizations.

  10. Cocktail making: If cocktails are your favorite, why not take lessons and then try new recipes at home? A guaranteed way to make a fun date night.

  11. Podcast listening and discussion: Choose a podcast series that interests both of you, listen to episodes separately or together, and then discuss them. This hobby can introduce new topics of conversation and insights into each other's perspectives.

  12. Creative writing: Work on writing stories, poetry, or even a blog together. You can create characters, plotlines, and worlds as a team, which is a fantastic outlet for creativity and teamwork.

  13. Indoor gardening: Start an indoor garden with herbs, vegetables, or decorative plants. It's a rewarding hobby that beautifies your home and can even contribute to your cooking adventures.

  14. Model building: Whether it's model trains, planes, or miniature figures, building models is a meticulous hobby that requires patience and precision. It's a great way to spend quality time together while creating something impressive.

  15. Magic and illusion: Learn magic tricks or illusions and practice them together. It's a fun way to entertain yourselves and others, and it also helps develop dexterity and presentation skills.

  16. Knitting or crocheting: These traditional crafts are making a comeback. They're relaxing activities that can be done while watching TV or listening to music, and you get to create useful items like scarves, hats, or blankets.

  17. Tabletop role-playing games (RPGs): Games like Dungeons & Dragons offer a creative and immersive experience. Create characters and embark on adventures together, all from the comfort of your living room.

  18. Learning to play a musical instrument: Pick an instrument you're both interested in and learn to play it together. You could even aim to perform a duet once you've got the hang of it.

  19. Origami: The art of paper folding is both fascinating and meditative. Start with simple models and work your way up to complex designs. This hobby can help improve focus and manual dexterity.

  20. Wine or beer tasting at home: Create your own tasting sessions by selecting different wines or beers to try each week. Take notes on your favorites and learn about the production processes and regions they come from.

Creative hobbies for couples

  1. Scrapbooking: Scrapbooking is one of the best hobbies for married couples, or those looking to make memories. Collect photos and keepsakes from your time together and build a scrapbook that tells your unique story.

  2. DIY: Home improvement is also a highly productive hobby. You might take on a particular project or fix small things around the house together.

  3. Calligraphy: Calligraphy lets you design some amazing art. Get a collection of different fonts, papers, and ink and see what you create together.

  4. Painting: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, painting lets you be creative and learn new things. You’ll also have plenty of art to hang at home.

  5. Photography: Why not try photography as a couple? Grab your equipment, head to a local beauty spot, and see what you snap.

  6. Drawing: Another great arty hobby is drawing. Try sketching the same object or each other’s portraits.

  7. Flower Arranging: Flower arranging is a different hobby for channeling your creativity. If you get good enough, it could also lead to a lucrative side hustle.

  8. Upcycling: Got a few old pieces of furniture lying around? Try upcycling to give them a new purpose in life.

  9. Gardening: If you’re lucky enough to have a garden area, why not see what you can create? From flower patches to vegetables or barbecue areas, you’ll have fun building the garden of your dreams.

  10. Cooking challenges: Turn your kitchen into a culinary playground by setting up cooking challenges. Explore new recipes or cuisines together and enjoy the delicious outcomes of your joint efforts.

  11. Board games and puzzle nights: Delve into board games and puzzles for a mix of friendly competition and collaboration. Whether you prefer strategy, trivia, or completing jigsaw puzzles, there's endless fun to be had.

  12. Dance classes: Sign up for dance classes together and learn salsa, tango, or contemporary dance. It's a romantic and enjoyable way to stay active and connected.

  13. Home brewing: Try your hand at brewing your beer or cider. Experimenting with different flavors and techniques can lead to some tasty creations to share with friends.

  14. Camping and hiking: Plan outdoor adventures like camping trips or hiking. It's a great way to enjoy nature, disconnect from daily stresses, and spend quality time together.

  15. Pottery and ceramics: Dive into pottery and ceramics to create your mugs, plates, or decorative items. It's a hands-on hobby that allows for creative expression and brings a sense of accomplishment.

  16. Book club for two: Choose books to read together or individually and then discuss them in your own private book club sessions. This hobby can enrich your conversations and expand your perspectives.

  17. Video game marathons: If you both enjoy video games, consider having marathon sessions with games that offer co-op play or engaging single-player stories to experience together.

  18. Travel planning: Spend time planning your dream vacations, researching destinations, and imagining the adventures you'll share. It's an exciting way to bond over shared dreams and plans.

  19. Volunteering: Find a cause you both care about and volunteer together. It's a meaningful way to spend time together and make a positive impact on your community or other important causes.

  20. Yoga and meditation: Start practicing yoga and meditation together to enhance your physical flexibility, mental clarity, and emotional balance. It's a peaceful way to connect on a deeper level, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being as a team.

Cheap hobbies for couples 

  1. Exploring local landmarks: Dive into the adventure right outside your door! Seek out the secrets of nearby historical spots or the serene beauty of local parks. It's like being a tourist in your own town, minus the luggage.

  2. Geocaching: Embark on a treasure hunt with just your smartphone as your guide. Geocaching leads you to hidden gems and unexpected places, turning an ordinary walk into an exciting quest.

  3. Urban sketching: Unleash your inner artist in the urban jungle. With just a pen and paper, capture the bustling life, quiet corners, and everything in between. It's your city as seen through your eyes.

  4. Picnicking: Whip up some tasty treats, throw a blanket in the bag, and set off for the nearest picturesque spot. Dining al fresco is about enjoying simple pleasures, great food, and each other's company under the open sky.

  5. DIY home decor projects: Transform your space with creations that are uniquely you. From painting old furniture to crafting chic decorations, it's all about making your home a gallery of your own adventures.

  6. Bird making and watching: Turn your garden into a bird paradise with DIY feeders and houses. Bird watching is like a live show, only the feathers are real and the chirps are original soundtracks.

  7. Learning card tricks: Amaze and bemuse with a deck of cards and a flick of the wrist. This hobby is the perfect blend of mystery and mastery, ideal for impressing each other and your future dinner guests.

  8. Participating in local free events: Become event explorers in your own city. From art expos to community concerts, dive into the local culture scene without spending a dime. It's all the fun without the fees.

  9. Writing a journal or blog together: Chronicle your joint escapades or thoughts in a shared journal or digital space. It's like writing the script of your own movie, where every day is an unmissable episode.

  10. Public library events: Libraries aren't just book havens; they're treasure troves of free fun! From workshops to movie nights, dive into the world of knowledge and entertainment they offer.

  11. Amateur astronomy: Gaze at the stars and unravel the universe's mysteries together. It's a cosmic journey from your backyard, no spaceship required.

  12. Volunteer work: Combine forces for the greater good. Volunteering lets you make a difference and collect priceless memories, not just good karma.

  13. Collecting: Start a collection of anything that tells your story, from seashells from your beach days to vintage finds that whisper tales of yesteryear.

  14. Nature photography: Capture the fleeting moments of beauty around you. It's about seeing the world through each other's lens and freezing those memories in time.

  15. Meditative walks: Wander with purpose or without; it's the journey that matters. Meditative walks are your escape hatch to peace, reflection, and connection, one step at a time.

Winter hobbies for couples

  1. Ice skating under the stars: Glide hand in hand on a local outdoor rink or a frozen pond under the winter sky. It’s like dancing on ice, with laughter guaranteed after each graceful (or not-so-graceful) slip.

  2. Hot chocolate tasting tours: Create your own tour of the best hot chocolate spots in town or experiment at home with different recipes. It’s a delicious quest to warm up those chilly days.

  3. Winter photography challenges: Capture the beauty of winter landscapes, frostbitten nature, or urban scenes adorned with holiday lights. It’s a snapshot adventure in the most magical season.

  4. Snow sculpture contests: Unleash your creativity on the untouched canvas of fresh snow. Whether it’s building the most elaborate snowman or an icy fortress, it’s a chilly but cheerful competition.

  5. Cozy reading marathons: Stack up the books, build a fort of blankets and pillows, and dive into parallel literary worlds together. It’s a journey of imagination without leaving the warmth of your home.

  6. Winter hiking and snowshoeing: Explore snow-covered trails and frozen lakesides with winter hikes or snowshoeing adventures. It’s a serene way to connect with nature and each other in the quiet of winter.

  7. DIY candle making: Light up the dark winter nights by crafting your own candles. Choose your scents and colors to create the perfect ambiance for cozy evenings at home.

  8. Indoor herb gardening: Bring a piece of summer into your winter home by starting an indoor herb garden. It’s a green, fragrant reminder of warmer days and adds a fresh twist to your winter cooking.

  9. Puzzle competitions: Challenge each other with complex jigsaw puzzles for those long winter nights. It’s a race against time or just a leisurely way to unwind together.

  10. Knitting or crocheting: Learn to knit or crochet and start creating warm scarves, hats, or blankets for each other. It’s a cozy hobby that results in equally cozy rewards.

  11. Homemade spa days: Turn your home into a spa with homemade face masks, bath bombs, and relaxation techniques. It’s a pampering experience to beat the winter blues together.

  12. Binge-watching new series: Find a series neither of you has seen and binge-watch it on snowy days. It’s the perfect excuse for snuggles and popcorn.

  13. Board game battles: Dust off the board games and set up a tournament. Whether it’s strategy, trivia, or classic games, it’s a playful way to spend quality time together.

  14. Sledding adventures: Find the nearest hill and relive childhood joys with an afternoon of sledding. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy the winter wonderland.

  15. Learning a new language: Use the indoor time to start learning a new language together. It’s an intellectual journey that might inspire your next holiday destination.

  16. Winter stargazing: Bundle up and venture out on clear, crisp winter nights to gaze at the stars. The cold air can actually make the night sky seem clearer, turning it into a celestial spectacle just waiting to be admired.

  17. Holiday market hopping: Explore seasonal markets and fairs to soak in the festive spirit. It's a delightful way to discover unique gifts, savor winter treats, and enjoy the twinkling lights and decorations.

  18. Snowboarding or skiing trips: Hit the slopes for some adrenaline-packed fun! Whether you’re beginners learning together or seasoned pros racing each other down, it’s a great way to enjoy the snow and stay active.

  19. Cooking seasonal recipes: Challenge each other to create dishes using only seasonal winter ingredients. It’s a tasty adventure that can lead to discovering new favorite recipes and mastering the art of comfort food.

  20. Wine-tasting: On those cold winter nights and you’re in the mood for a dinner party, what’s better than a wine tasting? Pour some glasses of your favorite wines and settle in for a great night!

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