31 Long-Distance Gifts to Close That Gap

What to buy for a long-distance boyfriend?
on March 07, 2024
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Navigating the ocean of long-distance love? The quest for the perfect long-distance gift can feel like setting sail without a compass.

While you would love to show up on their doorstep with a bouquet and a smile, sometimes you have to let the thoughtful gifts you’ve chosen do the talking. From personalized gifts that spell out your affection to sweet pick-me-ups for when the distance gets tough, there is a whole treasure trove of possibilities out there for our LDR lovers.

So, prepare to chart a course to their heart with gifts that speak volumes of your affection, even from afar!

How do you gift someone who is far away?

While finding the perfect birthday gift for your partner is tough, when you’re long-distance, that job becomes a whole lot tougher! 

However, you don’t have to resort to a simple gift card or heart-shaped chocolates in the post, as the best long-distance relationship gifts are all about the thought behind them. Even though you might be struggling with the miles between you, personalized and thoughtful gifts can make you feel closer than ever. 

Therefore, when you’re making these choices, it’s about choosing the gift that shows just how much you really ‘get’ your LDR partner — even when you’re apart. 

What to buy for a long-distance boyfriend?

When it comes to picking the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, it isn’t about how much you spend — it’s about the thoughtfulness that goes into it! 

This is why Etsy or similar sites are a great place to start, as they often offer the opportunity to personalize your gifts to make them extra special. 

Or, if you want to go the spicier route, there are always a few long-distance sex toys that could renew that physical connection!

What is the best gift for long-distance relationships? 

While we can’t provide a customized cheat sheet for Christmas gifts or anniversary gifts, we can help to get those creative juices flowing!

Our gift guide helps you to take the guesswork out of it, with unique and thoughtful gift ideas for your long-distance partner. 

To start us off, we have the kind of gift that keeps on giving! While we might be biased, we think we’ve discovered the epic key to long-distance connection with the Paired app

No matter how far apart you are, with daily questions, quizzes, and games, our app helps LDR couples to keep building their connection. While we think this is the ultimate long-distance gift, if you’re already an avid Paired user, we have a few more gifts tucked up our sleeve. 

Long-distance relationship gifts for him 

  1. Custom keychain: Not just any keychain, but a tiny treasure that carries a piece of your significant other with it! Engrave it with coordinates, a date, or a message that whispers sweet nothings into his pocket, reminding him of your love with every jingle.

  2. Keepsake book: A beautifully bound book filled with emails, texts, photos, and mementos of your time together, this is a great gift for your loved one to look back on when they’re feeling homesick! Each page is a testament to your journey, inviting him to stroll down memory lane whenever he's missing you a tad too much.

  3. ‘Open when’ letters: A series of envelopes, each with a specific instruction for when to open — "Open when you miss me," "Open when you’re feeling blue," or "Open when you’ve had a great day." It’s like having a little part of you there for every mood and moment.

  4. Weekender bag: For when that ‘I miss you’ hits a bit too hard, it might be time for a visit! A stylish and practical bag that's ready for impromptu visits or planned getaways. It symbolizes the adventures to come and the many weekends you'll spend together, making every trip a little more special.

  5. Touch lamps: Friendship lamps that light up with a simple touch, creating an intimate connection between your spaces. When one lamp is touched, the other lights up, no matter the distance, making it feel like a silent "thinking of you."

  6. Neck massager: One of the worst things about long-distance, no snuggles! But also, no massages! Bring the comfort of your hands to his neck with a neck massager that eases away the stress and strain of the day. It's your way of being there to help him relax, even when you can't be there in person.

  7. Foodie care package: Curate a selection of his favorite snacks, some gourmet treats from different parts of the world, or ingredients for a meal you love to cook together. Facetime him as he cooks up this feast of love that caters to his taste buds and your shared culinary adventures!

  8. ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ card game: A card game designed to deepen connections, filled with thought-provoking questions and challenges. It’s a way to keep learning about each other and growing closer, game by game.

  9. Smart photo frame: A digital picture frame that keeps him up to date with your latest photos together or scenes from your daily life. It’s a window into your world, refreshing with new memories and moments, keeping your connection vibrant and alive.

  10. Personalized Spotify plaque: A decorative plaque with the Spotify code for a song that holds special meaning to your relationship. Whenever he scans it, he's instantly transported to a moment or memory you share, underscored by your personal soundtrack.

  11. Love notes: Imagine a collection of tiny, sealed envelopes, each holding a surprise note for him to open — one for every mood or occasion. Place them in a decorative box or jar, creating a personal treasure trove of your affection that he can dip into whenever he needs a reminder of your love.

  12. Personalized scrapbook: Craft a visual love letter with a scrapbook that captures the essence of your relationship. Fill its pages with photos from Christmases, anniversaries, and little mementos from places you’ve visited together (or plan to). This scrapbook becomes a time capsule of your love, for your loved one 

  13. Fill-in-the-blank book: Gift him a book that prompts you both to reflect on your relationship, with sentences waiting to be completed by your memories, dreams, and words of love. This isn't just a book or a throwaway gift you can pick up on Amazon or in Walmart, this is a special DIY gift you can build together as a couple! 

  14. Customized puzzle: Create a puzzle featuring a picture that holds significant meaning to both of you—a memorable place, a cherished moment, or a dream destination you plan to visit together. As he puts each piece in place, it's a reminder of how perfectly you fit together, no matter the distance!

  15. Voice-recorded storybook: Does your loved one struggle to sleep without you? Well, this could be the next best thing! Choose a book that resonates with your relationship or an upcoming adventure and record yourself reading it. Read the story aloud, imagining your partner getting comfy and drifting off to the sound of your voice!

Long-distance relationship gift ideas for her 

  1. “I love you” doughnuts: Because nothing says "I love you" quite like a dozen doughnuts spelling it out, especially when they're delivered fresh to her doorstep, ready to sprinkle her day with sugary kisses and glaze-coated hugs! 

  2. Personalized chocolates: Chocolates aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! Craft a box of chocolates that narrates your love story with each bite, from where you met to your favorite shared moments, ensuring she tastes the sweetness of your bond in every piece.

  3. Memory film keychain: This is the perfect gift to document your memories together! A tiny projector that holds your most precious moments together, allowing her to carry a slideshow of your love in her pocket, ready to light up her heart with the flick of a switch.

  4. Keepsake scented candle: While a candle might seem simple, it can make a really thoughtful gift for your long-distance partner! A candle that captures the essence of a memory or place special to both of you, enveloping her space with the warmth and comfort of your presence every time she lights it.

  5. Two maps night light: Illuminate her nights with a night light that combines maps of your two locations, symbolizing how your love shines bright across any distance! Even in long-distance relationships, this romantic gift can provide the light at the end of the tunnel! 

  6. Weighted blanket: Wrap her up in the embrace she misses with a weighted blanket, a cozy hug to comfort her through the nights until you can cuddle on your next irl date night. 

  7. Touch bracelets: While you might be separated by time zones or miles, this is a very unique gift to keep your physical relationship intact. These bond touch bracelets buzz with a gentle touch from you, making the miles disappear momentarily with the immediate sensation of your touch, connecting you both wherever you are.

  8. Personalized care package: LDR relationships can get tough, and sometimes a gift ‘just because’ can really make her day. Curate a box filled with her favorite things, from books to snacks, beauty products, or even a cozy sweater that smells like you, making it a personal hug packaged with love. 

  9. Custom star map: Capture the stars under which you met or shared a significant moment, creating a celestial keepsake that hangs the universe's approval of your love on her wall.

  10. Virtual cooking class: Enroll in a virtual cooking class together, turning it into a date night where you can cook the same meal in real time, bridging the gap with shared flavors and culinary adventures.

  11. Personalized playlist: How about creating a Spotify Wrapped for your loved one? Compile a playlist of songs that are meaningful to your relationship, including tracks from concerts you've attended together or songs that remind you of each other, for her to feel wrapped in your love with every note.

  12. Handwritten love letter subscription: While text messages can provide a sweet message, we can do one better! With this LoveBox service, you can write a series of love letters and schedule them to be delivered periodically, ensuring she receives a traditional, heartfelt surprise that keeps the romance blooming and the anticipation high.

  13. Adventure book: Create a custom book detailing the adventures you've had with your best friend and partner — thinking ahead to your future experiences! As she reads this, you can promise her a future filled with shared experiences and the excitement of stories yet to be written together.

  14. Podcast dedication: Arrange for a special shoutout or dedication to her in her favorite podcast. It could be a message of love, a significant inside joke between the two of you, or a song dedication. Imagine the surprise and the smile on her face as she hears your message!

  15. Customized adventure game: Create an online adventure or scavenger hunt game tailored to your significant other and your relationship! This personalized gift is a great conversation starter, as each clue or level could be based on memories, inside jokes, or dreams you share, leading her on a virtual journey that ends with a sweet surprise, such as a video message from you!

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