Best Long-Distance Sex Toys To Try Now

What are the advantages of long-distance sex toys?
on June 27, 2023
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As we all know, staying emotionally connected in a long-distance relationship is incredibly important. But, how do you stay physically connected with your partner?

Long-distance sex toys for couples offer a great opportunity to enhance your physical connection with your partner — no matter how far away they might be! 

Physical distance doesn’t need to hamper your physical intimacy with your partner. Spice up your next Facetime date by introducing some long-distance sex toys into the equation. 

What are long-distance sex toys? 

Long-distance sex toys are designed to facilitate sexual pleasure between partners who are physically separated from each other. 

These sex toys come in various forms and designs, catering to different stimulations and preferences. For example, some couples prefer app-controlled sex toys which provide pleasure to both partners while others prefer solo play on video chat with their partner. 

These toys can be a great way to maintain intimacy and explore the potential perks of long-distance sexual pleasure when you’re apart. 

How do long-distance sex toys work? 

These toys are generally app-controlled, using Bluetooth or an internet connection to allow long-distance couples to keep their sex life alive — no matter how far away they might be from each other! 

With these remote-control options, you can invite your long-distance partner into your bedroom whenever you want. 

When you want to use these long-distance sex toys, all you need to do is connect through the dedicated app or platform and get started. Depending on your chosen toy, your partner can control the toy remotely, while the other person receives the stimulation — or some toys can allow you to reach climax simultaneously. 

Best long-distance sex toys to keep the spark alive 

If you want to get involved in long-distance sexual pleasure, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best sex toys which are perfect to kickstart your LDR sex life. 


Vibrators are a great place to start for beginners, with a range of brands offering different vibration modes and options for perfect long-distance play. 

  • Bullet vibrator 

  • Dual stimulation vibrator 

  • Wearable vibrator 

  • G-spot vibrator 

  • Wand vibrator 

  • Rideable vibrator 

  • Rabbit vibrator 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices but whether you’re looking for clitoral stimulation or dual motor options, there are loads of toys to try. 

For a rabbit vibrator that always works with your partner, you can try the Lovense Max 2 or the Lovense Nora. This couple-set vibrator works in tandem with your partner’s masturbator sleeve to feel like you’re both having sex with each other through your toys. 

Or, if you’re feeling a bit risky, you can try a hands-free or wearable vibrator such as the We-Vibe Moxie to let your partner take full control of your next orgasm. These panty vibrators can sit in your underwear and can only be triggered by your partner's remote app. 

If you’re planning on making it a regular thing, make sure you choose a rechargeable model — no one wants the fun to run out because of poor battery life! 


If you’re interested in teledildonics, dildos are a great place to start. 

To personalize your insertable toys, you can create a mold of your partner’s penis to make it feel like they’re right there with you. These can be created with a silicone exterior, so they are soft and easy to wash. 


These devices are designed for male pleasure. They often feature a textured sleeve or stroker mechanism that stimulates the sensations of oral or penetrative sex. 

Some male masturbators can also be controlled remotely, such as the Kiiroo stroker which connects with their KEON range to make it an interactive experience. 

Prostate massager 

These toys are designed specifically for stimulating the prostate gland and the perineum, which can offer an incredible orgasm for males. 

Long-distance prostate massagers, such as the We-Vibe Vector, allow the massage to be controlled remotely with different vibration patterns and intensities. Your long-distance partner can control these features using the We-Vibe app — which allows you to tailor the experience to their preferences! 

Cock ring 

These sex toys are designed to enhance pleasure during sexual activity, particularly for individuals with a penis. They are designed to provide a variety of benefits, including enhancing an erection, prolonging stamina, and intensifying orgasms. 

While most people like to use these toys in person, with their high-tech remote features they can also be used when you’re apart! Try it on when on Facetime or sexting with your significant other for a whole new sexual experience. 

Butt plug 

Butt plugs are designed for anal stimulation and pleasure, with app-controlled models offering a new way to engage in anal play together. 

We-Vibe’s We-Connect App also works for their Ditto butt plug, which is a great choice for beginners with the size and vibration intensity options. 

Clitoral stimulation 

The clitoris is key for a lot of women. 

Clitoral suction toys are designed to provide stimulation to the clitoris using suction and pulsation. If you're using the remote functions of these devices, close your eyes, enjoy the powerful vibrations or g-spot stimulation, and pretend you’re receiving oral sex from your long-distance partner! 

Nipple clamps 

Are you into nipple stimulation? 

Don’t wait until your partner gets home to try out nipple clamps. These can be a fun way to enhance your soloplay or to bring something extra into your next Facetime date.  

How to use sex toys when you’re in a long-distance relationship

Long-distance doesn’t have to limit your physical intimacy with your partner. As long as you’re both comfortable, there really aren’t any limitations to how you use your sex toys!

There are plenty of different ways to initiate long-distance sexual activity. Some couples prefer Facetime or video chats, while others prefer the surprise of their partner having the remote to their vibrator — whenever they fancy!  

When using long-distance toys, don’t forget to bring lube into the equation if you need it. 

What are some advantages of long-distance sex toys?

Long-distance sex toys offer several advantages for those who are physically separated, helping couples to boost their intimacy and connection from a distance. 

By using these toys, you can help your partner achieve sexual satisfaction and remain involved in their sex life. It also offers lots of new ways to explore your sexual connection, introducing novelty, playfulness, and fun back into the relationship. 

More than anything, these toys improve communication with your partner as they rely on your consent and cooperation to bridge the distance gap and bring you closer than ever!

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