45 Outdoor Date Ideas for Any Season

What are the best places to go on a date?
on April 15, 2024
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While we all love a classic at-home date night, or to be munching popcorn in a cinema, there is a whole wide world of romantic opportunities out there when you decide to venture outside! 

Weather can sometimes keep us at bay, but there are so many outdoor date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy — no matter what the sky is saying! 

There are so many benefits to outdoor dates, starting with a bit of fresh air to switch things up in your relationship. Not only do they provide fun opportunities for couples to explore, but they are usually quite cost-effective — so you can add them to your list of cheap date ideas too!

On top of all that, research shows that “green space is now widely viewed as a health-promoting characteristic of residential environments, and has been linked to mental health benefits such as recovery from mental fatigue and reduced stress.”

The best thing about outdoor dates is that they offer such variety! Whether you’re trying to wow your new lover on a first date, or your date plans need some spicing up — our guide is the perfect place to start!

How do you prepare for a date outside?

Taking your date outdoors might take some extra planning, but truly, all the best dates do! However, there are a couple of questions to consider before you can enjoy these fun things with your loved one. 

What if the weather’s not on your side? What if we have to wear bathing suits? What if it’s an activity you’ve never tried before?

Take a deep breath, because we’re here to break down these little nagging doubts (and possibly earn you some bonus points with your partner!) The right preparation for an outdoor date can make all the difference, for example:

  1. Check the weather. Is your day trip reliant on blue skies, or can you adapt it? If you’re visiting somewhere such as an animal sanctuary, are there sheltered areas?

  2. Plan for the seasons. Cooler temperatures don’t mean we have to stay inside. Look at local events in your area. 

  3. Dress appropriately. Pulling on designer labels or high heels for those first dates might be tempting, but if you’re getting active, it might not always be appropriate. Layer up in winter and go for casual-chic if yours is a sporty outdoor date.

  4. Look at transport options. Is your chosen destination a long journey away? Are you planning to drink alcohol, and could you seek alternative travel if so?

  5. Have an open mind. Perhaps you’re shy or nervous about a new activity! Let your significant other know how you feel, and if you really don’t feel comfortable, ask them calmly to compromise.

What can you do outside on a date?

Ready to make your date memorable? If you’re bored of staying indoors and want a change of scenery, there are so many cute outdoor date ideas for you and your partner to try, day or night.

Don’t get upset if the rain dampens the mood, or the wind blows away your carefully laid plans, outdoor date ideas are all about trial and error — as well as simply embracing the beauty of being together! (An accidental rhyme!) 

Fun outdoor activities for couples 

  1. Hit the beach: Got the sun on your side? Pair it with the sand. The beach gives you carte blanche to do whatever you want, whether you’re the couple who soaks up rays with ice cream or goes all-out on the volleyball. And it doesn’t have to be skimpy bikini season either — even a beach stroll in winter holding hands will heat things up.

  2. Visit a drive-in movie theater: Channel your inner rom-com fanatic with an outdoor movie night. Drive-in movie theaters are an old-school classic that doesn’t need the weather to be on your side. Better still, it’s a great excuse to cuddle up and get away from Netflix.

  3. See the animals: Cute outdoor date ideas don’t come any better than a day at the zoo. Whether you’re into soft and fluffy animals or sharks, you’ll find it all at the local zoo. Make it interactive with an animal encounter experience. It makes for an amazing first-date story!

  4. Party at an outdoor festival: Are you both live music fans? Do you love to roll around in the mud? Festivals give us the chance to let go of everything and immerse ourselves in the music. You can share the outdoor concert vibes with your friends, too — perfect for double dates.

  5. Mini golf: Challenge your partner to a playful round of mini golf. It's a fantastic way to engage in a little friendly competition while enjoying the outdoors. Plus, you can make it interesting with a small wager — the loser buys ice cream!

  6. Ice skating: Gliding on ice under the open sky, especially if it's in a picturesque outdoor rink, can be magically romantic. Hold hands to keep each other steady and share laughs over the inevitable slips and slides.

  7. Visit the pumpkin patch: Embrace the essence of fall with a visit to a pumpkin patch. It's not just about picking the perfect pumpkin; it's about enjoying hayrides, corn mazes, and maybe even a spooky nighttime event. The photo ops alone are worth the trip!

  8. Happy hour: Take advantage of the golden hour at a rooftop bar or a patio with a view. It's a more laid-back date idea that allows for great conversation while sipping on your favorite cocktails and munching on appetizers. Perfect for unwinding together after a long day.

Romantic outdoor date ideas

  1. Rent a boat: We’re not talking about a huge yacht here — it could be something as simple as a rental motorboat, a kayak, or a pedal boat. Take in another side of nature from the water’s point of view!

  2. Scavenger hunt adventure: Create a personalized scavenger hunt for each other in your city or a nearby location. Include clues that lead to places that are meaningful to your relationship, like where you had your first date, your favorite coffee shop, or somewhere scenic. The hunt can end with a surprise picnic or a special gift to round off the perfect date night!

  3. Sunrise or sunset watching from a hot air balloon: Elevate your date literally with a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset. It's a serene and breathtaking experience that allows you to see the landscape uniquely. Pack a light breakfast (or some mimosas) to take things to the next level! 

  4. Picnic in a secluded spot: Find a hidden gem within your city or a short drive away where you can lay out a picnic! Picnic dates are a super cute way to spend time with your partner, especially if you can find that perfect picturesque spot. Bring along a basket filled with your favorite foods, a cozy blanket, and perhaps a portable speaker for some background music! 

  5. Attend an outdoor theater performance: How about a bit of culture? Keep your eyes peeled for local outdoor plays, operas, or ballet performances. Don’t forget to bring a blanket or chairs for comfort for your date, and maybe a bottle of wine to share during the show! 

  6. Garden stroll with a twist: This might sound simple, but this free date is actually a great way to spend time together! Why not visit a botanical garden? End the visit with a quiet moment in a secluded part of the garden, where you can reflect on what you’ve seen or simply enjoy the tranquility together.

  7. Wine tasting at a vineyard: Do you fancy wine tasting? Become a connoisseur by spending an afternoon at a vineyard participating in a wine tasting or two! It's a sophisticated date that combines the beauty of nature with the pleasure of tasting fine wines.

  8. Stargazing in the wilderness: What’s better than a date under the stars? Drive out to a remote area away from city lights where the stars shine the brightest. Bring a telescope if you have one, or download a stargazing app to help identify constellations and planets. Lying on a blanket under the vast night sky offers a humbling yet romantic experience, reminding you of the vastness of the universe and the preciousness of the moment you’re sharing.

  9. Outdoor couple's yoga: Getting fit on a date can be fun! Participate in a couple's yoga class in an outdoor setting or create your own session in a quiet, scenic location. Yoga in the outdoors can be incredibly grounding and relaxing!

  10. Explore a historic town or district: Choose a nearby historic town or district that you haven't explored thoroughly. Spend the day walking through its streets, discovering hidden alleys, quaint shops, and historic landmarks! Choose a nearby historic town or district that you haven't explored thoroughly. Spend the day walking through its streets, discovering hidden alleys, quaint shops, and historic landmarks! 

Adventurous outdoor activities for couples 

  1. Ride the roller coasters: Are you adrenaline junkies? Prove it! Hit the amusement park and challenge each other to take on the scariest rides. Visit during the spooky season if you’re looking for outdoor night date ideas — s’mores and ghouls, anyone?

  2. Go for a run together: Couples who sweat together stay together. If you’re both active types, there’s more than one way to burn calories. Perhaps you could both work towards a goal such as a local 10K. Even better if you’re a beginner — you could push each other along and feel that runner’s high. Your body will thank you for that regular run in the park.

  3. Try extreme sports: Certainly one of the more outrageous fun outdoor date ideas, extreme sports are perfect for thrill-seekers. Who says a romantic date can’t be exciting? The higher and faster the better — think skydiving, horseback riding, rock climbing, or mountain biking. Maybe keep it in the tank for further along in the relationship, though.

  4. Gaze at the sun and stars: Perhaps it’s that time in your relationship when you’re having the “big talk.” Or maybe you just want something different. Driving out to see the sunset or indulge in stargazing will detach you from the rest of modern life. Sit back and talk all night — the world is your oyster.

  5. Go sledding: Don’t fret, when the snow comes down, we have found the perfect winter date idea! Embrace the thrill of winter by grabbing a sled and finding the nearest hill. Race each other down the hill or go tandem for a shared rush. Afterward, warm up together with hot cocoa and a cozy blanket for a romantic touch! 

  6. Hiking adventure: Explore the great outdoors together with a hike. Choose a trail that matches your fitness levels and enjoy discovering waterfalls, scenic vistas, or even local wildlife. It’s a great way to get active together and share a sense of accomplishment at the end.

  7. Bike tour: Rent bikes or bring your own and set out on a leisurely tour of your city’s landmarks, parks, or neighborhoods. It’s an eco-friendly way to explore new areas and enjoy the fresh air. You can even pack a picnic to enjoy in a scenic spot along the way.

  8. Kayaking or canoeing: Paddle together on a lake, river, or sea. It’s a peaceful way to explore natural surroundings and gives you plenty of time to chat and work together as a team. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and water!

  9. Thrill-seeking at an amusement park: For couples who love a good adrenaline rush, spending a day at an amusement park can be exhilarating. Ride the roller coasters, try your luck at carnival games, and tick a few thrills off your bucket list! 

  10. Whitewater rafting: This one is for the real thrill seekers out there! Whitewater rafting offers an unforgettable adventure as you tackle rapids together and navigate through turbulent waters, relying on each other's strength and coordination. Perfect for those looking to add a splash of adventure to their relationship!

Creative outdoor couple activities 

  1. Outdoor art creation: Spend an afternoon in a scenic outdoor location with canvases, paints, or any art supplies you prefer. Create artworks inspired by your surroundings or each other. This activity fosters creativity and connection, allowing you to express your feelings through art in a beautiful setting.

  2. Beachside bonfire: Find a beach that allows bonfires, and spend the evening roasting marshmallows, sharing stories, or singing songs by the fire. This date is perfect for deep conversations and cozy cuddles under the stars!

  3. Urban exploration photography: Grab your cameras or smartphones and embark on an urban exploration date! Capture the beauty of street art, historic buildings, or quirky urban scenes. Or you can play a game to see how many photos of specific scenery or objects you can collect along the way! 

  4. Botanical drawing in a garden: Another visit to a botanical garden! Spend time together drawing the intricate details of flowers, plants, or landscapes. You can even challenge your partner to draw something more specific and rate their creations!

  5. Outdoor pottery: It’s time to get creative with your hands! Look for local artists or centers offering outdoor pottery or sculpting classes. Working outdoors surrounded by nature can be incredibly therapeutic and a unique way to connect creatively with your partner — even if your pottery skills aren’t quite up to scratch yet. 

  6. Build a kite and fly It: Embrace your inner child by building a kite together, then take it to a wide-open space or beach to let it soar! Super simple, this is one that will often create the most memorable experiences. (Maybe you could do this with your kids one day!) 

  7. Garden picnic with a twist: Organize a themed picnic in a garden, where each of you brings dishes or decor inspired by a chosen theme or country. This adds an element of surprise and creativity to a classic picnic date, allowing you to travel the world through your taste buds and imagination! 

  8. DIY outdoor movie night: Set up a projector and screen in your backyard or a secluded outdoor area to create your movie theater under the stars. Choose a theme for the night, like nostalgic movies, foreign films, or a movie marathon, and pair it with themed snacks or drinks for that extra special touch!

  9. Create a nature collage: Why not bring out your inner hunter-gatherer? Collect leaves, twigs, flowers, and other natural materials during a walk in the woods or park. Use these materials to create a nature collage on a large piece of paper or canvas, with your creation serving as a sweet reminder of your date. 

  10. Take a hike: Eager to explore where you live? Download a local walking or bike ride app and take to the hills. You may discover hidden gems you never knew about, or uncover new wildlife in forests and botanical gardens. Take some photos along the way to document your adventures! 

Foodie outdoor date ideas 

  1. Go on an ‘adult’ picnic: Of course, any excuse to take out some animal crackers — but you can make your outdoor picnic a great date for adults. Close your eyes and picture yourselves wine tasting in a vineyard as you pop open a bottle of wine. Just make sure you have a way of getting home safely!

  2. Cruise around a farmer’s market: Here’s one of those alternative outdoor date ideas that could just turn into something romantic. A farmer’s market allows you both to explore local produce — perhaps in preparation for a lovers’ dinner? Sample the menu before you take them home for dessert.

  3. Indulge in fruit picking: This one’s perfect if you can’t decide, whether you’re looking for a summer date or a winter date. Pick strawberries in the summer or choose a pumpkin as the Halloween season rolls around. It’s a great way to learn more about where your food comes from and get some precious fresh air.

  4. Brunch outdoors: Take a twist on the classic picnic in the park date, by serving up a breakfast spread for your loved one. Enjoy the sunshine and snack on your favorite breakfast treats, and if you’re up for a bit of extra fun, there are no rules against making it bottomless! 

  5. Get hot dogs: Simple, delicious, and a classic date — grabbing a hot dog with your partner holds an old-school kind of charm! Be careful not to get any mustard on your face!

  6. Visit a food truck: Can’t decide what to eat? Well, you can never have too many options! Visit your local food truck to try out a range of cuisines, and enjoy the prospect of tearing and sharing with your loved one! 

  7. Outdoor cooking class: Look for outdoor cooking classes in your area. It could be anything from grilling the perfect steak to mastering the art of wood-fired pizza. And you get to eat your spoils afterward! 

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