14 Outdoor Date Ideas for Any Season

The best outdoor date ideas to enjoy all year round
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outdoor date ideas

Dinner, a movie, a kiss on the journey home — doesn’t that sound like a date we’ve all been on a million times before? Whether it’s a first date or an anniversary, there’s so much more fun to be had with couples’ outdoor activities.

Think about it. There are so many benefits to outdoor dates, no matter what stage you’re at in your relationship:

  • Outdoor dates are fun — they give you more freedom to experiment with sports or sights to see. 

  • Taking your date outside is memorable — great for anniversaries or sharing on socials. 

  • Outdoor date ideas don’t need to be expensive — often, nature is a free date and all we need to wow a significant other. 

  • Being outside improves the mood — it’s proven by science. Research says that “green space is now widely viewed as a health-promoting characteristic of residential environments, and has been linked to mental health benefits such as recovery from mental fatigue and reduced stress.”

  • The best thing about outdoor dates is that they offer such variety. If your relationship has started to feel a bit flat, it could be time to try out some new adventures. Or if you’re wooing a new lover, make them delete their dating app and go exclusive with you! Mixing things up with outdoor dates is a great place to start.

How do you date outside?

Taking your date outdoors might take some extra planning. What if the weather’s not on your side? What if we have to wear bathing suits? What if it’s an activity you’ve never tried before?

Let’s break down those little nagging doubts. The right preparation for an outdoor date can make all the difference, for example:

  1. Check the weather. Is your day trip absolutely reliant on blue skies, or can you adapt it? If you’re visiting somewhere such as an animal sanctuary, are there sheltered areas?

  2. Plan for the seasons. Cooler temperatures don’t mean we have to stay inside. Look at local events in your area. 

  3. Dress appropriately. It might be tempting to pull on designer labels or high heels for those first dates, but if you’re getting active, it might not always be appropriate. Layer up in winter and go for casual chic if yours is a sporty outdoor date.

  4. Look at transport options. Is your chosen destination a long journey away? Are you planning to drink alcohol, and could you seek alternative travel if so?

  5. Have an open mind. Perhaps you’re shy or nervous about a new activity. Let your partner know how you feel, and if you really don’t feel comfortable, ask them calmly to compromise.

Ready to make your date memorable? If you’re bored of staying indoors and want a change of scenery, here are some cute outdoor date ideas, day or night.

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What are some fun ideas for a date?

Hit the beach

Got the sun on your side? Pair it with the sand. The beach gives you carte blanche to do whatever you want, whether you’re the couple who soaks up rays with an ice cream or goes all-out on the volleyball. And it doesn’t have to be skimpy bikini season either — even a beach stroll in winter holding hands will heat things up.

Ride the roller coasters

Are you adrenaline junkies? Prove it! Hit the amusement park and challenge each other to take on the scariest rides. Visit during spooky season if you’re looking for outdoor night date ideas — s’mores and ghouls, anyone?

Rent a boat

We’re not talking about a huge yacht here — it could be something as simple as a rental motorboat, a kayak, or a pedal boat. Take in another side of nature from the water’s point of view. Remember your life vest and look out for wildlife. Bonus points if you can name the animals.

Go on an ‘adult’ picnic

Of course, any excuse to take out some animal crackers — but you can make your outdoor picnic a great date for adults. Close your eyes and picture yourselves wine tasting in a vineyard as you pop open a bottle of wine. Just make sure you have a way of getting home safely!

Cruise around a farmer’s market

Here’s one of those alternative outdoor date ideas that could just turn into something romantic. A farmer’s market allows you both to explore local produce — perhaps in preparation for a lovers’ dinner? Sample the menu before you take them home for dessert.

Go for a run together

Couples who sweat together stay together. If you’re both active types, there’s more than one way to burn calories. Perhaps you could both work towards a goal such as a local 10K. Even better if you’re beginners — you could push each other along and feel that runner’s high. Your body will thank you for that regular run in the park.

Try extreme sports

Certainly one of the more outrageous fun outdoor date ideas, extreme sports are perfect for thrill-seekers. Who says a romantic date can’t be exciting? The higher and faster the better — think skydiving, horseback riding, rock climbing, or mountain biking. Maybe keep it in the tank for further along in the relationship, though.

Visit a drive-in movie theater

Channel your inner rom-com fanatic with an outdoor movie night. Drive-in movie theaters are an old-school classic that don’t need the weather to be on your side. Better still, it’s a great excuse to cuddle up and get away from Netflix.

See the animals

Cute outdoor date ideas don’t come any better than a day at the zoo. Whether you’re into soft and fluffy animals or sharks, you’ll find it all at the local zoo. Make it interactive with an animal encounter experience. It makes for an amazing first date story.

Indulge in fruit picking

This one’s perfect if you can’t decide, whether you’re looking for a summer date or a winter date. Pick strawberries in the summer or choose a pumpkin as Halloween season rolls around. It’s a great way to learn more about where your food comes from and get some precious fresh air.

Party at an outdoor festival

Are you both live music fans? Do you love to roll around in the mud? Festivals give us the chance to let go of everything and immerse ourselves in the music. You can share the outdoor concert vibes with your friends, too — perfect for double dates.

Gaze at the sun and stars

Perhaps it’s that time in your relationship when you’re having the “big talk.” Or maybe you just want something different. Driving out to see the sunset or indulge in stargazing will detach you from the rest of modern life. Sit back and talk all night — the world is your oyster.

Where should I go on a date for nature?

The mental health benefits of connecting with nature are numerous. In the International Journal of Wellbeing, researchers wrote that humans are innately connected to nature and can lower their stress levels by getting outside. These fun couples’ outdoor activities will keep you in touch with Mother Earth. 

Take a hike

Eager to explore where you live? Download a local walking or bike ride app and take to the hills. You may discover hidden gems you never knew about, or uncover new wildlife in forests and botanical gardens. The best apps will tell you how difficult your walk is and how long it will take, so you’ll go in prepared.

Pitch up a tent

This is one of those romantic outdoor date ideas that takes you away from the modern world. Going camping together will test you as a couple — in a good way! You’ll practice teamwork as you pitch up a tent, and have all night to gaze at the stars rather than your cell phone. It’s a win-win.

How do I have fun outside with my partner?

If you’re feeling nervous about getting outside with your partner, try talking to them about it. Perhaps they’re an introvert or bothered by the elements. For example, if they love watching sports, how would they feel if they were at the game? Would something make them feel more at ease, like driving around to your favorite playlist?

Outdoor dates are all about trial and error. Yes, they’re riskier than your classic movie and dinner, but they’re also more fun. Keep your relationship fresh and natural with these outdoor date ideas.

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