Valentine’s Day Is the Least Important Day for Relationships, According to Couples

99% of couples are advocating for the practice of love every day — and Paired is making it possible
on February 07, 2024
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by Moraya Seeger DeGeare

Valentine’s Day is no longer the reigning champion of romantic holidays, according to Paired’s community of couples. Far from being a departure from love, this detour signals a far greater realization in the world of modern romance.  

In a recent survey of over 2,000 people in relationships, it was revealed that couples believe that every day is the most important

In comparison to the 0.4% of respondents who believed that February 14th was the most important day for their relationship — 38% believe that every day of their relationship is just as crucial as any special occasion. (No matter what Cupid says!) 

But how do you make this romantic notion a reality? That’s where the Paired app comes in. 

With 99% of people agreeing that they should actively work on their relationship every day, Paired is the perfect tool to make the practice of love possible. 

“Here at Paired, we believe you should show and tell your partner you love them not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day,” says Moraya Seeger DeGeare, In-House Relationship Expert at Paired, “and I’m excited our community feels the same.”

"Paired is designed to help couples practice love daily, not just on special occasions, by encouraging daily conversations via questions, quizzes, exercises, and games,” she says, “and according to our research, couples who do so are 85% better at communication as a result. "

So, it’s not about throwing away the bouquets, or boycotting Valentine’s Day — it’s about leveraging the perks of Paired to make every single day just as special. 

Love is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day

Even though we can’t help but love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what about the other 364 days of the year? As much as we enjoy the elaborate displays of affection that this holiday invites, we believe that love doesn’t have a price tag or an expiration date. 

No matter what the department stores might encourage you to believe, love isn’t about a one-time declaration to prove how much you love your partner. It’s about a culmination of moments throughout your relationship — that’s what counts. 

According to our survey, lots of people are unwilling to buy into Valentine’s Day because “every day should be a day to celebrate your love for one another” as people believe that “love means more when you’re not obligated to make a show of it”. 

(Now that’s the gooey stuff we signed up for!) 


38% of people believe that every day is the most important day in a relationship

That’s right, 38% of people believe that every day is the most important in their relationship!

Even though special occasions can play a part, they shouldn’t be the only time you make that fancy dinner booking, spend time serving up a romantic meal, or pick up flowers on your way home. Every day is another opportunity to create memories with your partner, and celebrate the connection that you share!

Easier said than done, right? 

Paired makes that kind of dedication a bit easier, by making communication and connection a constant priority in our couple’s lives. Whether through a game or a daily question, no matter how busy you are, it’s possible to always make that time for your relationship growth. 

Of the 38% who believe that every day is important in their relationship — 21% of them have been using Paired for over two months. However, even though we can all vow to make every day special, it’s okay to pick certain favorites too! 

For example, 46% of couples believe that their anniversary is most important, while 15% like to go the extra mile on birthdays. With our relationship timeline, couples can document all their important milestones and memories — from their first trip together to the first time their partner said ‘I love you’. 

Maybe a Paired subscription is the perfect thing to stow away inside your loved one’s bouquet, or slip into their box of V-Day chocolates!

99% of people believe that they should actively work on their relationship every day 

Relationships take work, but that doesn’t make them a chore! 

"What can be challenging is transitioning from simply wanting to work on your relationship every day to feeling confident in putting in the right kind of effort,” says Seeger DeGeare. 

"The most difficult aspect of this work on relationships is not in finding the desire to open up to your partner, but rather, if you have never had a healthy relationship modeled for you, it can feel easy to remain stuck at surface-level connections, such as quick texts, last-minute cards, or just sending a meme, without knowing how to engage in deeper conversations daily."

Valentine’s Day may be a fun opportunity to celebrate your relationship with your partner, and an excuse to spend time with them — but it shouldn’t stop there. 

99% of people surveyed believe that they should actively work on their relationship every single day, with 88% of these people having used Paired for over two months. With our constant doctrine of relationship care clearly rubbing off on our couples!

How Paired can help you practice love every day

With all of this in mind, as Cupid’s big day approaches, why try to cram an entire year of romance into a single date? 

This year, we encourage everyone to say goodbye to the stress and pressure of Valentine’s Day and focus instead on finding small, meaningful ways to say “I love you”, every single day.

Paired is the perfect place to start, with conversations and questions to bring you and your partner closer together with every interaction. It’s all about getting into the habit of doing it, with studies showing that doing something daily can instigate change.

“The daily challenge in a relationship is not whether we’re willing to deeply connect with our partner, but rather finding meaningful topics to discuss that will bring us closer as a couple,” says Seeger DeGeare. 

"As time goes on, it can become difficult to come up with new and significant conversation starters. This is especially true when life becomes filled with other necessary discussions, causing conversations about love to be deprioritized. Paired aims to assist couples who desire a profoundly deep relationship, one that is defined by their values and meets their individual needs."

Track your progress, and keep yourself accountable with relationship check-ins, or simply reminisce on the wonderful life you’re building together with our timeline feature. All of these features make it easier to make your relationship a constant priority, without compromise. 

Instead of dabbling in romantic gestures and deep conversations just on Valentine’s Day, it’s about making these moments of connection part of your daily routine — with Paired making all that possible!

This Valentine’s Day, trade in roses for relationship care, and start your new relationship regime by downloading the Paired app! 

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