60 Rainy Day Date Ideas to Try

Don’t let the weather ruin your date night with these ideas
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rainy day date ideas

No matter how we feel about our significant other, we can’t control the weather. If clouds have gathered on your romantic outdoor date, we’ve got you covered. Keep your partner smiling with these fun rainy day date ideas.

Ditch the umbrella and try these instead — no need for a rain check!

What is a good date idea for a rainy day?

Let’s start off with a few rainy day first date ideas, plus some lazy day dates for couples. You’ve got past those swipes and you’re keen to impress, but the weather isn’t playing ball. 

1. Grab a coffee

Nice and simple, but the perfect environment to get to know each other! Warm up with a latte and put the world to rights.

2. Try a fine dining experience

Want to make your first date memorable? Try a Michelin-star restaurant — there’ll be plenty to talk about.

3. Go to a wine tasting

First things first, make sure you both like wine! Arrange transport in advance if you’re not planning on spitting the wine back out. A cultured and fun-filled afternoon out, rain or shine.

4. Hit the movie theater

Ideal for a first date, a movie theater keeps you sheltered and avoids awkward silences. Plus, you can talk about the movie afterward — bonus!

5. Try a cooking lesson together

Great for those early dates or even later on in the relationship, a cooking lesson is perfect for learning new skills. And the best part is, you can take your culinary masterpiece home.

6. Take a pottery class

There’s a Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in all of us. Pottery is a fabulous ice breaker for new couples or a warmer-upper for those in more long-term relationships.

7. Hit the shopping mall

Maybe there’s a sale on or you’re both fashion-conscious. There doesn’t need to be an excuse for shopping! Get your steps in and keep your eyes open for bargains.

8. Cook a complicated meal together

Definitely one for those who know each other a little better, this will take some patience! Invest in a recipe book and see how many plates you can spin.

9. Take a road trip

First of all, make sure your vehicle is well-equipped to handle bad weather! When that’s all done, queue up a playlist and prepare to talk all night.

10. Try couple’s massage

You both work hard and you deserve some time off. Book in a couple’s massage and feel your stresses melt away as you lie next to each other.

11. Dance in the rain!

Maybe you both like the rain – after all, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but dancing in the rain, right? Embrace your inner Gene Kelly and go for it.

12. Swim around an indoor pool

Get wet on your own terms. A little light exercise with the sound of the raindrops on the roof is ideal for relaxing you both.

13. Get flexible with a yoga session

Whether you’re a beginner or a fully qualified yogi, a bending and stretching session works wonders. You might even be able to take some skills home with you.

14. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Do you and your significant other love fur babies? Bond over cats, dogs or other four-legged friends at your local animal shelters. Your partner – and the shelter – will thank you.

15. Visit a kitty cafe

It’s one thing to go to a coffee shop, but a kitty café takes it up a notch! Chat over a latte and giggle as the kitties come in for a fuss.

16. Go for a walk in the park

One of the great things about a rainy day is that outdoor spaces like parks are far less crowded. If you can throw on a rain mac or brave it with an umbrella, you’ll see another side of nature.

17. Eat a traditional woodfired pizza

There’s just something better tasting about an authentic-tasting woodfired pizza. Hit your local Italian and get undercover before chowing down on some homemade, doughy goodness.

18. Work out together

There’s no end to the benefits of working out — but how about working out together? Spot each other and encourage each other to do one final rep. Your bodies will thank you.

19. Tour a chocolate factory

Got a sweet tooth? Go see how your favorite treats are made and maybe take a few home with you afterward. It’ll help you see chocolate in a whole different light.

20. Indulge in a high tea

If you’re feeling classy, why not do lunch? This is one of those rainy day couple activities where calories don’t count. Mini cakes, sandwiches, even champagne if you like. Why not?

What can couples do on a rainy day at home?

Not feeling like braving the weather? We hear you. These at-home date ideas are full of fun things that don’t have to break the bank or get your clothes wet.

21. Organize your photo albums

Maybe this bad weather is a blessing — it’s time to get those photo albums in order! Whether they’re digital or prints waiting to be scrapbooked, you’ll love looking back.

22. Make some art together

You don’t have to be Picasso to make art together. Try drawing, painting, or crafting — you might even find room to display them around the house.

23. Complete that home improvement project

Is it time to hang that painting or tear down those walls? There’s no excuse now, so pull on your sweatpants and get to work on some DIY.

24. Make an indoor picnic

Sure, a picnic in the sun is great, but you can eat anywhere. Make it fun and authentic with a hamper and picnic blanket, even if it’s in your own living room. Bonus? No bugs stealing your food.

25. Learn some new dance moves

This is why YouTube and TikTok were invented, right? Pass the time by learning a new dance move, whether it’s the Tango or Thriller dance.

26. Play games with the kids

Got little ones running around the house? Get the whole family involved with a little hide-and-seek. Or if you’ve got fur babies, burn their energy up with their favorite toys.

27. Have a video game tournament

It all comes down to this. Pick up a controller and battle it out, whether you’re into racing, shooting, or a little bit of everything. Sore thumbs are guaranteed.

28. Have a photoshoot session

Make your smartphone work harder with a little couple’s photoshoot. Try on different outfits and poses around the house, then experiment with filters.

29. Read a book together

As a great alternative to Netflix, you can cuddle up and read a new book together. Make sure you’re both at the same pace and listening to each other gasp at the same time!

30. Catch up on some life admin

Why not turn some of those nagging tasks into a rainy day date idea? Whether it’s applying for a credit card or rearranging your CD drawer, it’ll be better together.

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31. Marie Kondo your wardrobe

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a declutter. Turn your wardrobe decluttering project into a fashion show – one last trip down the catwalk before they go to goodwill.

32. Take a trip down memory lane

Want to get to know each other a little better? Pull out the yearbook and go through old photos — the stories will have you laughing for hours.

What are some rainy day activities for a group of couples?

Feel like sharing your date? If you’re more into double dating or even groups, here is a great range of rainy day couple activities and date night ideas.

33. Visit an art gallery

Even if you’re most interested in the gift shop, an art gallery gives you free rein to explore as a group. Learn more about your favorite artists and take home a souvenir.

34. Wander around a museum

Whether it’s prehistoric artifacts or modern science, your local museum offers a rich learning experience. Find something that interests you all and keep sheltered with a little history.

35. Have a board game night

Got a competitive streak? Have your couple friends round for board games, whether they’re brain teasers or high-stakes cards. Maybe add a little booze if you’re so inclined.

36. Find a local pub trivia event

Any excuse to show off your knowledge, right? Search pub trivia events in your local area and form a quiz team — you might just walk home with a prize.

37. Go for a bar crawl

Is it time to explore what new bars are opening up in your town? Plan your route and try out some cocktails with friends — just make sure you have a ride home.

38. Go bowling

The great thing about bowling is that almost anybody can do it — you don’t need to spend years in the gym! Buddy up with your couple friends and aim for a strike.

39. Look up a concert in your area

There’s nothing like a spontaneous night out, and there could be tons of local talent you never even heard about. Look up what’s going on at your local concert venue and head out.

40. Warm up your vocals with karaoke

Got an inner diva? Let it out with a karaoke session. Book up a booth and sing the night away to your favorite rock star classics.

41. Hit an adults’ arcade

Who says that arcades should be for kids? Adult arcades are one of the best rainy day couple ideas — get competitive on the video games or take home some candy floss. Everyone’s a winner!

42. Hit the tennis courts

There’s nothing like working up a competitive sweat with other couples. Try a tennis doubles match or hit the squash courts. 

43. Face your fears with indoor rock climbing

If the rain isn’t letting you hit the canyons, take your fears indoors. The beauty of indoor rock climbing is it’s an insight into the real thing, and far less dangerous if you’re scared of heights!

44. Take a swing at the driving range

You don’t need to be Tiger Woods to swing a club. If the weather’s stopping you from doing 18 holes, practice your swing at the local driving range.

45. Go fishing

This one’s best for those who don’t mind the rain, and who have a rain mac to sit outside! While it may not sound ideal for fishing, rainy weather is actually best to bring fish to the surface.

46. Go to a bingo hall

Walk in a beginner, walk out with some cash. What could be better? Indulge your gambling streak with a fun game of bingo. You might even make some new friends.

47. Try indoor pitch and putt

Crazy golf is a great way to practice your technique, with all the fun of the obstacles. Take a few snaps and share your challenges online. Remember, the lowest score wins!

48. Stay upright with indoor ice skating

Hitting an indoor ice rink will challenge your mental and physical resolve. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, this is a great couple’s date that guarantees laughs.

49. Enjoy axe throwing

Let’s be clear: the axe throwing must be in a licensed location! Here you can practice tons of age-old techniques while letting your frustrations out on the target.

50. Go-karting

Indoor go-karts promise a whole lot of fun and let you indulge in a little road rage completely safely. Don your helmet and let your inner racing driver out.

51. Try extreme biking

Not afraid of the bad weather? Try extreme sports! Pair up with your sporting buddies and make sure you’re wearing the right clothes to go hitting the hills. Fully functioning bikes and helmets are a must!

52. Go down to your local comedy club

We all need a little laugh these days, so find a local comedy show and see who’s playing. You never know... you could be watching the makings of the next big star.

What can I do on a lazy day with my partner?

Looking for things to do on a rainy day with your SO? You hardly need to lift a finger.

53. Have a boxset marathon

Is it time to finally watch that series that everyone has been so crazy about? Pull up a blanket, grab some popcorn and see for yourself.

54. Finally watch all those movies

Maybe you’ve (shamefully) never seen all the Star Wars movies. Or maybe it’s time for a Despicable Me marathon. Whatever the set, there’s a movie marathon waiting for you.

55. Watch an educational documentary

Is there a subject at school you feel like you really missed out on? Search your favorite streaming service and watch a documentary together. You can discuss what you’ve learned afterward.

56. Take a bath together

Naturally, this is bathtub size permitting! If you can both squeeze in, run a bubble bath, light some candles and relax.

57. Have a pamper evening

Maybe you’re both in need of a little TLC. Wash each other’s hair, rub each other’s feet or paint toenails. Whatever feels like you’re hitting the spa without leaving home.

58. Build a cozy fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, go ahead and light it. Perhaps indulge in a little glass of wine or put on your best playlist — anything to snuggle up and feel relaxed.

59. Learn more about each other

When did you last really talk to each other? Is it time to open up about your hopes and dreams, or learn about your childhoods? Turn off all distractions and talk.

60. Get experimental

Saving the best ‘til last, let’s take this date under the covers. Perhaps it’s time to try out that Kama Sutra you’ve always talked about, or get experimental with toys. Just make sure it’s comfortable, consensual, and of course, fun!

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