23 Relationship Affirmations to Improve Your Relationship

Put these positive daily mantras on repeat
by Sarah Finley
relationship affirmations for couples

Affirmations don’t just have to be for securing your dream job or improving your daily routine, relationship affirmations can be a great way to appreciate your partner and look at your relationship in a positive light.

Positive relationship affirmations allow you to build a growth mindset around your relationship and focus on gratitude. They also help you to think positively when you experience challenges as a couple, one of the factors in a lasting partnership according to psychologist Dr. John Gottman and other researchers.

Do affirmations work for relationships?

Relationship affirmations are a way of shifting your mindset from what could go wrong to a place of growth. 

A 2016 study found that daily, positive, self-affirmations can change the way you think about a certain person or situation. So if you want to channel love and positivity into your relationship, a relationship affirmation is a perfect way to do it.

Instead of looking at your relationship in a negative light, you look at it with positivity. 

The relationship affirmations you manifest also have to be responsible and respectful of your partner. In other words, it’s not all about what you want to receive from your partner and relationship, but what you’re willing to put into them.

It's also important to note that even though affirmations are a great step to a more positive mindset, you shouldn’t dismiss your feelings. If you think something is wrong in the relationship, communicate it to your partner rather than trying to manifest change alone.

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How do you manifest a relationship affirmation?

Manifesting is based around the “law of attraction” — with some believing that what you manifest, or how you speak to yourself, will influence your future reality. For your affirmations to work, it’s important that you remind yourself of them daily, and really believe and feel the affirmations that you are using.

Affirmations are always statements rather than questions. When you manifest affirmations, write them, think them or say them out loud as though they’ve already happened. Believe them as though they’ve already come true.

When selecting your affirmation, try to concentrate on what your core values are. Values such as trust, honesty, and integrity are good ones to start with. Base your relationship affirmation on what’s important to your relationship, not your friend’s relationship or a couple you follow on Instagram. 

Make your affirmation realistic, if it doesn’t feel right for you then don’t use it — you’ll know in your gut if it works for you or not.

If you need some help in coming up with relationship affirmations that resonate with you, we put together some ideas below.

23 relationship affirmations for couples

  1. I’m thankful for having a partner who is so loving are caring

  2. I make time to consider the wants and needs of my partner

  3. Our love is stronger than any disagreement

  4. My partner shows me love every day in their way

  5. Our relationship helps us grow and elevate as individuals and together

  6. I treasure the way my relationship brings happiness into my life

  7. I am open to love unconditionally

  8. True love is an adventure, one which we are both committed to 

  9. I claim my right to set healthy boundaries

  10. I take ownership of how I make my partner feel

  11. We accept each other's strengths and weaknesses 

  12. I feel confident communicating how I feel and what I need from my partner

  13. I give our relationship the time and space it needs to blossom 

  14. My partner and I are strong enough to withstand anything

  15. Trust is paramount in our relationship 

  16. We accept each other's faults and realize that perfection isn’t realistic

  17. My partner and I are both deserving of real love 

  18. We both accept and respect our personal boundaries 

  19. I feel safe opening up to my partner 

  20. I trust that my partner has my best instincts at heart 

  21. My partner is supportive of my hopes and dreams

  22. I am always myself when I’m with my partner 

  23. We always take the time to deepen our connection with each other

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