30 Relatable Relationship Anxiety Quotes

Relationship anxiety is more common than you think — here are some quotes that might help you feel less anxious
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relationship anxiety quotes

When relationship anxiety strikes, it can be difficult to know what to do or say. To help couples dealing with anxiety in their relationship, we’ve put together 30 relationship anxiety quotes from famous people that offer words of encouragement and advice on how to overcome relationship worries. From relationship experts like Dr. John Gottman to popular authors such as Maya Angelou, these relationship anxiety quotes offer insight into how to manage relationship anxiety in a healthy way. 

Whether it’s recognizing what worries you most or learning to open yourself up to your partner, there is something here for everyone struggling with relationship anxiety. So take a few moments to read through these relationship anxiety quotes, find one that resonates with you, and use it as motivation on your journey of overcoming relationship anxiety together.

  1. "We can learn a lot from relationship anxiety; namely, that we are capable of experiencing strong emotion without being ruled by it." – Dr. Robert Leahy

  2. “Anxiety arises when relationships become too rigid — we need to bring flexibility into our relationship expectations as well as our communication style." – Mark Manson

  3. “One of the most powerful antidotes to relationship anxiety lies in learning how to practice self-compassion and give yourself grace when things don’t go according to plan.” – Kristin Neff

  4. "Relationships aren't always easy, but if you're willing to work through tough moments together they can be incredibly rewarding experiences." – Dr. John Gottman

  5. “Relationship anxiety often stems from feeling insecure or not trusting our partner — problem-solving together can help us feel more confident and secure in the relationship.” – Dr. Terri Orbuch

  6. “We must remain open to possible failure in relationships if we want to experience deep connection with another person… Relationship anxiety is just part of being alive." – Dr. Stan Tatkin

  7. “It takes courage and self-awareness to recognize relationship anxiety as part of our journey towards intimacy and connection.” – Brene Brown

  8. "Relationship anxiety can sometimes tempt us to pull away from each other when things get tough, but leaning in with compassion can help build trust between partners." – Dr. Sue Johnson

  9. “Relationship anxiety can be overwhelming, so try to remember that relationship failures are part of the healing process—they help us learn how to create healthier relationships in the future.” – Dr. Stan Tatkin

  10. “Trust is a major component when it comes to relationship anxiety; if you don't trust your partner then it's important to work through those issues before continuing on with the relationship.” – Dr. Robert Leahy

  11. “Building trust between partners is essential when it comes to relationship anxiety; this requires open communication and the ability to lean into uncomfortable conversations.” – Dr. Sue Johnson

  12. “It's normal to experience relationship anxiety at times but if it persists then it might be time to consider seeking professional help in order to get your relationship back on track.” – Dr. Robert Leahy

  13. “It's important to remember that relationship anxiety can be managed; it just takes open communication, empathy, and the willingness to work together towards a healthier relationship.” – Dr. Terri Orbuch

  14. “The key to managing relationship anxiety is understanding what triggers it and how best to respond — couples therapy can be helpful in this regard.”– Dr. Stan Tatkin

  15. “It can be difficult to face relationship anxiety head-on but it's the only way to create a stronger relationship that can withstand these feelings of fear and insecurity.” – Dr. Terri Orbuch

  16. "Self-awareness is key when it comes to relationship anxiety — recognizing our own fears and anxieties helps us better understand how they may be affecting our relationship." – Unknown

  17. “Relationship anxiety should not be taken lightly; if it goes unaddressed then it can lead to more serious relationship issues down the road.” – Dr. John Gottman

  18. “The best way to deal with relationship anxiety is by being honest, open, and understanding with your partner — these qualities will go a long way in helping you both overcome any fears or insecurities together.” – Dr. Sue Johnson

  19. “It's normal to feel relationship anxiety, but it's important to recognize when it's getting out of hand; this will help you work through any issues before they become too serious.” – Dr. Robert Leahy

  20. “Anxiety in relationships doesn't have to mean it's over — it's possible to find strength and understanding no matter how difficult things may seem.” – Dr. Rachel Needle

  21. “The most important thing in dealing with relationship anxiety is not to ignore it — acknowledging and addressing the issue head-on will allow both of you to work through it together.” – Dr. Stan Tatkin

  22. “When relationship anxiety arises, try taking a few moments to step back and evaluate what exactly is making you feel anxious. This will help you identify what is causing the relationship anxiety and how to better deal with it.” – Dr. Margaret Rutherford

  23. “Relationship anxiety shouldn't be avoided; acknowledging it and talking about it openly can lead to more effective resolutions for both of you in the long run.” – Dr. John Gottman

  24. “It's normal for relationship anxiety to become too much at times; if this is happening, take some time out for you and your partner to address any relationship worries in a calm manner.” – Dr. Susan Heitler

  25. “From relationship anxiety comes strength — by confronting relationship anxieties together you can gain a better understanding of each other and create a stronger bond between you both.” – Dr. Tammy Nelson

  26. "Often times relationship anxiety comes from fear of being hurt or abandoned again. Learning how to give yourself compassion can help ease this fear and make room for healthier relationships." – Brene Brown

  27. "Be patient with yourself and with your relationship; don't rush into anything before you're ready and remember that love takes time." – Maya Angelou

  28. "The best relationship advice: don't be afraid of your own feelings and take risks even when they scare you." – Elizabeth Gilbert

  29. "The only way to get over relationship anxiety is to keep going." – Margaret Atwood

  30. "Anxiety in relationships isn't always bad — it's just the expectation of change." – Dr. John Gottman

What does relationship anxiety feel like?

Relationship anxiety can show up in many different ways, such as feelings of insecurity or worthlessness, fear of abandonment or rejection, and a general sense of uneasiness and uncertainty about the relationship and its future. 

Relationship anxiety can also cause an inability to fully trust your partner or feel safe in the relationship. However, with patience and understanding from both partners, and open communication it’s entirely possible to work through these issues together successfully before they become too overwhelming.

How can I stop relationship anxiety?

There are a few ways to stop relationship anxiety. Firstly, it is important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about relationship worries and challenges. Open communication can help both of you understand one another better and stay connected, which can help reduce relationship anxiety. 

Secondly, practice self-care — take time for yourself so that you have the emotional space to deal with relationship anxiety instead of bottling it up or pushing it away. As hard as it may be, try not to jump at every potential problem in your relationship — it’s important to remember that facts aren’t feelings. Practicing self-care techniques such as mindfulness and deep breathing can be helpful in managing relationship anxiety in healthier ways before it becomes too overwhelming.

Lastly, seek outside help if needed such as counseling or therapy; even if only one partner participates in counseling sessions initially. Speaking to a licensed professional can open dialogue between partners and could be beneficial for managing relationship anxiety together moving forward. Taking these steps can make a big difference in overcoming relationship anxiety together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relationship anxiety is normal! It can be managed with open communication and empathy

  • Self-care is important when dealing with relationship anxiety

  • Express relationship anxiety in a healthy way to stay focused on the present moment

  • Relationship anxiety can be a sign that something needs attention in the relationship, focus on building trust and resolving any disagreements together as well.

For more advice on how to deal with relationship anxiety, download Paired and complete the exercise “Relationship Anxiety”, written by relationship psychotherapist Anjula Mutanda.

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