55 Second Date Ideas to Grow Your Love

What to do on a second date?
on May 10, 2024
Read time: 10 mins

The fear of the first date has passed and score, you both want to see each other again!

While you have a moment to celebrate this small victory, it’s not long before the pressure of coming up with the perfect second-date idea starts to build! 

Should you opt for an extravagant date night with no expense spared? Or is a more low-key date the surefire way to make it to the next stage? Even though some people are quick to suggest the classic Netflix and Chill concept, we think you can do better than that!

What to do on a second date?

While you may have had a good first date, how do you make sure you have a great second date? 

If you weren’t too busy getting lost in each other’s eyes, your date could have dropped a hint about what they consider to be the perfect date night idea. And if so, you’re sorted!

Or, if you met on a dating app, it might be a good idea to revisit their prompts to see if they left any hints about their hobbies behind. Or, we’re not above a good ol’ social media stalking session to see what second-date activity will score you some bonus points! 

The key here is planning an activity that allows you both to enjoy each other’s company, which leaves lots of room for ideas! 

How long should a 2nd date last?

When it comes to dating, no one should feel the need for a super strict schedule! While it might be too soon to commit to a 3-day road trip, there isn’t a specific timeline to adhere to if you’re both having fun. 

From fun daytime activities to romantic dinner dates, we’d happily book in a few hours to enjoy a second date with that special someone. 

What are some good second-date ideas?

From showstopping second dates to sweet ways to keep the conversation flowing, we have all the inspiration you need (& more!) to make sure a third date is on the cards!

Good second-date ideas to stay within budget  

  1. Board game cafe: On your first date, you might have sensed a bit of a competitive streak in your partner… So why not put it to the test with a cute date in a board game cafe? From cards to monopoly, it’s dealers choice! 

  2. Visit an art gallery: This is the perfect budget-friendly date that offers couples the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and some culture! Every piece of art offers a new talking point and if things go well, you could find yourself walking around for hours… 

  3. Visit your local flea market: These markets offer a super fun second-date idea, with eons of conversation starters lurking in these aisles! 

  4. Picnic date: Take a trip to your local park for the perfect picnic date! If you want to plan ahead, make sure you get up early to lay out your set-up before your date ideas — we think they’ll appreciate the effort you put into it! 

  5. A trip to the beach: If the sun is shining in your favor, a beach trip is the perfect second date! Enjoy a long walk and talk on the beach, followed by an ice cream for the perfect sticky and sweet date. 

  6. Attend a book reading: Are you dating a fellow bookworm? Take the opportunity to see your favorite author read from your favorite book, and you can even slip a sweet message into their signed copy. 

  7. Hike in a nature reserve: This is for the outdoorsy types! Choose a hiking route in your local area with plenty of views, and lots of rest spots for you to chat. Make sure you pick a place that is well within your comfort zone — it’s not super cute to be covered in sweat! 

  8. DIY craft night: Care to get crafty? Invite your date around to get creative! Whether you want to tackle some IKEA furniture or make some Taylor Swift-approved friendship bracelets, we leave it up to you! 

  9. Attend a street fair: Are there any upcoming festivals or fairs in your area? If there are, they could provide the perfect opportunity for that stellar second date! 

  10. Coffee shop hopping: If you both bonded over your love for coffee or perhaps are star-crossed coffee snobs, this could be the perfect second date idea for you. Both of you pick a coffee shop of your choice, and both of you can choose which is better! Be aware of the caffeine high! 

  11. Visit an animal shelter: Are you both animal lovers? Bond over your shared love for animals by visiting your local animal shelter, or even offering to volunteer together! Remember, it might be a tad too soon to adopt a pet as a couple (but who makes the rules!) 

  12. Head to the arcade: Pack up some coins and head to the arcade for a super cute (and competitive!) second-date idea. From dance battles to hours spent playing Pacman, this isn’t a date you’ll forget anytime soon! 

  13. Couple’s yoga: Show off your more spiritual side for this second date idea! Whether you feel like a stretch in your local park or want to attend a class together, it’s a fun way to get bendy and have fun together as a couple!

  14. Go exploring: Even if you’ve lived in an area for your whole life, it’s likely you haven’t seen everything it has to offer! Tick off your local bucket list with your date by your side – whether it’s a long walk or an unexplored museum! 

  15. Workout together: Did you bond over your shared love for the gym? Or have you both recently taken up running? Tailor your second date to your shared interests by tackling your next workout as a duo. 

Fun second-date ideas to get excited about 

  1. Couple’s cooking class: Are you both foodies? Take on your next recipe together by signing up for a local cooking class. Whether it’s homemade muffins or the perfect pasta, we guarantee you’ll be walking home craving more. 

  2. Romantic bike ride: If your second-date plans fall on a sunny day, taking a romantic bike ride could be the perfect option for you! 

  3. Karaoke: This is a classic! While neither of you might be destined for the stage, that’s half of the fun. From cheesy ballads to old-school bangers, get goofy with it and make some unforgettable memories with your date! 

  4. Drive-in movie: There’s nothing wrong with keeping it old school. Take your date back in time by bringing them to a drive-in movie theater! Pack the popcorn and wait for the right moment to throw your arm over your fellow passenger. 

  5. Axe-throwing: Feeling daring? It’s time to go axe-throwing! While we don’t recommend doing this recreationally, your local axe-throwing spot offers a super fun and original option for a second date. 

  6. Rock-climbing: Want to take your date to new heights? Book you both in for a rock-climbing session to see how you work together under pressure!  

  7. Comedy show: Having a good sense of humor is one of the most sought-after traits in a relationship! Laugh them into the third date with this classic second-date idea. 

  8. Visit an amusement park: Are you a fan of rollercoasters? There’s nothing like screaming in unison on the wildest rides to bring a couple closer together. 

  9. Play mini-golf: Fancy a round of golf? There are so many crazy golf spots that are perfect for your next date night! Keep score or get goofy as you make your way around the course — winner takes all! 

  10. Go bowling: While bowling shoes may not be the most flattering, a trip to the bowling alley is a super fun second-date idea! We promise you won’t strike out… 

Unique second-date ideas to remember 

  1. Double date: While some couples like to reserve double dates for further down the road — we say, why wait? Spice things up by bringing another couple into the mix and see where the night takes you! 

  2. Book store date: If you’re both bookworms, a trip to your local library or bookstore could provide the perfect date spot. Chat about your favorite authors, or pluck up the courage for your first kiss between the aisles… 

  3. Farmer’s market shopping: This is the perfect date for food lovers! Take your date to the farmer’s market so you can select a range of fresh ingredients and spend the evening concocting the perfect recipe to match. 

  4. Art class: How about a prosecco and paint night? While you may not be a future Picasso, this second-date idea provides lots of opportunities for chats, creativity, and a lot of laughs!

  5. Escape room: Want to test your compatibility? An escape room is a surefire way to see if you work well together — with each clue bringing you closer together. 

  6. Pub quiz: How are your trivia skills? Put your knowledge to the test with this fun date night idea, with an array of conversation starters cropping up along the way. 

  7. Outdoor movie screening: Whether you want to sit under the sunshine or the stars, there are plenty of outdoor movie screenings to choose from during the Summer months! Bonus: loads of these events are very budget-friendly! 

  8. Mystery date: Want to switch things up for your second date? Keep your date on their toes by planning a mystery-themed date night for them, whether it’s a dinner date or a night of dancing! (Just maybe give them a dress code first!) 

  9. Themed photo scavenger hunt: If you’re both budding photographers, why not make it into a contest? Map out a list of fun and quirky things in your city that you have to capture, with the best photo selection winning! (The prize can be a kiss!) 

  10. Adventure park: If you want to get adventurous on your second date, why not head to an adventure park or high ropes course to keep things active? Soar through the skies, or help your date get from spot to spot for an action-packed adventure.

Cute second-date ideas to make them smile 

  1. Homemade brunch: Morning dates are such a sweet second-date idea, as they provide a low-key yet thoughtful opportunity to get to know one another. Put a smile on their face by offering up a homemade brunch — banana pancakes and all!

  2. Ice cream date: You can see a running theme here, but we can’t resist a classic yet sweet date! Take your date out for a simple ice cream and chat away to your heart's content. (Or secretly judge their preference for mint chocolate flavor!) 

  3. Stroll through a botanical garden: If the weather allows, outdoor dates are always a good idea! Take a stroll through a botanical garden for extra cute photo opportunities and endless conversation starters. 

  4. Stargazing: What’s more romantic than a second date under the stars? It’s also the perfect opportunity to bring some cuddling into the mix… 

  5. Pottery class: Getting creative on a date is such a fun way to let your walls down and your imagination run wild. Bring a fun twist by both making something for the other to take home at the end — whether it’s a cute coffee cup or a vase for their next bouquet! 

  6. Street art tour: Are you both into art? Take a stroll through your city on the hunt for some stellar street art. 

  7. Indoor trampoline park: Sometimes we all want to be big kids! Take a trip to your local trampoline park to get playful and bouncy for your next date. 

  8. Salsa dancing class: This is a super fun second date idea guaranteed to give you both the giggles, while also teaching you a new skill! Let the music take you away and get into it while getting to know one another. 

  9. Food truck hopping: If you can’t decide what to eat on your next date, why not try a bit of everything? Hop from food truck to food truck trying out a range of different cuisines, but don’t forget to leave room for dessert! 

  10. Movie marathon: Did they mention that they’d never seen Lord of the Rings, or did you both bond over your childhood love for High School Musical? It sounds like a rewatch is on the cards with this cute date idea. 

Best second-date ideas to impress 

  1. Concert date: What’s better than going to see live music together? After all, having compatible musical tastes is always a good start. 

  2. Wine tasting: Is your date into wine? Treat them to a wine-tasting evening at your favorite wine bar, with lots of snacks ad accompaniments to match. 

  3. Sunset kayaking adventure: Sunset dates are always a winner, but if you want to step things up a notch, add an extra adventure element with kayaking! 

  4. Hot air balloon ride: Now this one is for the early risers. Pick up your date super early and take them on a trip into the sky for a date that they’ll never forget!

  5. Helicopter date: This one is for when you know you’ve found the one… With a luxury date to show how high your feelings go! Take your date to the skies for a dream date adventure to remember. 

  6. Vintage movie night: Are they a fan of old Hollywood movies? Bring out an old projector and make an evening of it by streaming all the classics, with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn must-attendees! 

  7. Take a car for a test drive: Did you date mention their dream car? Take it for a test drive for a romantic and exhilarating adventure — even if you have to leave the car behind at the end! 

  8. Cocktail class: Espresso martini or strawberry daiquiri? Learn how to perfect their favorite cocktail with a couples cocktail-making class. 

  9. Cheese & wine night: Everyone loves a charcuterie board! Go the extra mile by putting together a super aesthetic cheeseboard for the perfect starter for your date. 

  10. Ballroom dancing: If your date is looking for their Disney Princess moment, picking them up for a date on the dance floor is quite the entrance. Twirl around to your heart's content and you might just sweep them off their feet! 

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  • Should you kiss on the second date?

    While some people are happy to pucker up on the first date, others prefer to wait until they open up a bit more before locking lips. However, this is totally up to you! If you aren’t a believer in the ‘third date’ rule, and go with your emotions in the moment — we encourage you to kiss if the moment feels right!
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