62 Texting Games for Couples To Get Talking

How do you build a relationship over text?
on April 08, 2024
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Are you ready to say goodbye to slow replies? 

While you might be a pro at texting your best friends in the group chat, sometimes texting your partner can get a bit repetitive — especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Texting games for couples offer a fun new way to communicate with your partner, and ensure that the convo is always popping!

These games allow you to have a little fun, and have a little flirt with your loved one, while also letting that competitive side out to play! 

How do you keep a relationship exciting over text?

When you’re deep in the WhatsApp chat and you have a scroll back, it can feel like you and your partner only chat about your days, or what you’re going to have for dinner. 

Even though texting daily updates back and forth certainly isn’t a bad thing (as keeping in touch is important!), sometimes deep conversations can fall through the cracks. 

This is where the Paired app can be a lifesaver, as it provides the space in your phone for you to foster those deeper conversations. Whether you’re deep in the quiz section, or waiting for the daily question, communicating through the app can build your relationship (without you even realizing it!) 

While we encourage all couples to engage within the app, your text conversations don’t need to be dry as a result! 

What are some fun texting games to play with your partner?

When you’re apart from your partner, it can be tough to keep up engaging conversations over text without things becoming a bit monotonous or boring. This is where texting games can spice things up, and prompt flowing conversations rather than a few sparse replies. 

If you’re looking for the best texting games to play with your partner, look no further than this list of flirty, fun, and dirty games to explore! 

Fun texting games for couples

  1. Truth or Dare: Dive deep or dare wild! Unearth secrets or challenge each other to do something funny or romantic. Perfect for discovering new layers to your partner, all in the name of fun!

  2. Would You Rather?: A delightful dilemma! Pose outrageous or whimsical scenarios to choose from. "Would you rather kiss me under the Eiffel Tower or hold my hand on a beach in Bali?" Let imagination lead your love story.

  3. Kiss, Marry, Kill: A cheeky test of preferences! Name three celebrities or fictional characters and decide who to kiss, who to marry, and who to, well, not invite to your utopian world. It's all in jest, sparking laughter and maybe some surprising admissions.

  4. 20 Questions: Yes or no questions to guess what or who the other is thinking of. It could be anything from a shared memory, a dream destination, or a favorite food. A game of curiosity and discovery, keeping the conversation lively and engaging.

  5. Emoji Translation: Communicate a story or a feeling using only emojis, and let your partner decipher it. It's a playful way to see how well you understand each other's emotional language, with plenty of room for humorous misinterpretations.

  6. Acronyms: Invent your own acronyms or use existing ones, and challenge your partner to crack the code. From heartfelt to hilarious, see how creatively you can express your thoughts and how intuitively your partner can interpret them.

  7. Hangman: The classic word-guessing game with a twist. Choose words that hold significance in your relationship, like the name of the restaurant of your first date, or a dream destination, adding a layer of personal connection to the fun.

  8. Unscramble: Jumble up letters of words that are meaningful to both of you and let the other rearrange them. It could be anything from pet names, favorite movies, or inside jokes, making each round a trip down memory lane.

  9. Guess The Abbreviation: Create abbreviations for phrases that are unique to your relationship and see if your partner can decode them. A playful way to revisit your shared experiences and special moments.

  10. Only Wrong Answers Allowed: Ask questions about yourself, your partner, or your relationship, but the rule is to only give hilariously incorrect answers. It's a fun way to see how creatively off-track you can both get, all while sharing laughs! 

  11. The Name Game: Say a name, any name, and your partner has to respond with another name starting with the last letter of the previous name. Spice it up by limiting the category to celebrities, characters from your favorite shows, or anything that tickles your fancy!

  12. Last Letter Game: Similar to The Name Game, but this one can be about any word. One starts with a word, and the other must say a word that starts with the last letter of the previously mentioned word. Categories can range from places you want to visit together to your favorite foods, adding a personalized twist.

  13. Two Truths and a Lie: Share two truths and one cunningly crafted lie about yourself. Your partner guesses the lie. A delightful way to uncover amusing facts or cheeky falsehoods about each other.

  14. Story Builder: Start a story with a single sentence, then take turns adding sentences to weave a tale filled with twists, romance, or hilarity. Who knows where your combined creativity will lead?

  15. Dream Vacation Planner: Text each other describing your dream vacation, but in pieces. One chooses the destination, the other picks the accommodation, then alternate planning activities. It’s a fun way to dream together and maybe even plan your next getaway.

  16. Fill in the Blanks: Send a sentence with a keyword missing, and let your partner fill in the blank. “I love it when you ______.” It’s a mix of anticipation and surprise, perfect for keeping the spark alive.

  17. What’s That Tune?: Text a line from a song, and your partner has to guess the song title and artist. Bonus points if it’s a song that’s meaningful to both of you or hilariously offbeat.

  18. Movie Quotes: Text quotes from movies and have your partner guess which movie it’s from. Whether it’s a heart-stirring line from a romantic flick or a gut-busting quip from a comedy, it’s a reel fun way to connect.

  19. Photo Roulette: Challenge each other to send a random photo from your phone based on a specific theme or prompt. It could be “the last meal you cooked,” “your current view,” or “a selfie with the funniest expression.” It’s a snapshot of each other’s day.

  20. Bucket List Builder: Take turns texting things you want to do in your lifetime. It can range from the simple joys to the wildly ambitious. It’s a heartwarming way to learn about each other’s dreams and aspirations.

  21. Meme War: Send each other the funniest memes you can find. The one who sends the meme that receives the loudest laugh (or the quickest “LOL” response) wins. It’s a battle of wits and humor.

  22. Secret Code: Create a secret code language or use emojis to represent different words, then send sentences in code. It’s your own private dialect, making the conversation a fun puzzle to solve.

  23. Fantasy Day: Text each other describing your ideal day spent together, from sunrise to sunset. Be as detailed and imaginative as possible. It’s like a mini-escape to a perfect day, all via text.

  24. The Compliment Game: Exchange texts where you only compliment each other, but each compliment must start with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with A and hopefully making it to Z. It’s a challenge that will leave you both feeling cherished.

  25. The "If I Were" Game: Text each other scenarios starting with "If I were" followed by any object, animal, or even abstract concept, and describe what you would do. For example, "If I were a cat, I'd spend my day cuddling up next to you."

Texting games for long-distance couples

  1. Personal trivia: When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s important to continue to connect on a deeper level, and what better way than a trivia game? Take turns asking each other personal questions about yourselves that your partner might not know the answer to. "What's my weirdest habit?" or "What was I wearing on our third date?" These trivia questions are a delightful way to discover new things about each other or see how well you truly know your partner.

  2. Riddle mania: Challenge each other with brain-teasing riddles! From classic head-scratchers to romantic riddles, each correct answer brings a sense of achievement, and maybe the loser owes the winner a sweet virtual reward.

  3. I Spy: This guessing game may be infamous for children on road trips, but with a few tweaks, it can be perfect for you and your partner. Choose an item or object (or even an item of your clothing) nearby, your partner guesses various things while you provide hints. It might be a bit tough while you’re apart — but who doesn’t love a hard level?

  4. Rapid fire round: Are you a slow replier when it comes to text messages? Set a timer and exchange quick, spontaneous questions and answers without overthinking. "Favorite memory of us?" "Most embarrassing moment?" It's fast, fun, and reveals genuine reactions and feelings, creating an exhilarating exchange.

  5. Where Am I?: Describe your surroundings or make up a location and let your partner ask questions to guess where you "are." You can make it as realistic or fantastical as you want, turning it into a creative and imaginative way to escape the routine and explore new worlds together, even if it's just in your mind.

  6. Dream Diary: Share a dream you had recently or invent a fantastical dream, then let your partner interpret it. This game opens a window into your subconscious and can lead to intriguing conversations and insights.

  7. Two Lies and a Wish: Instead of two truths and a lie, share two lies and one thing you genuinely wish for or want to do. Your partner guesses which one is the wish. It’s a creative twist that reveals desires and dreams.

  8. Virtual Tour Guide: Send pictures or descriptions of places around your house or neighborhood as if you’re giving them a tour. It’s a personal way to share your space and daily life, making your partner feel more connected to your world.

  9. The Emoji Story: Take turns crafting a story one line at a time, but every sentence must include an emoji that adds to the narrative. It’s a playful and visual way to tell stories that can range from romantic to hilariously absurd.

  10. Guess the Sound: Send audio clips of mysterious sounds from your environment and have your partner guess what they are. It’s a fun, sensory way to share your surroundings and add an auditory element to your communication.

  11. Quote Guessing Game: Text each other obscure or funny quotes from movies, books, or celebrities and guess the source. It's a stimulating game that can showcase your interests and pop culture knowledge.

  12. Fantasy Scenario: Create hypothetical scenarios or dilemmas and ask your partner what they would do. For example, “If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?” It’s a fascinating way to dive into each other’s minds and values.

  13. The Alphabet Game: Choose a theme (like travel, foods, movies) and take turns naming something within that category starting with the next letter of the alphabet. This game can be both challenging and educational, expanding your knowledge of various topics.

  14. Word Association: Text a word to your partner, and they reply with the first thing that comes to mind, then continue back and forth. This game reveals how you both think and feel about different concepts and can lead to unexpected and intriguing pathways of conversation.

  15. The Future Us: Text each other describing where you see yourselves in 5, 10, or 20 years. Discuss your aspirations, how you envision your life together, and the adventures you hope to embark on. It’s a heartwarming way to share your dreams and plans for the future, strengthening your bond.

Romantic couple games over text 

  1. Love Scrabble: Do you feel like adding a romantic twist to this classic game? Engage in a word game that celebrates your bond, using only words that relate to your relationship or feelings for each other. Start by agreeing on the number of rounds or a time limit. Text each other words one at a time, but with a twist: each word must connect to love, your relationship, or affectionate memories you share. For every word sent, provide a short explanation or memory associated with it.

  2. Love Lyrics Challenge: If you’re always singing around the house, this can be a super entertaining game for you and your loved one! Send each other lines from love songs but with a few words missing. Your partner fills in the blanks, and then it's their turn. It's a lyrical way to express affection and rediscover your favorite romantic tunes together.

  3. Romantic Would You Rather: Pose romantic "would you rather" questions to each other. "Would you rather we watch the sunrise together on a beach or under the stars on a mountain?" It's a dreamy way to explore preferences and desires, deepening your connection.

  4. Our Love Story: Want to take things to the next level with your love story? Take turns texting each other one sentence at a time to create a fictional love story about your relationship. Whether it mirrors your real-life romance or ventures into the realms of fantasy, it's a beautiful way to celebrate your journey together.

  5. Poetry Exchange: Challenge each other to write and text a short, romantic poem. It doesn’t have to be Shakespearean – just something from the heart. This game can unveil a tender side of your partner you might not see every day.

  6. Memory Lane: Text each other questions about special moments in your relationship. "Where did we have our first kiss?" "What was the date of our anniversary?" It’s a sweet reminder of your shared history and the memorable milestones in your love story.

  7. Romantic Bucket List: Share back and forth one thing at a time that you’d like to do together in the future. From cozy, intimate moments to grand adventures, it’s a way to dream up your ultimate couple’s bucket list.

  8. Compliment Chain: Send a compliment to your partner, who then has to respond with another compliment, but it must start with the final letter of your compliment. Even a simple ‘I love you’ over text can really make your text conversations feel more important and impactful — making you feel connected with your significant other even when you’re apart! 

  9. Dream Date Designer: Describe to each other in detail what your dream date with one another would look like. Whether it’s realistic or fantastically extravagant, it’s a delightful exploration of your romantic desires.

  10. Confession Time: Share sweet or playful confessions that you haven't shared before. "I confess I get butterflies every time you text me good morning." It's a tender way to reveal deeper feelings and secrets, enhancing your emotional intimacy.

Dirty texting games for couples 

  1. Naughty Truth or Dare: A classic game with a risqué twist! Text each other with daring questions or challenges that push the envelope of your comfort zones in a fun, consensual way. Feel free to add a few emojis or a sexy gif of your choice to keep the stakes a little higher! 

  2. Flirty Fill in the Blanks: Fancy a flirty game? Well, this one is for you. The only rule? You have to keep each sentence super flirty, with the first person providing an unfinished sentence and the other filling in the incomplete sentence (ideally to spice things up a bit!) 

  3. Never Have I Ever: While this is mostly known as a drinking game played in person, it can also be a great game over text if you tweak the rules!  

  4. Sensual Storytelling: Take turns crafting a steamy story, one sentence at a time. Let your imaginations run wild, building a narrative that ignites both your passions. It's a creative way to explore fantasies and discover new desires together.

  5. Naughty Would You Rather: Present each other with provocative "would you rather" scenarios. "Would you rather kiss me in the rain or in the dark under the stars?" It's an exciting game that can reveal deeper desires and preferences in a fun, light-hearted manner.

  6. Tease and Please: Text each other a list of sensual actions, taking turns to say what you'd love to do to each other or have done to you. Each response should escalate the anticipation, building tension and excitement.

  7. Desire Decoder: Send a series of emojis that represent something naughty you're thinking about, and let your partner decode your desires. It's a playful and visually stimulating way to communicate your fantasies without saying a word.

  8. Confessions of Passion: Share a secret fantasy or a naughty confession that you haven't revealed before. This game encourages openness and can bring a thrilling new dimension to your relationship.

  9. Erotic Vocabulary: Challenge each other to come up with the most arousing word or phrase you can think of. Each term must then be used in a seductive sentence, aiming to elicit a shiver of anticipation.

  10. Guess My Fantasy: Describe a fantasy of yours in detail, but leave out key elements for your partner to guess. It's a tantalizing way to explore each other's minds and maybe set the stage for future adventures.

  11. Roleplay Roulette: Text each other random characters or scenarios to roleplay. This game allows you to adopt different personas and explore various dynamics in a safe, imaginative space.

  12. Seductive Scenarios: Create hypothetical erotic scenarios and ask your partner how they would react. "If we were alone in an elevator, what would you do?" It's an enticing way to discover each other's spontaneous desires and turn-ons.

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