60 Things to Do in a Long-Distance Relationship

How to keep yourself — and your partner — entertained in a LDR
by Paired
things to do in a long distance relationship

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in the age of technology, there’s no reason to really be apart. Whether it’s a simple video call or a physical memento, there are so many long-distance relationship ideas you can use to keep yours alive.

What are some ways to make long-distance relationships work?

Maintaining a good long-distance relationship takes the same work as a close relationship, but with new challenges. Perhaps you’re bonding over mutual interests, like online games. Or maybe you like to remind each other of how in love you are.

There are so many sweet things to do in a long-distance relationship, including agreeing on communication streams, spending time with their family, and sending physical reminders. Of course, it’s also about variety and keeping things interesting.

How do you keep a long-distance relationship interesting?

Some long-distance relationship activities will be more exciting than others. You might try intimate phone calls or sending suggestive photos. Whatever you do, it’s important to set boundaries and tell each other what you like best.

How can I be romantic with my long-distance partner?

Being romantic with your long-distance partner simply comes down to letting them know you’re thinking of them. Whether it’s sending a reminder or asking about their day, you can keep the passion alive by thinking with your heart.

Not sure what to do in a long-distance relationship? Take a look at these 60 tips.

Long-distance relationship activities

Keep the spark alive with these long-distance relationship ideas.

1. Set boundaries and expectations

Whatever the reason for the long distance, you need to go into it strong. Let each other know how often you’d like to communicate and how you’d prefer to do it.

2. Get to know each other with questions

Now that you’ll be talking more often than doing fun activities together, it’s time to get to know each other better. The Paired app can help you find out the answers to those really deep questions about your hopes and dreams.

3. Keep a journal of your time together

You can do this solo or as a couple. Chronicle your memories and look back on them whenever you’re really missing their presence.

4. Plan virtual date nights

Give yourselves something to look forward to! Put a virtual date night in the calendar to keep the spark alive, even if it’s just watching the latest episode of a new TV show.

5. Talk on video chat

Video chat has become the modern-age love language, and it’s far more personal. Get an understanding of their surroundings, their new clothes, and their hair — it’s like you’re with them!

6. Play games together online

If you’re both keen video gamers, try playing multiplayer mode to indulge that competitive streak. It’s a fun way of staying in touch and gives you something new to talk about.

7. Watch your favorite movie or TV show together

Watching the next episode without your lover might as well be cheating, right? Well, not exactly — but take time to watch your favorites together. Use tools like Amazon’s Watch Party to stream movies and shows together, apart.

8. Plan a countdown to the next time you meet

There’s nothing like the anticipation of seeing your long-distance partner next. Make a countdown to seeing them, whether it’s online or a daily text.

9. Send them an e-card

It might be for an occasion or it might be just because — but an e-card will brighten up their inbox when they’re really missing you.

10. Order them dessert

Want to treat your long-distance love but can’t cook for them? Have their favorite treat turn up at their door. Even better, get them to send you photos and give yourself food envy.

11. Make a couple’s playlist

Music is great for bonding LDR couples. Use an app like Spotify to make a shared playlist that reminds you of your best memories. Play it whenever you’re feeling low.

12. Write a letter

We might have text messages and phone calls, but what about good old-fashioned handwritten letters? Give them a physical memento outlining your deepest feelings and desires.

13. Share ideas over a Pinterest account

Maybe you’ve got big plans, whether it’s decorating a room or starting a business. Set up a Pinterest account together online and share your thoughts to see what you could create.

14. Send a care package

Maybe they’re having a hard time or you just want to show them you love them. Send a care package full of bubble baths, their favorite candy, and maybe some boozy treats – a hug in a box!

15. Try virtual scrapbooking

Creating an online photo album is one of those perfect fun activities for Sunday afternoons — or long-distance relationships. Make a timeline of all your adventures together with selfies and treasured memories.

16. Read a book together

It’s one thing to watch a TV show together virtually, but how about reading a book? Make a challenge of it by joining a book club either in person or online. Keep each other updated, but no spoilers.

17. Create a star map of the night you met

For a more creative and memorable activity, create a star map of the night you met. You can make your map online and keep it as a reminder of those special moments.

18. Indulge in a dirty phone call

We all want to keep the spark alive when we’re long-distance. Arrange a time to make a private phone call and share your fantasies, or try touching yourselves. Drive them crazy and tell them it will all be worth it for your next visit.

19, Share your scents

Just like animals love to be reminded of their owners, humans love a good scent, too! In fact, studies by The Greens memory care center in Greenwich, Connecticut, revealed the emotional connection between smells and strong memories. Send an item of clothing with your cologne or perfume generously sprayed!

20. Write them a poem

You don’t have to be Shakespeare — you just have to mean it. What better way of saying I love you than by writing them a poem? Bonus points if you send it as a handwritten letter, too.

21. Send them on a scavenger hunt

Keep them busy with fun activities such as scavenger hunts. Send them clues over text message and direct them to special areas where you shared memories.

22. Try lucid dreaming

Before you go to sleep at night, tell each other, “I’ll dream of you.” Practice methods to encourage lucid dreaming, and before you know it, you could be dreaming of each other simply by telling yourselves.

23. Make special occasions even more special

Your time with them is precious, so make sure you go all out for your next visit. Prepare their favorite meal, take them to where you first met or throw them a birthday party.

24. Speak on the phone

Sometimes a good old-fashioned chat on the phone is all you need. Perhaps you need to laugh, cry or just talk about your day. It makes all the difference.

25. Send them flowers just because

Who says you need a special occasion to send flowers? Brighten up their day by sending stunning flowers to their home or office.

26. Set reminders for big moments

You’re both running around living your own lives, but it takes effort to make a long-distance relationship work. This includes remembering those key moments, like job interviews. Note them down and send a text message to remind them you’re thinking of them.

27. Get matching accessories

Need a reminder of your loved one? How about a shared bracelet or charm? Every time you look at it, you’ll feel more connected to your long-distance lover.

28. Bake them cookies

The best way to get to your loved one’s heart is through their stomach! Bake cookies to send through the mail and watch their face light up.

29. Personalize your ringtones

There’s nothing better than an unexpected phone call from your lover. Even better when you know it’s them! Choose a ringtone that reminds you of them, like your couple’s song.

30. Spend time with their family and friends

If you can’t be with your significant other, be with the ones they love. You can share updates of your time together and feel more closely connected as you get to know them through family.

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31. Organize specific times to chat

Part of setting expectations includes organizing times to chat. While it’s fun to be spontaneous, it’s also great to give yourself something to look forward to — like a Friday night Zoom call.

32. Set goals together

A shared goal is great for keeping focus and communication. Perhaps you’re both studying at different universities — be accountability buddies!

33. Keep an eye on their time zone

If you’re far apart to the point of different time zones, be mindful of this. Maybe your afternoon workout is their morning wake-up call. Plan your messages accordingly.

34. If you’re fighting, write down your feelings

It can be easy to say things you don’t mean when you’re fighting long-distance. Try writing down your feelings, perhaps to send them a letter or simply let off steam.

35. Share pictures as often as you can

Even if it’s just a walk to work, send pictures to each other to help put yourself in their shoes. A quick snap may be easier than a chat on Facetime, and lets you know they’re thinking of you.

36. Keep each other updated on social media

If you have social accounts, post updates on your stories or feed for your lover to see. This is great if you can’t get to the phone or have a webcam chat. They’ll be with you in spirit!

37. Take a virtual trip together

This one’s ideal for tech lovers. Try out a little virtual reality and tour the world together online. It’ll be like you’re in the same room.

38. Train together

Whether you’re gym bunnies or couch potatoes, working together towards a goal is a great way to keep the spark alive. Turn your workout into date night and share updates via fitness tracking apps.

39. Make a keepsake box

If you can’t be with them, keep reminders of them. A keepsake box with simple items like jewelry is a great go-to if you’re feeling sad.

40. Fall asleep together

Make up for those lost nights cuddling by falling asleep together. Try a video chat as you get into bed, or download a sleep and meditation app to relax as a couple.

41. Try one of their favorite activities

You don’t have to be chatting over Skype to feel like you’re close to them. Try something new like their favorite sport. You never know, by your next visit, you could be an expert!

42. Send “saw this and thought of you” messages

A long-distance relationship is all about those little touches. Even if it’s something as silly as a funny meme, send it to them and say you thought of them. It’ll make their day.

43. Share updates from your loved ones

If you’re with your pets or kids away from their parents, keep them updated! From first steps to pet visits, your significant other will love to be kept informed.

44. Ask about their day

Let’s not forget the fundamentals for long-term couples. Ask about their day. Try and do so before complaining about yours – you never know if they’ve been struggling too.

45. Remind them how you’re feeling

Communication is key in a long-distance relationship, so make sure you’re honest with your feelings about the setup. These may change over time, so let your loved one know how you feel.

46. Choose a friend to keep them updated

If for whatever reason you can’t speak to your partner, designate a friend to keep them informed. Maybe you’re without a cell phone signal, for example. Let them know there are other ways to keep in touch.

47. Sing your heart out to online karaoke

Online karaoke is one of those fun activities you can do without embarrassing yourself! Recreate date night or let out your inner diva with a good old-fashioned singsong.

48. Play games over video

Zoom is great for hosting games that don’t involve a console. Think online quizzes or murder mysteries — anything that gets your brain whirring!

49. Send them a voice note

Sometimes, they just need to hear your voice. Send them a little clip, maybe with a funny joke, to help them feel like they’re in the room with you.

50. Try cooking together

Prop up your smartphone and turn on the oven — it’s time to get cooking. If you can’t cook for each other, follow a recipe together and see whose turns out best. The new date night!

51. Send sexy images to keep the spark alive

While phone sex is great fun, you can also drive them crazy throughout the day with naughty images. Make sure they can view them privately and always be safe — but don’t be afraid to be daring, either.

52. Share updates of new looks

Got a new haircut or an outfit? Give them the incentive to see you even sooner with a quick photo update. It will make it all more real.

53. Make big plans for when you do meet up

Your next visit should be as exciting as possible, so open your diary and look for events you can attend. Any excuse to make memories is a good one, so bring your camera.

54. Keep your fights to yourselves

Long-distance relationships can be a trial for many couples, but there’s no need to get others involved. Don’t air your dirty laundry in public, or you could risk asking friends to take sides.

55. Remember to stay independent

As much as you’re missing your loved one, remember, you also need your own space. Carve out time for you, whether it’s a hot bath or a gym session.

56. Vary your communication streams

Technology will inevitably let us down, so always have a backup plan. Using your cell phone? Try email. Want something more old school? Write them a letter.

57. Send physical reminders of each other

An object that reminds them of you can really make their day. Send an item of clothing or a souvenir that has a special significance to your lover.

58. Remember — not every update has to be exciting!

Even if you’re simply running to the grocery store, you can keep your partner updated. It’s a reminder that life goes on wherever you are, and that you’re both celebrating your own independence.

59. Share your good news with them first

Got the job? Passed the exam? Tell them first! They will always want to be the first to know and will be rooting for you, wherever they are.

60. Remind yourselves why it’s worth it

Perhaps this long-distance relationship is temporary, or more long-term. Maybe your partner is in the army or you’re away studying. Whatever the reason, remind yourselves that it’s for a good cause and that you will be reunited again soon.

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