Sex & Intimacy

Sex & Intimacy is a physical and emotional relationship you build with your partner that includes everything from sharing things about oneself to cuddling to sex.

how to deal with different sex drives in a relationship

What to Do When One of You Wants More Sex

Yes, it's possible to come to a sustainable agreement on sexual frequency. Here's how.
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5 Things Getting in the Way of Sexual Desire

Common reasons your sex life is dwindling and what to do about it
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5 Habits of Couples Who Have a Great Sex Life

How to improve your sex life, according to research
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How to Initiate Sex With Your Partner (4 Proven Ways)

Asking for sex can feel daunting, so here are 4 ways to make the first move in bed according to experts
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how to get in the mood

How to Get in The Mood With Your Partner (5 Ways)

An expert shares tips to help you set the scene for intimacy
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34 Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner and Deepen Your Connection

Boost your connection with these research-backed intimate questions for couples
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The surefire ways to rekindle passion according to the #1 relationship app

16 Flirty Sex Games for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

Need to spice up your relationship? These sexy games will do the trick
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24 Ways to Initiate Dirty Talk for Long-Distance Relationships

How to keep the spark alive with flirty and sexual messages for long-distance relationships
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Is Sleeping in Separate Beds Bad for Your Relationship?

In defense of sleeping solo: why couples who sleep apart, stay together
how important is sex in a relationship

How Important Is Sex in a Relationship? What Experts Say

An expert reveals how important sex is in relationships, and whether a relationship can survive without it
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Expert reviewed
can you get stds from a monogamous relationship

How to Talk About STIs With Your Partner

Why it’s important to talk about sexual health with your partner, whether new or long-term