55 Virtual Date Ideas to Stay Connected

What is an ideal virtual date?
on March 01, 2024
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Welcome to the digital age of romance, where love knows no bounds and dates can happen from any corner of the globe! Gone are the days when being miles apart meant putting your love life on hold — as virtual date ideas are all the rage!

While long-distance date ideas are all about being creative, with the rise of Facetime sex and sexy games, virtual dates are really about taking the opportunity to connect. Even though it’s not ideal that you’re apart, it’s about embracing the power of technology to make the most of it!

Whether you're in a long-distance relationship craving intimacy or looking for new ways to spice up your routine with your significant other, these virtual dates are perfect for you!

What is a virtual date night?

A virtual date night is where two people arrange a video call (whether over Zoom, Skype, or Facetime) to spend some quality time together when they’re apart. 

Rather than a regular Facetime catch-up, virtual date nights are an opportunity to make that extra bit of effort with planning so you can benefit from the perks of a proper date night — even when you’re apart. 

They are very common in long-distance relationships, as it’s the best way to retain that connection and keep that spark alive! 

How do you start a virtual date?

A virtual date is very easy to set up, especially since we are all pros in the post-pandemic world! Instead of your next phone call, why not suggest a video call instead? 

You can either set up a specified time in your calendar for the date, or you can just surprise your partner with a special date set up on your next nightly call! 

How can I make a virtual date night special and memorable?

While there are so many different virtual or long-distance date ideas to choose from, there are a few key things that you can do to ensure that your night is super special! 

It’s all about the energy you approach your date with, as even though it may not be ideal that you’re apart, it’s important to make the most of it! To ensure you both have a wonderful time together, make sure you have a good wifi connection, and put those planning skills to the test. 

Embrace the powers of technology to connect with your loved one with personalized virtual dates and focus on your connection throughout the process. Enjoy the opportunity to spend time together away from all distractions!

What are the best virtual date ideas? 

Whether you're navigating a long-distance relationship, meeting someone new online, or simply seeking creative ways to spend time with your partner, virtual dates offer a plethora of opportunities to make meaningful memories.

From virtual movie nights to board games, explore these virtual date night ideas to find the perfect match for you and your partner. 

Fun virtual date ideas

  1. Virtual escape rooms: Dive into a thrilling adventure together with virtual escape rooms! Solve puzzles, crack codes, and unravel mysteries as a dynamic duo. It's a fantastic way to see how well you work together under pressure, all while sharing laughs and maybe a few high-fives through the screen. Who knew teamwork could be this sexy?

  2. Take a fitness class: Get those endorphins flowing by taking a virtual fitness class together. Whether it's yoga, HIIT, or dance, exercising together can be both motivating and a little bit flirty. It's a great way to show off your moves, encourage each other, and maybe even get a little sweaty together. After all, a couple that sweats together, stays together.

  3. Movie marathon: Snuggle up in your beds and have a movie marathon with Teleparty or group watch features on Disney+ or Netflix party. It's like you're right there with each other, sharing popcorn and inside jokes. Laugh, cry, and swoon over your favorite films or explore new ones. Don't forget to whisper sweet nothings in the video chat to keep the romance alive!

  4. Virtual tours: Travel the world from the comfort of your home with virtual tours. Museums, art galleries, and even national parks offer online tours that can make for a cultured and enlightening date. Discuss your favorite pieces, share stories of your past travels, and dream up future trips together. It's a unique way to connect on a deeper level and share experiences, even if you're miles apart.

  5. Virtual scavenger hunt: Create a list of items or tasks for each other and embark on a virtual scavenger hunt in your own home. It's a playful and engaging way to get a peek into each other's lives. Share giggles as you race to find each item and complete tasks, making memories that you'll both cherish. Bonus points for creative and flirty challenges!

  6. Spotify group sessions: Curate the soundtrack of your love story with Spotify group sessions. Take turns adding songs to a shared playlist that reminds you of each other, your relationship, or just tunes that you both love to jam out to. It's a sweet way to learn more about each other's musical tastes and create a musical bond that'll have you singing along on Facetime — even when you’re miles apart. 

  7. Virtual dance party: Turn up the volume and have a virtual dance party just for the two of you on your next video call. Whether you're into slow dances or want to show off your best moves, dancing together can be incredibly romantic and fun. It's a great way to let loose, share some laughs, and enjoy each other's company in a lighthearted and joyful way.

  8. Virtual karaoke: Sing your heart with your significant other with a virtual karaoke session. Choose duets, serenade each other with love songs, or belt out your favorite tunes. It's a fun and slightly silly way to connect, creating unforgettable moments and maybe even discovering each other's hidden talents. 

  9. Explore the world with Google Maps: Take a virtual trip around the world with Google Maps! "Visit" each other's hometowns, and dream destinations, or explore places with special meaning to your relationship. Share stories, plan future trips, and wander the streets of far-off cities, all from the comfort of your living room.

  10. Yoga and meditation session: Find a virtual yoga or meditation class to do together, or simply follow a video. It's a soothing, bonding experience that can help reduce stress and increase your connection.

Virtual date night games

  1. Play the love language quiz: Discover each other's love languages by taking this quiz together. It's a playful and insightful way to learn how best to show your affection and make your partner feel loved and appreciated. 

  2. Virtual tarot card reading: Dive into the mystic together with a virtual tarot reading. Take turns reading cards for each other or find an online tarot reader. It's a mysterious and exciting way to explore your future and enjoy some spiritual fun.

  3. Play 20 questions: Take turns thinking of a person, place, or thing, and let the other ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to guess what it is. It's a classic game that's simple yet incredibly engaging and often leads to hilarious conversations.

  4. Virtual board game: Choose from countless online platforms that let you play your favorite board games together. Whether it's strategy, luck, or trivia, board games are a fantastic way to challenge each other and share laughs!

  5. Online trivia games: Test your knowledge on a wide range of subjects with online trivia games. Compete against each other or team up to take on others, learning new facts and boasting about your brainpower.

  6. Mad Libs: Fill in the blanks of a story for a guaranteed laugh. Create outrageous stories by suggesting nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. It's a lighthearted way to be creative and silly together!

  7. Two truths and a lie: Each person says three statements: two truths and one lie. The other has to guess which one is the lie. It's a fun way to discover new, surprising, and sometimes hilarious things about each other.

  8. Truth or dare: This classic game is perfect for an online date, as it’s a very lighthearted and fun way to keep that conversation flowing! Since it’s a virtual game, don’t forget to tailor your dares to the Zoom call format! (Or make it a dirty version…) 

  9. Would you rather: Pose dilemmas to each other, choosing between two tough or silly scenarios? This online game is a great way to delve deeper into your compatibility with your partner! 

  10. Build a story: It’s storytime! One person starts a story with a single sentence, then the other adds on, and so forth. It's a whimsical way to co-create a narrative, letting your imagination run wild.

Virtual first-date ideas

  1. Virtual coffee date: Grab your favorite mug, brew up some coffee (or tea), and settle in for a cozy chat. It's the perfect laid-back way to get to know each other, just like an in-person coffee shop date but from the comfort of your homes!

  2. Cook and dine together: Who said dinner dates are off the table? For the first time, pick a simple recipe, set up your devices in the kitchen, and cook "together." Then, sit down to enjoy your meals while chatting. It's a lovely way to share the love of food and learn about each other's tastes.

  3. Netflix and chill, virtually: Thanks to streaming services' watch party features, you can watch a movie or binge a series together in real time. Don't forget the popcorn and the post-show analysis!

  4. Online cocktail or coffee-making class: Sign up for a class and learn how to make your favorite beverages together. It's a fun and interactive way to pick up a new skill while enjoying some delicious drinks.

  5. Create a playlist together: Use a music streaming service to create a playlist together. Add songs that mean something to you, songs you think the other will like, or some of your favorite songs you just want to share. It's a personal way to connect through music.

  6. Custom playlist exchange: Before your date, each of you creates a playlist of songs that mean something special to you or tell a story about your life. During the date, listen to these tunes together, sharing stories behind each choice. It's a heartfelt way to get to know each other through the universal language of music!

  7. Virtual reality adventure: If you both have VR headsets, embark on a virtual reality adventure together! Explore exotic locations, play VR games, or even try a VR escape room. It's a futuristic way to share an experience that's both unique and exhilarating.

  8. Online puzzle challenge: Tackle an online puzzle together, such as a digital jigsaw or crossword. It's a laid-back yet engaging way to collaborate and chat, perfect for stimulating your brains and seeing how well you work together.

  9. Home tour: Give each other a virtual tour of your homes. This is a wonderfully intimate way to share your personal space and interests, offering insights into your life and personality. Plus, it's a great opportunity to show off your pets, plants, or quirky collections!

  10. Astrology birth chart reading: Share your birth details and do an online astrology birth chart reading together. Whether you're a believer or just in it for fun, it's a fascinating way to see how your stars align, sparking conversations about personality traits, future predictions, and whether or not astrology thinks you're a match made in the heavens!

Cute virtual date ideas

  1. Send care packages: Nothing says "I'm thinking of you" quite like a personalized care package. Fill a box with their favorite snacks, a cozy blanket, a book you think they’d love, or even a cute toy. It’s a tangible way for long-distance couples to show their affection and care, bridging the distance with thoughtful surprises. Opening these packages together over video chat adds an extra layer of excitement and connection, as you get to see each other's reactions live!

  2. Virtual double date: Team up with another couple for an evening of fun and games. You can organize a virtual game night, a cocktail-making session, or even a themed trivia night. It's a fantastic way to mix up your usual date routine, get to know each other's friends, and enjoy a group dynamic. Plus, it can be a relief to share the "date planning" responsibilities and see how you all interact in a larger group. This can lead to hilarious moments and shared memories that you'll talk about for years to come.

  3. Plan a future getaway: Start dreaming together by planning your ultimate getaway. Do you have a bucket list destination in mind? Spend the date researching and putting together an itinerary for places you both want to visit. Look into flights, accommodations, local cuisine, and must-see attractions. You can create a shared Pinterest board or Google Doc to keep all your ideas and inspirations in one place.

  4. Stargazing session: If you both have access to a clear sky, take your devices outside and share the view of the stars. Use stargazing apps to point out constellations and planets, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

  5. Sunset or sunrise watching: Coordinate a time to watch the sunrise or sunset together over a video call. Share the view from your respective locations and enjoy the serene beauty together. It's a peaceful and romantic way to start or end your day in sync.

  6. Virtual picnic: Set up a picnic in your own spaces and connect via video call to enjoy it together. You can even try to prepare similar foods or treats. It's a delightful way to share a meal and the outdoorsy vibe, regardless of the distance.

  7. Joint journaling session: Start a digital journal together where you can write about your thoughts, dreams, and future plans. Spend some time during your date updating this journal. It's a beautiful way to grow closer and document your relationship's journey.

  8. Watch a live event together: Whether it's a live concert, an online event, or a webinar that interests both of you, watching it together can be a thrilling experience. Share your thoughts in real-time and enjoy being part of an audience together, even virtually.

  9. Theme night: Choose a theme for your date night—like the '80s, movies, or a country you'd like to visit—and dress up accordingly. Prepare meals, drinks, and activities that fit the theme. It's a creative and immersive way to spend time together, offering plenty of laughs and photo ops!

  10. Start a TV show together: This is a super simple one, but is a really cute way to stay committed to your virtual date routine. Starting a TV show together can create natural talking points and test if you sneakily watch it without the other! 

Foodie virtual date ideas 

  1. Online cooking class: Choose a cuisine you both love and sign up for an online cooking class together. It's a fantastic way to learn new recipes with a helpful tutorial and cooking techniques while having fun in the kitchen. Cheers to adding some new dishes to your repertoire and creating memorable moments along the way!

  2. Virtual wine tasting: Explore the world of wines without leaving your homes. Order the same selection of wines or join a virtual wine-tasting event. As you sip, discuss the flavors, aromas, and your personal preferences. It's a sophisticated way to learn more about wine and each other, discovering new favorites as you go. Don't forget to toast to your virtual date night!

  3. Takeaway roulette: Add a twist to order in by picking meals for each other. Use your favorite food delivery app to surprise your date with a meal from a restaurant in their area, and have them do the same for you. Enjoy your meals together over video chat, share your first impressions, and discover your new favorite food.

  4. Online mixology class: Shake things up with an online mixology class. Learn to make fancy cocktails or mocktails, mastering the art of mixology together. Gather your ingredients, follow the instructor, and toast to your creations. It's a lively way to start your evening, offering plenty of opportunities for playful banter and learning a new skill together.

  5. Dessert delivery: Sweeten the deal by ordering desserts for each other. Whether it's a slice of decadent cake, gourmet chocolates, or fancy pastries, enjoy indulging in your sweet treats while sharing stories and dreams. It's a delightful way to end your virtual date on a high note, adding a touch of sweetness and surprise.

  6. Cook-off challenge: Pick a recipe, set a time, and cook together over the video call. Share tips, laugh at mishaps, and enjoy your creations together, comparing results and maybe even arranging a virtual taste test!

  7. Theme night dinner: Decide on a theme for the evening—be it Italian, Mexican, Japanese, or any cuisine you both adore. Prepare your meals separately but together, dressing up your space (and yourselves) to match the theme. As you dine, play music and share facts or stories about the chosen culture!

  8. Coffee shop hangout: Start your day together with a virtual coffee shop date. Each of you heads to your local coffee shop, orders your favorite brew, and then video chats to share your morning. It's a cozy way to enjoy the simple pleasure of coffee and conversation with your loved one, mimicking a classic coffee shop rendezvous. Plus, it's a perfect excuse to show off your favorite local spots and discuss your coffee preferences.

  9. Farmer's market challenge: Before your date, each of you visits your local farmer's market to pick up fresh, seasonal ingredients. Then, use your haul to prepare a meal, sharing the process and final dishes over video chat. It's a fantastic way to support local farmers, experiment with fresh produce, and see how each other uses creativity in the kitchen. The challenge adds an element of surprise and showcases your culinary skills.

  10. Bake-off competition: Choose a recipe to bake simultaneously, be it cookies, cake, or bread. As you measure, mix, and bake, share tips and laugh at your floury mishaps. Once your creations are out of the oven, do a show-and-tell to judge whose bake looks and (based on description) tastes the best. It's a sweet way to spark some friendly competition and enjoy homemade treats together.

Creative virtual date ideas

  1. Online painting classes: Sign up for an online painting class together and unleash your inner artist. Whether you're dabbling in watercolors or acrylics, it's a beautiful way to share creativity and laughter. Display your finished pieces to each other and enjoy the personal expression that flows from brush to canvas.

  2. Virtual museum tours: Travel the world's top museums without leaving your homes. From the Louvre to the Smithsonian, explore exhibits and discuss your favorite pieces. It’s like a cultured walk in the park, offering rich conversations and new discoveries at every click!

  3. Create a couple’s vision board: Use a digital platform to create a vision board of your future together. Include travel destinations, home ideas, career goals, or any personal aspirations. Or you can dip into old photo albums to see just how far you’ve come and how much you want to achieve! It's a dreamy way to align your visions and plan for the future, strengthening your bond!

  4. DIY paint and sip night: Choose a painting tutorial online, grab a bottle of wine, and create your masterpieces while enjoying a relaxed chat. It’s a casual yet intimate way to spend an evening, sipping and painting your way to deeper connection.

  5. Virtual book club: Pick a book to read together and set dates for discussion. It's a thoughtful way to share perspectives and insights, diving deep into stories and themes that move you. Plus, it’s a great excuse for regular date nights filled with meaningful conversation.

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