65 Winter Date Ideas to Snuggle Up to Together

What should I do on my first date in the winter?
on April 15, 2024
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Baby, it’s cold outside! 

Even though the temperature might have plummeted, don’t let the cold weather deter you from having those special moments with your partner. No matter what the day brings, we’ve got the best winter date ideas to inject some heartwarming moments into this season!

Whether you want to brave the great outdoors with your loved one or prefer to snuggle up in the safety of your home, we've handpicked the most heartwarming winter date night ideas for you to choose from!

What do couples do when it's cold?

When the temperature drops and the world outside seems wrapped in a chilly embrace, couples often find themselves seeking warmth not just from cozy blankets, but also from the closeness and joy shared. 

Winter, with its cold days and longer nights, invites a special kind of intimacy and creativity in how partners spend their time together. From the simple pleasures of cuddling up for a movie night, and engaging in the warmth of cooking together, to the laughter shared over board games, the season is ripe with opportunities for making memories.

Even though the weather might seem like a dampener on the romantic mood, with the right attitude, your cozy winter date nights can become the most memorable of them all. 

What should I do on my first date in the winter?

While married couples can seek refuge in their homes, dating during the winter can pose some problems for newer couples. 

With an umbrella in hand and a positive attitude, there are still many ways to woo your new lover during the winter months. Especially with the holiday season, there are a lot of romantic activities for couples to do, all of which invite them to break the ice and cozy up! 

What are the best winter date ideas for couples? 

If you’re looking for the best romantic winter date ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking to take refuge from the cold or dive right into the snowstorm, we’ve got you covered. 

Fun winter date ideas

  1. Make s’mores together: Enjoy a warm and cozy campfire feel from the comfort of your own home with warm s’mores. Whether you decide to do it by a firepit or over the stovetop, get sticky with one another and let those taste buds go wild.

  2. Winter wreath making: Brighten up your home this month with a winter wreath. Find a kit online or take a virtual class and hang up your creation to enjoy for many winters to come!

  3. Attend a dance class: Whether you like to bop to the beat or can’t quite keep in time with the rhythm, try a dance class together and share a laugh. Doing something new and adventurous will bring fresh energy to the date, and you’ll get to see a different side of each other and your interactions.

  4. Try indoor rock climbing: Find a local rock climbing center and try out climbing for the day. Indoor rock climbing is perfect at any time of the year, but especially during the winter when it might be a little too cold to be outside. This is a great way to shake off some energy and get the blood flowing whilst having tons of fun!

  5. Plan a mini treasure hunt at home: A super cute and fun way to show your partner how much they mean to you and how well you know them is by planning a treasure hunt for them to go on at home. Write clues based on your favorite memories. We've mapped out the perfect romantic treasure hunt date night here.

  6. Go to a winter market: Winter markets are the perfect way to hunt for gifts, discover new foods, and enjoy the winter outdoors together. Grab a warm drink and explore the unique winter stalls together.

  7. Go Ice skating under the stars: Find an outdoor ice skating rink and glide under the night sky. Holding hands and helping each other stay balanced adds a sweet touch to this traditional winter date. Afterward, warm up with hot drinks.

  8. Host a winter-themed game night: Choose a selection of board games or card games and have a winter-themed game night. To add to the fun, you can make winter cocktails or mocktails to enjoy while you play.

  9. Snowshoeing adventure: If you're near areas with snow, try snowshoeing together. It's a great way to explore the winter landscape and get some exercise. Plus, it offers plenty of opportunities for romantic moments in the tranquility of a snowy wonderland.

  10. Take a cooking class: Find a local class that teaches how to make winter comfort foods or classic Christmas or holiday treats. Cooking or baking together is not only fun but also lets you enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward.

  11. Have a paint-and-sip night at home: Buy some canvases, paints, and your favorite drinks to host your own paint-and-sip night. Choose a winter scene to paint, or let your creativity flow freely. It’s a relaxing way to spend time together and create something memorable.

  12. Volunteer together: Spread the warmth of the holiday season by volunteering together at a local shelter, food bank, or community center. It's a meaningful way to connect and make a difference.

  13. Go on a winter photo shoot: Take a camera and go on a walk to capture the winter beauty around you. Whether it’s urban landscapes draped in lights or natural settings covered in snow, you’ll create lasting memories and have photos to look back on.

  14. Visit a conservatory or botanical garden: Many conservatories and botanical gardens have indoor exhibits that are perfect for a winter date. Enjoy the warmth and the lush, green surroundings as a contrast to the chilly weather outside.

  15. Attend a winter festival: Look for winter festivals in your area. These events often have unique attractions like ice sculptures, light displays, and winter sports demonstrations that can be fun to explore together.

  16. Take a hot air balloon ride: For a truly unique winter experience, take a hot air balloon ride. Wrapped up in blankets, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the snowy landscape below!

  17. Join a book club together: Pick a book to read together and discuss, or join a local book club for a shared intellectual experience. This is a great indoor activity for cozy winter days.

  18. Have a snowball fight: If you’re not afraid of the cold, then why not venture out into the winter wonderland to have a snowball fight? Or create the classic wintertime figure of the snowman — bonus points if you dress him up! 

  19. Go to an escape room: Challenge yourselves with an escape room adventure. It’s a fun way to work together under pressure and strengthen your teamwork.

  20. Plan a themed dinner night: Choose a theme or cuisine and cook a dinner together based on that theme. From decorations to dressing up, it can make an ordinary night at home feel like a special occasion.

Winter first date ideas

  1. Cook together: Cooking together as a couple is a great way to build intimacy, spark new conversations, and work together as a team. Mix things up by cooking something new, such as homemade pizzas or a recipe you’ve never made before, and get to know one another better through the process of cooking.

  2. Go bowling: Let the good times roll on a bowling date – it’s an ideal first winter date choice as it’s a lot of fun and the perfect icebreaker. Challenge each other to a bit of friendly competition, show off your skills, and then celebrate a win with some food and drink.

  3. See a comedy show: Get your giggle on and take your date to a comedy club for the evening. What better way to break the ice than over a bunch of jokes? Laughter is the best medicine and will bring you and your date closer together in no time.

  4. Go skating: Ice skating is a classic winter date. It’s fun, festive, and a great excuse to hold hands if you're wobbly on the skates. If you both love adventure, there's no doubt that you will love ice skating for a first date.

  5. Stay indoors and have a cozy movie night: Make your first date special by planning a movie night and be sure to load up on snacks. You may not be speaking through the film, but there’s a lot to be said for body language, so snuggle up and get comfortable whilst in each other's company.

  6. Take a winter walk through the park: Venture into the great outdoors and take a romantic stroll through the park. Grab a warm cup of cocoa and spend time exploring the area you are surrounded by, whilst cozying up close to one another to keep warm.

  7. Attend a pottery or art class: Unleash your creative sides together by attending a pottery or art class. It's a great way to learn something new, show off your artistic skills, and have a tangible memory of your date that you can take home.

  8. Visit a bookshop and choose a book for each other: Spend some time getting to know each other's reading tastes by browsing a local bookshop and selecting a book for one another. This thoughtful activity can spark interesting conversations, and provide plenty of fodder for your next date!

  9. Have a board game night at a local coffee shop: Find a café that has a selection of board games and spend the evening challenging each other. It’s a casual and fun way to engage in some friendly competition while enjoying a warm beverage.

  10. Have a dessert-hopping date: Make your date sweet by going dessert-hopping. Visit a few different spots to try out their best desserts. It’s a playful and delicious way to spend time together, and you can rate each dessert to add a bit of competitive fun.

  11. Visit an aquarium: An aquarium visit is a calming and mesmerizing experience, perfect for a first date. Walk through the quiet halls, admire the marine life, and find plenty of opportunities for conversation in a peaceful setting.

  12. Try an escape room: If you're up for a challenge, an escape room can be an exciting and unique first date. It’s a great way to see how well you work together under pressure and can lead to some hilarious moments!

  13. Participate in a trivia night: Many bars and pubs host trivia nights, which can be a great way to team up, test your knowledge, and learn about each other's strengths. It's interactive and offers plenty of chances to converse between rounds.

  14. Go antique or thrift shopping: Spend the day browsing through antique shops or thrift stores for some exciting finds.  It's a fun way to discover each other's tastes and preferences, and you might find some hidden treasures or quirky items along the way.

  15. Attend a wine tasting or brewery tour: If you both enjoy wine or beer, a tasting or tour can be a great way to spend your first date. It's educational, interactive, and provides a taste of something new together.

  16. Visit a planetarium: A trip to the planetarium can be both romantic and fascinating. Learn about the stars and the universe, and enjoy the awe-inspiring show — it's a perfect way to spark conversation and share a unique experience.

  17. Have a picnic in a conservatory: If it's too cold outside, find a local conservatory where you can have a picnic among the plants. It’s a beautiful and unique setting that combines the beauty of nature with the warmth needed for a comfortable picnic.

  18. Explore a historic mansion or castle: Many areas have historic mansions or castles that are open for tours. Exploring these grand, old buildings can be like stepping back in time and offers a lot of interesting history to discuss!

  19. Attend an art gallery opening: Art gallery openings are often free and provide a cultural experience that's perfect for sparking conversation. Plus, the dynamic environment can help alleviate any first-date jitters.

  20. Take a scenic drive: If the weather's too chilly for a walk, a scenic drive can be a great alternative. Find a picturesque route, play some music, and enjoy the landscape together. It’s a great way to talk and share stories in a cozy setting.

Romantic winter date ideas 

  1. Go wild with a chocolate fondue: Stay in and turn up the heat with a warm chocolate fondue. Gather together your favorite dipping ingredients such as strawberries or marshmallows, and explore those flavors mixed with hot, gooey melted chocolate.

  2. Try a wine-tasting night at home: Wine tasting is romantic and extremely fun, so why not try it at home? Gather together a few different bottles of wine and take your time exploring all of the different flavors.

  3. Create a vision board: Vision boards are a cute and creative way for couples to get clear on their goals and priorities for the months ahead. Gather together a collection of pictures, images, and text that reflects your written goals and put them together on your vision board. This is the perfect way to plan your future.

  4. Recreate your first date: What could be more romantic than experiencing your first date all over again? Get closer than ever by recreating your favorite memories, such as where you met, what you ate, or the first activity you tried together.

  5. Get creative and paint: You don’t need to be an artist for this cute winter date idea. Grab a blank canvas and some acrylic paint and start getting creative. For even more fun, why not try and paint one another? Let your artistic imagination be put to the test.

  6. Make a relationship scrapbook: Bring out the crafting supplies and explore your creativity as a couple while creating a memorable scrapbook together. A sweet and sentimental scrapbook project will bring you and your partner closer together while reminiscing about precious memories you both share such as the first time you met, your first date, or the most recent holiday you went on.

  7. Go holiday shopping: Are you a fan of the holiday season? Whether it’s window shopping, or a quest for the perfect gift, heading in to see the Christmas lights and soak up the atmosphere makes for a wonderful date!

  8. Attend a candlelit concert: Look for local events hosting candlelit concerts or performances, especially those set in historic or atmospheric venues. The combination of soft lighting and live music creates an intimate and unforgettable experience!

  9. Explore a winter garden by lantern light: Many botanical gardens offer evening lantern tours in the winter, transforming the landscape into a magical nighttime wonderland. Stroll hand in hand and take in the sights and holiday lights!

  10. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride: Embrace the charm of winter with a horse-drawn carriage ride through a snowy park or city streets adorned with holiday lights. It’s a timeless and romantic way to enjoy each other's company!

  11. Take a scenic train ride: Look for scenic train rides in your area, especially those that offer special winter or holiday-themed journeys. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy beautiful landscapes and spend quality time together.

  12. Craft DIY gifts for each other: Spend an afternoon crafting homemade gifts for each other. This can be anything from personalized mugs to homemade candles. It's a thoughtful way to show love and creativity.

  13. Organize a bake-off: Organize a bake-off: Turn your kitchen into a competitive yet sweet haven by organizing a bake-off between the two of you. Choose a specific dessert category like cookies, pies, or cakes, and each bake your version. Once the baking is done, do a taste test to declare a winner!

  14. Karaoke night: Set up a DIY karaoke stage at home with a simple setup—use a karaoke app or YouTube on your TV or computer, and grab a microphone (even a makeshift one will do). Take turns singing your favorite songs or dueting on classic hits!

  15. Go sledding: Embrace the exhilaration of winter by going sledding on a snowy hill. Whether it's a local park or a more adventurous landscape, sledding is a thrilling way to enjoy the season together. Pack a sled, or get creative with a makeshift one, and spend the day racing each other down the slopes. Don't forget to dress warmly and maybe bring along a thermos of hot cocoa to share between rides!

Winter date ideas when you don't like the cold 

  1. Have an indoor picnic: Can't face the cold winter weather outside? Bring the outdoors to you. Make space in your living room, put down a blanket, and make a beautiful picnic of your favorite foods and drinks.

  2. Have a games night: Let the fun take off with a games night for two at home. You can play a classic board game, or one specifically designed to bring couples closer together. Download Paired for our selection of couple games and see how well you really know each other!

  3. Plan a vacation: Being cooped up inside during the winter months is enough to make anyone want a vacation. Even if a getaway isn’t on the cards at the moment, thinking about future holidays can bring excitement to your relationship.

  4. Write a bucket list: A bucket list is a great way to set your life goals as a couple and focus on what you both want from the future. Click here to discover our pick of the best bucket list items for couples to add this year.

  5. Craft the perfect hot cocoa: If you’re not a fan of the cold, what better way to spend an afternoon than crafting the perfect hot chocolate? When you’ve added your cream, marshmallows, and all your sprinkles — cozy up on the couch for a cuddle with your loved one for the perfect indoor date. 

  6. Plan a cozy spa day: Turn your bathroom into a spa with candles, bath bombs, and relaxing music. Taking turns giving each other massages can add a romantic touch to your relaxing winter night in. 

  7. Build a fort and have a movie marathon: Elevate your usual Netflix night and embrace your inner child by building a blanket fort in your living room. Make it cozy with pillows and blankets, then settle in to watch winter classic movies or binge-watch a series. It's a nostalgic and intimate way to spend an evening together.

  8. Have a video game night: Transform an ordinary evening into an interactive adventure with a video game night. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newbie, it's a fantastic way to bond, laugh, and maybe even discover a new shared hobby!

  9. Organize a scavenger hunt: Create an indoor scavenger hunt that leads your partner on a journey through your home! Each clue can lead to a place that holds a special memory or inside joke, with small gifts, notes, or challenges to complete along the way.

  10. Takeout roulette: Spice up a cozy night with takeout roulette. Write down your favorite local takeout places or new restaurants you want to try on pieces of paper and draw one at random. Pair it with a bottle of wine that complements your chosen cuisine, settle into your comfy space, and enjoy an evening with your loved one tucked away from the cold!

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