24 Sexy “Would You Rather” Questions for Couples

Dirty questions to ask your partner to spice up your next date night
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Communication is at the core of a healthy, satisfying sex life. Knowing how to communicate your needs, desires, and boundaries with your partner is vital, but communication is a skill that requires constant practice.

That doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, though — that’s where sexy “would you rather” questions come into play. 

“Would you rather” questions are a fun way to pass the time, but also get to know someone better. The premise of this classic icebreaker game is simple: you’re given two different scenarios and have to pick which one you’d choose. 

At the surface level, it’s nothing more than a way to have a laugh, but you can learn a whole lot about your partner based on their answers — whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for years.

And if you add a sexual element you can open up the conversation about sex and get to know each other’s fantasies and desires, or explore new sexual interests.

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Sexy “would you rather” questions can be as entertaining as they can be revealing.

Next time you’re trying to set the mood for sex or spice up a date night, why not play a game of “would you rather” with a sexy twist? It’s also a great way to stay connected with a long-distance partner and keep things flirty while you’re miles apart. 

Below are 24 sexy “would you rather” questions to ask your partner and get the ball rolling. If you want to keep going, we challenge you to come up with your own, too — and see where the night takes you.

  1. Would you rather never have an orgasm again or orgasm every hour on the hour?

  2. Would you rather only have sex in bed for the rest of your life, or never be able to have sex in bed again? 

  3. Would you rather have sex with someone you hate but the sex is amazing, or have sex with someone you love but the sex is terrible? 

  4. Would you rather always have sex with the lights on, or in a pitch-black room?

  5. Would you rather never have a good meal again, or never have good sex again?

  6. Would you rather cry every time you climax, or have an orgasm every time you cry?

  7. Would you rather have a threesome with someone you know or with complete strangers?

  8. Would you rather only have kinky sex or romantic sex?

  9. Would you rather have morning sex or late-night sex?

  10. Would you rather give up oral sex or anal sex?

  11. Would you rather be dominant or submissive in the bedroom?

  12. Would you rather have sex in the bathroom or the kitchen?

  13. Would you rather go on top for the rest of your life, or on the bottom?

  14. Would you rather be a bad kisser or bad at giving oral sex?

  15. Would you rather only give or only receive?

  16. Would you rather be tied up or blindfolded?

  17. Would you rather watch your partner masturbate or have your partner watch you masturbate?

  18. Would you rather hear your neighbors have sex or hear your neighbors have sex?

  19. Would you rather use sex toys or handcuffs? 

  20. Would you rather reveal your deepest sexual fantasy, or share your most embarrassing sex story?

  21. Would you rather sleep with someone who is completely silent or someone who’s extremely loud while they have sex?

  22. Would you rather receive a nude or a dirty text?

  23. Would you rather try a new sex position or a new sex toy?

  24. Would you rather watch porn or read erotica?

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