24 Apps for Long-Distance Couples To Stay Connected

What are the best apps for long-distance couples?
on September 11, 2023
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In today’s digital world, distance no longer needs to be a barrier to connection. With an abundance of apps for long-distance couples on the market — it’s never been easier!

Technology is on your team, with a multitude of creative solutions to keep the spark alive, no matter the miles between you. From video calling to couple games, these apps are designed to bring you close in ways that you never thought possible. 

We’ve rounded up the best long-distance relationship apps to transform your long-distance relationship into the perfect digital love story. 

Can apps help with long-distance? 

When you’re long-distance, it can be difficult to stay emotionally connected, with communication and trust at risk of fading away. 

This is why it’s so important to make an effort to stay connected, and don’t fret, you don’t have to do it all alone! With the help of an array of technological tools, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with your loved one, and there’s no reason why you can’t make an LDR relationship last. 

As long as both you and your partner are committed to the relationship, and are both willing to put in consistent effort, it’s easy to keep intimacy alive

What is the app that is helpful in a long-distance relationship? 

While social media and messaging can be useful, there are a range of apps that are designed to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationships. 

From shared calendars to screen syncing, these couple-specific apps can really help long-distance couples feel closer, even on tougher days. No matter what you’re looking for, there are a range of apps for you and your loved one to try out together. 

Apps to keep long-distance couples connected

To stay connected with your partner on the daily, we have some great apps that keep your loved one at the forefront of your mind. 

1. Paired

We may be biased, but we believe that Paired is the perfect way to stay connected with your partner every day — whether you’re together or apart. 

This app is all about starting meaningful conversations with your partner, with expert-researched daily questions, and couple games to test your knowledge of each other. 

Not only that, but you can follow along with your own love story and get reminded about your important dates, as well tracking your relationship satisfaction over time. 

2. TouchNote

When you’re apart from your loved one, there’s nothing like getting a love letter or note out of the blue. Since snail mail is a bit outdated these days, and carrier pigeons have gone into retirement — TouchNote is the perfect modern solution. 

This app allows you to easily turn pictures into postcards and send them to your significant other, with a personal message attached. With loads of different options available, these are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special dates. 

Or, if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, this app is perfect for sending love notes just because. 

3. Locket

Are you missing your partner’s face? This app has got you covered. 

Instead of having your partner’s photo around your neck, you can have them in a locket on your home screen! Simply snap a selfie and it appears in a widget on your partner’s phone — perfect for LDR couples who want to stay updated.

4. Rave

Want to stay connected through music? 

Rave lets you sync up with your partner, so you can listen to the same music at the same time. Long-distance karaoke anyone? 

Create personal playlists for each other, or even sync up your screens to binge-watch some Netflix together.  

5. Nujj

What is the app that vibrates your partner’s phone? We’ve got it right here for you!

This free app is perfect for long-distance couples, with features designed to keep you connected no matter where you are in the world. Whenever you miss your partner, just give your phone a shake, and your loved one’s phone will vibrate slightly. 

Not only that, but you can also share locations, set reminders for important dates, and more. 

6. MyLove

How long have you and your partner been together? Keep track of your relationships with this cute app, which showcases the timeline of your love story — down to the minute! 

Available on both IOS and Android, this app even sends you a notification when your special day is approaching, so you never miss an opportunity to celebrate your love. 

7. HeyTell

If WhatsApp just isn’t cutting it, this simple messaging app is a fun way to level up. 

This app allows you to chat with your partner via voice messages and videos in a quick and easy way — you don’t even have to set up a profile!

8. Journey

We know long-distance relationships can be tough, and it’s important not to keep all those emotions locked away!

This app allows you to keep a journal, where you can vent your anger and frustration, as well as your love for your partner. 

9. Love Nudge

Want to get some attention from your partner? Why not give them a little nudge

This app always you to send cute text messages to your loved one, allowing you to express your affection and romantic feelings through a compliment or even a gift. Even though it seems simple, retaining this emotional connection is essential in a long-distance relationship. 

10. Couple

Nicknamed the “App for Two”, this app allows long-distance couples to contribute to the same timeline — perfect for planning your reunion or future date nights. 

From sketching together to in-app messaging, all of these features allow couples to feel close, even when the distance is keeping them apart. 

One of our favorite features is the ‘Thumbkiss’ which allows you to feel your partner’s touch in real-time, which is great if your love language is physical touch

11. Without

This app is all about letting your partner know that you miss them, while also respecting the circumstances that are keeping you apart. 

With a shared calendar that tells you how long you’ve been apart, it allows you to send photos with personalized messages to express your affection. 

12. LokLok

If you’re an Android user, it’s your lucky day — as this app is perfect for sharing your affection for your loved one, right where they can see it! 

This app allows you to send sketches or doodles which then appear on your loved one’s lock-screen, which is guaranteed to make them smile throughout the day. 

13. WhenDo

When you’re living in different time zones, it can be hard to keep track of what you’re partner is up to! WhenDo makes the math a bit easier by showing you your loved one’s local time. 

Also instead of being greeted by a boring analog clock, you can add a cute couple's picture as your background — making the time go a little bit faster! 

14. Between 

This app is all about boosting your couples’ communication skills, with shared schedules allowing you to stay up to date with your day-to-day lives. 

As a couples calendar app, this takes all the stress out of planning your next date night, with all the perks of quality time adding up to a happy relationship. 

If you want to keep everything relationship-related in one place, Between could be the perfect app for you. 

Apps for long-distance date night 

Date night doesn’t have to be put on hold just because you’re apart. 

With a range of creative long-distance date night ideas on offer, thanks to fun games and apps, it’s easy to find new ways to spend quality time together! 

15. Kast

Movie nights are back on the cards for long-distance relationships with Kast. This app is perfect for date night, with features that make the distance a bit more bearable. 

With great video chat options, you can also watch a movie together without worrying about pressing play at the exact same time. Let your app sync with whatever you watching, so you can watch together miles apart without the fear of any spoilers! 

Note: This app was formerly known as Rabb.it

16. Gyft

If your partner’s love language is gift-giving, this is the perfect app to incorporate into your next date. 

Has your partner been saving up for something from her favorite store? Send them a gift card to make their day, and make sure they share the spoils of their shop with you! 

17. 1-800-Flowers

If your partner is having a bad day, all you want to do is cheer them up! 

This app allows you to make their day with a surprise flower delivery, with a personalized message attached. With a super simple app format, it’s never been easier to send flowers to your loved one’s door.  

18. Gottman card decks 

If you’re running out of long-distance date ideas, this couple game is the perfect way to pass the time and deepen your connection. 

From the founders of the Gottman method, this app provides research-based questions to help you both explore your relationship. Based on the Sound Relationship House Theory, this free app offers an abundance of resources to strengthen your relationship from the ground up. 

19. Cupla 

If you’re struggling to schedule your next date night, this app has you covered. 

As another couples calendar app, this puts your partner’s schedule beside your own — so you can see when you both have free time! This app allows you to set goals for how often you want to spend quality time with your partner, even suggesting the perfect time for dates that work around your busy schedules! 

Spicy apps for long-distance couples 

When you’re apart, it’s normal to miss having some *sexy time* with your loved one. However, even though physical touch is off the table, it doesn’t mean intimacy needs to disappear. 

Learn how to rekindle your physical connection with the help of these spicy apps. 

20. We-Vibe

Physical intimacy is a major part of any romantic relationship, and while long-distance can throw a spanner in the works, it just means you need to get creative!

If you’re interested in long-distance sex toys, We-Vibe is a great place to start. This app takes your Skype or sexting sessions to a new level, with app-connected sex toys — with your partner in full control of your pleasure! 

21. iPassion 

Want to initiate dirty talk long-distance? This intimate question game is perfect for adding a bit of spice to your long-distance relationship. 

While you’re apart, learn more about your partner's likes and dislikes, and customize quizzes to get even more personal! As you countdown to your next rendezvous, this date night idea is a nice alternative. 

22. Honi

If you’re interested in spicing things up, Honi could be the perfect app for your relationship. 

With card decks that include everything from fantasies to positions, this app allows you to open up with your partner about your intimate life in a fun way. Take your relationship to the next level and get more comfortable with each other by unlocking points along the way! 

23. Desire

Fancy a night of truth or dare? Take the truth out of the equation for an extra spicy date night. 

If roleplay or fantasy categories aren’t for you, this app also allows you to customize your own dares! With every dare worth a certain number of points, it’s time to get competitive. 

24. Sex Keeper 

While statistics may not seem super sexy, this app keeps track of your sex life. 

From where, to what positions, as well as how much fun you had and how many calories you burned — this app has it all! Even though this app can be fun, tracking the quality of your sex life can help you both discover what works for you, resulting in even better sex. 

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