What Are the Best Cuddling Positions?

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best cuddling positions

Cuddling up together is one of the best ways to feel close to your partner. Finding your favorite cuddling positions can be fun in itself — there are loads to try, from weird and wonderful to spicier ones.

As well as building intimacy, cuddling can do wonders for your well-being. So, whether you’re winding down from a long day or taking it slow on a weekend morning, cuddling with your significant other is always time well spent. Keep scrolling to learn the benefits of cuddling, and suggest some of the best cuddling positions for you to try.

What are the benefits of cuddling?

Put simply, cuddling with your loved one brings huge benefits to your relationship, mental health, and overall well-being. Some of the many advantages of cuddling include:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety: Cuddling after a hard day can also help boost your mood and relieve stress. Snuggling with your favorite person triggers the release of the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin —which promotes feelings like happiness, calmness, and relaxation —and lowers the stress hormone cortisol

  2. Bringing you closer together: Looking to increase the closeness and intimacy in your relationship? Then grab a blanket and get snuggled up in your partner’s arms. If your love language is “physical touch”, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

  3. Better sleep: Many people find that cuddling in bed helps them feel good, unwind, and fall asleep faster. The improved mood and lower anxiety levels can also promote more restful sleep.

  4. Improved health: What do lower anxiety, better sleep, and increased happiness bring? Overall improved health. To get scientific, cuddling can help lower blood pressure and provide a boost to your immune system, among other benefits.

With the numerous health and relationship benefits of cuddling, what better excuse to get close?

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What are some things to do when cuddling?

So, when are some good times to snuggle up? Why not try some of the following ideas:

  • Listening to music: Pop your favorite playlist on and cuddle up. Music can help you relax and create intimacy (depending on the genre, of course).

  • Read a book: If you both enjoy reading, why not combine it with a cuddle? This is a great cozy rainy day date idea. You can read individually, together, or out loud — whatever you both enjoy.

  • Catch up on a box set: Have you fallen behind on a series or want to binge a new one? The good news is that watching TV with your partner brings many benefits and makes for a great cuddle experience.

  • Chat: Whether you feel like improving communication or discussing something meaningful, cuddle-talking can feel especially intimate. Use this time to look into each other’s eyes and talk about thoughts and dreams.

How do you cuddle for maximum intimacy?

While a quick cuddle brings many benefits, you sometimes just need longer, more intimate moments together. Here are a few tips to increase physical intimacy.

First, make sure that your environment is right. Some good places for snuggling include your bed, a sofa, or a makeshift pile of pillows and blankets. Adjusting things like the lighting and temperature can help you set the perfect scene.

Then, make sure you won’t be disturbed. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’, close that social media app, and snooze all notifications. You’ll both get the most out of your alone time if you entirely focus on each other. Talk about how you could both feel as comfortable and connected as possible.

Finally, think about your cuddling positions. While all cuddles can bring you closer, some positions have more physical contact than others. There is no one “correct” way to cuddle, so try out a few and see which you both enjoy. To help you get started, we’ve come up with some different cuddling positions to try out.

The best cuddling positions

Try some of these different ways to cuddle and see which fits you best.

1. The classic spooning position

Well, we couldn’t start anywhere else but with the famous spooning position. Lie on your side, looking in the same direction. Then, curl up together, and have the person at the back cuddle the one in front.

Traditionally, the larger person would take the “big spoon” role, wrapping their arms around the “little spoon” in front. But who cares what tradition says? Take turns being the big and little spoon and see what feels best. We all want to be held from time to time. 

2. The half spoon

While a “full spoon” is one of the great cuddling positions, it can have its downsides. Dead shoulder, anyone? Depending on the temperature, it can also make things a little bit sweaty. 

A potentially more comfortable position for a cuddling session is the “half spoon”. Simply get into the classic spooning position — then adjust so the little spoon partner lies on their back instead. The same cuddle action with some added personal space.

3. Face-to-face

AKA, the “relationship sleep hug”. The clue’s in the name — to get into this position, lie on your side facing each other, and embrace. This cuddling position can get you closer than ever and is a great chance for deeper chats… just eat a breath mint first. Want to get extra close? Add in leg hugs to really get the pretzel look going.

4. Back-to-back

This cuddling position might be better if you’re trying to fall asleep (or if it’s especially warm). And, while facing away from each other might sound like it lacks intimacy, there can actually be a nice amount of body contact between you. Try it first with your lower back touching. Add more contact, like holding hands, if you like.

5. Side-by-side holding hands

Imagine you’re stargazing in the park. The side-by-side cuddling position lets you both relax and stretch out while remaining close. It’s a great way to chat and dream big — try holding hands to really get the intimacy flowing.

6. Lying on your partner’s chest

Another great way to create a real close connection is by using your partner as a pillow. One person lies on their back, and the other relax on their chest. This embrace can make you feel safe, secure, and loved, and it makes for an excellent sleeping position. A variation on this is for one person to sit up and the other to place their head in their partner’s lap.

Inspired by our list of the best cuddling positions? Try them out to find your favorites and get closer than ever.

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