60 of the Best Cuddling Positions to Cozy Up

What are the benefits of cuddling?
on April 08, 2024
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Cuddling up together is one of the best ways to feel close to your partner. Finding your favorite cuddling positions can be fun in itself — there are loads to try, from weird and wonderful to spicier ones.

As well as building intimacy, cuddling can do wonders for your well-being. So, whether you’re winding down from a long day or taking it slow on a weekend morning, cuddling with your significant other is always time well spent. 

Discover the untold benefits of cuddling, as well as take note of the best cuddling position for every location and mood! 

What are the benefits of cuddling?

Put simply, cuddling with your loved one brings huge benefits to your relationship, mental health, and overall well-being. Some of the many advantages of cuddling include:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety: Cuddling after a hard day can also help boost your mood and relieve stress. Snuggling with your favorite person triggers the release of the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin —which promotes feelings like happiness, calmness, and relaxation —and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. 

  2. Bringing you closer together: Looking to increase the closeness and intimacy in your relationship? Then grab a blanket and get snuggled up in your partner’s arms. If your love language is “physical touch”, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

  3. Better sleep: Many people find that cuddling in bed helps them feel good, unwind, and fall asleep faster. The improved mood and lower anxiety levels can also promote more restful sleep.

  4. Improved health: What do lower anxiety, better sleep, and increased happiness bring? Overall improved health. To get scientific, cuddling can help lower blood pressure and provide a boost to your immune system, among other benefits.

With the numerous health and relationship benefits of cuddling, what better excuse to get close?

What are some things to do when cuddling?

So, when are some good times to snuggle up? Why not try some of the following ideas:

  1. Listening to music: Pop your favorite playlist on and cuddle up. Music can help you relax and create intimacy (depending on the genre, of course).

  2. Read a book: If you both enjoy reading, why not combine it with a cuddle? This is a great cozy rainy day date idea. You can read individually, together, or out loud — whatever you both enjoy.

  3. Catch up on a box set: Have you fallen behind on a series or want to binge a new one? The good news is that watching TV with your partner brings many benefits and makes for a great cuddle experience.

  4. Chat: Whether you feel like improving communication or discussing something meaningful, cuddle-talking can feel especially intimate. Use this time to look into each other’s eyes and talk about thoughts and dreams.

How do you cuddle for maximum intimacy?

While a quick cuddle brings many benefits, you sometimes just need longer, more intimate moments together. Here are a few tips to increase physical intimacy.

First, make sure that your environment is right. Some good places for snuggling include your bed, a sofa, or a makeshift pile of pillows and blankets. Adjusting things like the lighting and temperature can help you set the perfect scene.

Then, make sure you won’t be disturbed. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’, close that social media app, and snooze all notifications. You’ll both get the most out of your alone time if you entirely focus on each other. Talk about how you could both feel as comfortable and connected as possible.

Finally, think about your cuddling positions. While all cuddles can bring you closer, some positions have more physical contact than others. There is no one “correct” way to cuddle, so try out a few and see which you both enjoy. To help you get started, we’ve come up with some different cuddling positions to try out.

What are the best cuddling positions?

As with sleeping or sex positions, different cuddle positions suit different couples! Do you want a cuddle that makes you feel closer than ever, or one that allows you to be close while still retaining your own space? 

Whether you’re watching a movie on the couch or snuggled up seductively in bed, we’ve got the best cuddle positions for you! 

Couples cuddling positions in bed 

  1. Face-to-face: AKA, the “relationship sleep hug”! The clue’s in the name — to get into this position, lie on your side facing each other, and embrace. This cuddling position can get you closer than ever and is a great chance for deeper chats… just eat a breath mint first. Want to get extra close? Add in leg hugs to get the pretzel look going.

  2. Back-to-back: This cuddling position might be better if you’re trying to fall asleep (or if it’s especially warm). And, while facing away from each other might sound like it lacks intimacy, there can be a nice amount of body contact between you. Try it first with your lower back touching. Add more contact, like holding hands, if you like.

  3. Side-by-side holding hands: The side-by-side cuddling position lets you both relax and stretch out while remaining close. It’s a great way to chat and dream big — try holding hands to get the intimacy flowing.

  4. Leg entwined: In this intimate position, both partners lie on their backs or on their sides, with their legs intertwined. This form of cuddling maintains a physical connection without the heat and intensity of full-body contact, making it perfect for warmer nights or for couples who value their personal space while sleeping. 

  5. The cradle: One partner lies on their back while the other rests their head on the partner's chest, with arms wrapped around each other. This cuddling style fosters a nurturing environment, allowing the partner who is cradling to offer warmth and protection. It's a comforting position that can be incredibly soothing, making it ideal for moments of relaxation or when one needs reassurance and a sense of safety. 

  6. The tangle: This position is for those moments when you can't get close enough, with both partners facing each other and legs and arms intertwined in a tight embrace. The tangle is the epitome of vulnerability and openness, allowing for maximum skin-to-skin contact and the sharing of warmth. It's perfect for deep conversations, cuddling in the morning, or whenever you feel the need to be as close as possible. If your romantic partner is a cuddly sleeper, this position maximizes your closeness!

  7. The starfish and clam: In this cuddle configuration, one partner (the starfish) sprawls out comfortably on their back while the other partner (the clam) curls up beside them, often with their head on the starfish's shoulder and a hand resting on their chest. This position offers the best of both worlds: ample space for the starfish to stretch out and a snug, secure spot for the clam to nestle in. It's particularly beneficial for couples where one partner enjoys more space while sleeping, yet both crave physical connection.

  8. The fortress: This protective cuddle position involves both partners lying on their sides, facing the same direction, with the outer partner (the protector) wrapping their arm around the waist of the inner partner (the protected), creating a cozy, fortress-like enclosure. The outer partner's legs can be intertwined with the inner partner's, or they can rest comfortably behind. 

  9. The bookends: In this position, both partners lie on their backs, side by side, with only their shoulders or arms touching, and their heads turned towards each other. They may also hold hands or intertwine their fingers over the space between them. This cuddle style is perfect for those in a long-term relationship who might value their shuteye or couples who prefer minimal physical contact while sleeping!

  10. The Yin-Yang: This unique cuddle position captures the essence of balance and complementarity, inspired by the Yin-Yang symbol. Both partners lie on their backs but with their heads at opposite ends of the bed. Their legs intertwine in the middle, creating a mirror image that represents harmony and interconnectedness. This position allows each partner to enjoy their own space while maintaining a physical connection through their entwined legs.

Different spooning positions to try 

  1. The classic spooning position: Well, we couldn’t start anywhere else but with the famous spooning position. Lie on your side, looking in the same direction. Then, curl up together, and have the person at the back cuddle the one in front. Traditionally, the larger person would take the “big spoon” role, wrapping their arms around the “little spoon” in front. But who cares what tradition says? Take turns being the big and little spoon and see what feels best. We all want to be held from time to time.

  2. The half spoon: While a “full spoon” is one of the great cuddling positions, it can have its downsides. Dead shoulder, anyone? Depending on the temperature, it can also make things a little bit sweaty. A potentially more comfortable position for a cuddling session is the “half spoon”. Simply get into the classic spooning position — then adjust so the little spoon partner lies on their back instead. The same cuddle action with some added personal space.

  3. The loose spoon: As relationships mature, the "honeymoon" phase of spooning often evolves into the loose spoon. This version maintains the basic structure of the classic spoon but with more space between partners. It's perfect for those who still want the closeness and security of spooning but prefer a little more personal space, allowing for better sleep quality while maintaining intimacy.

  4. The chasing spoon: This position occurs when one person shifts to one side of the bed, and their partner follows, or "chases" them, maintaining the spooning form. It often happens naturally during sleep and can signify a desire for closeness and affection. The chasing spoon is great for couples who enjoy playful interactions and the comfort of constant closeness.

  5. The lap spoon: In this variation, the "big spoon" sits up with their legs crossed (in a lotus position or with legs outstretched), and the "little spoon" sits between their legs, leaning back against the partner's chest. This position is excellent for watching TV, reading, or simply relaxing together. It combines the protective, enveloping feel of spooning with an engaging, shared activity.

  6. The reverse spoon: Flip the traditional spooning setup with the smaller partner enveloping the larger partner. This quirky twist offers a comforting role reversal, providing an opportunity for the typically smaller partner to express protectiveness and nurturing. It's a fun and comforting switch that can strengthen the bond between partners by showcasing care and support in a new light.

  7. The standing spoon: While not in bed, this spooning variation involves one partner standing behind the other and wrapping their arms around the waist, resting their head on the other's shoulder or back. It's a sweet gesture of affection and comfort that can be especially reassuring during moments of vulnerability or while sharing a quiet view or moment together.

  8. The zen spoon: This position involves both partners facing the same direction with a slight gap between them, mimicking the spooning shape without direct contact. It's suitable for hot nights or for individuals who overheat easily but still wish to maintain a sense of closeness. This can also be a comforting position for those who need a gentle sense of independence while valuing the security of their partner's presence.

  9. The half-sitting spoon: One partner sits up against the headboard or wall, while the other lies down with their head resting on the sitting partner's lap, facing sideways. This allows for a comforting embrace, ideal for stroking hair, back rubs, or simply sharing a moment of relaxation. It combines elements of nurturing care with the warmth of spooning, suitable for moments of rest or when one partner needs extra comfort.

  10. The infinity spoon: This creative take on spooning involves both partners adopting a semi-fetal position facing the same direction, but instead of one person being the "big spoon," each person curls around the other's back, forming a shape reminiscent of the infinity symbol. This position allows both partners to enjoy the sensation of being held and holding someone else simultaneously, fostering a deep sense of mutual care and protection.

Best cuddling positions on the couch 

  1. Lying on your partner’s chest: Another great way to create a real close connection is by using your partner as a pillow. One person lies on their back, and the other relaxes on their chest. With the right adjustments, this can be one of the most comfortable cuddling positions, as your head finds the perfect resting spot on your partner’s chest. This embrace can make you feel safe, secure, and loved, and it makes for an excellent sleeping position if you feel like dozing off on the couch. 

  2. Head in lap: If you’re a bit tight for space on the couch, this is a sweet pose for you and your partner to try. Whichever way around you want to try it, one partner can simply rest their head in their partner's lap in whatever way feels most comfortable! 

  3. The side snuggle: This position is perfect for those cozy movie nights or when you're just lounging together. Both partners sit side by side with one person leaning their back against the armrest of the couch, and the other snuggling up close, leaning their side against the partner's chest. It's a comfortable position for long periods, allowing one partner to wrap their arm around the other, perhaps running their fingers through their hair or gently rubbing their arm, enhancing the feeling of closeness and comfort.

  4. The spoon on the sofa: Adapt the classic spoon position for the couch. The "little spoon" sits between the "big spoon's" legs, leaning back against their chest. This setup is excellent for providing a warm, protective embrace while watching TV or just relaxing. It allows both partners to feel connected and secure, with the added benefit of keeping both parties warm and snug.

  5. The couch cradle: Similar to the cradle position in bed, one partner sits upright with their legs stretched out along the couch, and the other partner lies down, positioning their head on the seated partner's lap. This position is particularly nurturing and offers a wonderful opportunity for the seated partner to stroke their partner's hair, massage their scalp, or simply hold them close. It's ideal for conversation, reading together, or enjoying quiet moments.

Different ways to cuddle seductively 

  1. The whispering embrace: In this intimate position, one partner lies on their back while the other gently positions themselves atop, resting on their forearms to avoid full weight pressure. The key here is proximity and the exchange of breaths, whispers, and soft kisses. The person on top can whisper sweet nothings, breathe softly against the other's neck, and engage in gentle kisses along the jawline, neck, and earlobes, creating a tantalizing mix of comfort and arousal.

  2. Intertwined: Lying face to face, both partners wrap their arms and legs around each other, pulling their bodies as close as possible. This full-body contact allows for maximum skin-to-skin touch, facilitating a deep, sensual connection. The close eye contact and the ability to kiss easily add to the seductive nature of this cuddle, making it perfect for moments when you want to express your desire through more than just words.

  3. Sensual spoon: A variation of the classic spoon, this position involves the big spoon gently tracing its fingertips along the little spoon's arms, waist, and thighs, exploring its partner's body with a light, teasing touch. The closeness allows for warm breaths against the neck and the possibility of gentle bites or kisses on the shoulder, creating a mix of comfort and excitement that can be deeply seductive.

  4. Lap dance cuddle: The person sitting has their legs stretched out on the couch or bed, while the other partner sits astride them, facing either towards or away. This lap cuddle allows for a range of sensual movements, from grinding to gentle rocking back and forth, combined with neck kisses, caressing of the face, or running fingers through the hair. It’s an incredibly intimate position that blurs the lines between cuddling and foreplay.

  5. The gazing caress: In this position, both partners sit facing each other, with legs entwined if sitting on a couch or bed, or one partner's legs wrapped around the other if sitting on a chair or floor. They hold each other close, with hands exploring each other's bodies, from caressing the back and sides to gentle touches on the face. The intense eye contact and slow, deliberate movements make this cuddle deeply seductive, fostering an emotional connection that enhances physical attraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most intimate cuddle?

    The most intimate cuddle can vary greatly depending on personal preferences and the dynamics of a relationship. However, many would argue that the "Heartbeat Cuddle" holds a special place for being particularly intimate. This position involves one partner lying on their back while the other rests their head on the first partner's chest, allowing them to listen to their heartbeat. This cuddle is not only physically close but also symbolically deep, as it allows one partner to feel the very essence of the other's life force—their heartbeat.
  • How do you cuddle seductively?

    Cuddling seductively involves a deliberate blend of physical closeness, emotional connectivity, and sensual intention, executed with mutual consent and respect for each partner's comfort and boundaries. Cuddling naturally implies something seductive (if you’re in the right mood) as you’re pressed up against your loved one!
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