Couple Questions Game: 150 Questions to Quiz Your Partner

The best couple questions to ask your partner
on August 25, 2023
Read time: 10 mins

Roll up, roll up — it’s relationship game night with the ultimate couples questions game! 

If you want to see how well you know your partner, this couples game is the perfect way to deepen your connection while letting out your competitive streak! As you progress through the rounds, which you can personalize yourself, get ready to level up and unlock even more about your loved one. 

Are you ready to put your game face on? We’ve crafted the perfect couples' question game for you below. 

What is the couple's question game? 

The couples question game is a fun and often revealing activity that partners can play to get to know each other better. 

Even though truth or dare is often the go-to, this game is all about asking questions that can range from funny to personal. If you ask the right questions, couples can enhance their connection and understanding of each other — in a way that feels natural and fun. 

Whether you want to play it on your next dinner date or want to make a night of it at home, the couples question game is completely adaptable to suit every couple. This makes it perfect for couples who are in the early stages of dating, or for long-term couples who want to test their in-depth knowledge of their partner! 

How to play the couples question game

Set the mood: This game can be played at any time as it’s perfect to whip out on long car journeys or to spice up your Friday night date night. However, if you really want to get into it, why not make a night of it? Transform your living room into a game show set, with snacks, music, and question cards to take things to the next level!
Prepare questions: If you have some time to prepare, you can pre-write your own questions. Or, if you want some good questions to get you started, we’ve got you covered below! Feel free to add some personal ones to the mix as you progress & call it a bonus round.
Take turns: Decide how many rounds you want to do, and then alternate between both partners asking the questions. As one partner asks the question, the other writes down their answer and then you compare to see if you were right!
Scoring system: Now, if you’re both competitive, this is where the couples quiz could start to escalate! Decide on a scoring system, and if you’re worried about any cheats, bring in a friend as an umpire to keep track of all the points. If you’d like to level up, you could introduce some forfeits if you get a question wrong — whipped cream anyone?
No judgments: With a mix of interesting questions, including some deep questions, it’s important to stay open-minded as each answer comes in. Even if you hate their favorite movie, don’t grill them on it!
Have fun: Although this game is designed to get to know your partner on a deeper level, it’s meant to be a fun way to do it — so don’t get offended if your significant other doesn’t score too well.

What are the best questions to ask when you're playing the couple's game?

When you’re playing the couples game, try to opt for a real mix of questions to test your compatibility from every angle! 

Start with some simple conversation starter questions and slowly level up to deeper relationship questions as you progress through the levels. This way you both have a chance to get comfortable with some fun questions before getting more intimate. 

If you’re stuck with where to start, we’ve rounded up the perfect mixture of questions to get your game night started — so don’t fret! 

150 questions for couples game to keep your partner on their toes 

Before you get into your games night, have a look through this list of couples' questions to come up with your own winning combo. 

For the first few rounds, we’ve included some simple ones, while you’ll also find some more intimate questions to really stump your partner for the final round! 

We’re rooting for you! 

  1. Do I have a bucket list? If so, what do you think is on it?

  2. What do I have you saved in my phone under?

  3. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, what would it be?

  4. What are my beige flags?

  5. What's my favorite TV show to binge-watch when I'm sad or lonely?

  6. What's my favorite thing about our relationship?

  7. Would I rather be 25 forever, or grow old?

  8. Who was my childhood celebrity crush?

  9. If I could only have one streaming platform for the rest of my life, which one would it be? (This includes both music and movies!)

  10. What do I consider to be my best personality trait?

  11. What would my ideal holiday be?

  12. Do I think you would be happy to wake up next to me for the rest of your life?

  13. Who was my first kiss?

  14. What is the biggest lesson I learned from a past relationship?

  15. Who is my favorite influencer to follow on social media?

  16. How many books have I read this year?

  17. Was I popular in high school?

  18. What’s the best gift I have ever given someone?

  19. Who are my best friends? List them!

  20. What superhero would I like to be?

  21. Am I good at reading others?

  22. What is my biggest dealbreaker?

  23. What's my favorite book?

  24. Do I think it's important to know about our past relationships?

  25. Would I rather be invisible or be able to read your mind?

  26. What's an ice cream flavor I can't stand?

  27. Who was my best friend in childhood?

  28. Was the last thing I read digitally or in print?

  29. Did I have any nicknames when I was growing up?

  30. What is the last book that I read?

  31. Did my parents used to read to me before I went to sleep?

  32. Who is my favorite Disney princess or villain?

  33. What is my favorite color?

  34. Am I a big birthday person?

  35. Would I ever have a long-distance relationship?

  36. If I could only have kisses or cuddles for the rest of my life, which would I choose?

  37. What are my traveling dealbreakers?

  38. What’s my favorite snack?

  39. Do I have any odd quirks?

  40. Do I have a favorite food?

  41. Who is my oldest friend?

  42. What is the book that I could re-read over and over?

  43. If I could have any superpower, what would it be?

  44. What is my greatest style inspiration?

  45. In a game of would you rather, would I prefer to only have morning sex for the rest of my life, or strictly sex at night?

  46. What's my favorite social media?

  47. What would my death row meal be? (Starter, main & dessert)

  48. What is my favorite book that I have ever read?

  49. Have I ever slid into someone's DM's?

  50. What high school did I go to?

  51. Where did we go on our first date?

  52. Am I a flirty person? Or do I consider myself to be a good flirt?

  53. Would I rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

  54. What is my traveling dealbreaker?

  55. What is my weakness when it comes to spending money?

  56. Do I prefer Christmas or Halloween?

  57. What superpower do I think is silly?

  58. What movie or book do I wish I could experience for the first time?

  59. What's the best gift that I have ever received?

  60. Do I believe in horoscopes or star signs?

  61. Do I think I'm easy to read?

  62. Would I rather read a book or watch TV?

  63. What is my biggest fear?

  64. If I could only ever wear one color again, what would it be?

  65. What hobbies do I enjoy in my free time?

  66. Do I enjoy cooking or eating out more?

  67. What's my favorite season of the year?

  68. What's my favorite type of music?

  69. How do I like to celebrate our anniversaries?

  70. Do I prefer spending time indoors or outdoors?

  71. What's my favorite way to relax and unwind?

  72. How do I feel about pets and animals?

  73. What's my opinion on marriage and children?

  74. How do I feel about social and political issues?

  75. What are my top priorities in life?

  76. How do I manage stress and anxiety?

  77. What's my view on spirituality and religion?

  78. How do I feel about public speaking?

  79. What are my thoughts on money and personal finance?

  80. How would I handle a medical emergency?

  81. What are my thoughts on friendship and trust?

  82. How do I handle conflict and disagreement?

  83. What are my views on education and learning?

  84. What's my favorite way to exercise and stay fit?

  85. Where did we have our first kiss?

  86. What's our funniest memory together?

  87. How do I feel about animal rights and welfare?

  88. What's a memorable experience I've had with an animal?

  89. How did we celebrate our first anniversary?

  90. What was the first movie we watched together?

  91. What's the most adventurous thing we've done as a couple?

  92. How do I feel about exploring other cultures?

  93. What's a cultural festival or event I'd love to attend?

  94. How do I embrace diversity and inclusion?

  95. What's my favorite type of pet?

  96. How do I feel about adopting pets?

  97. What's my favorite wild animal?

  98. What's my favorite way to spend the weekend?

  99. What's my favorite type of movie?

  100. Do I prefer coffee or tea?

  101. What's my favorite outdoor activity?

  102. What's my favorite way to exercise?

  103. How do we handle disagreements?

  104. What do I love most about you?

  105. How do we show appreciation for each other?

  106. What's something I do that always makes you smile?

  107. How do we keep our relationship exciting and fresh?

  108. How important is family to me?

  109. What's my favorite family tradition?

  110. What's my morning routine like?

  111. What's a habit I have that you find cute or quirky?

  112. How do I like to decorate our living space?

  113. What's my favorite type of cuisine?

  114. Do I prefer a night out or a cozy evening at home?

  115. How do I feel about your family?

  116. What's my relationship like with my siblings?

  117. Who are my closest friends, and what do I like about them?

  118. What's my dream job, and why?

  119. How do I handle stress at work?

  120. What are my professional goals for the next five years?

  121. What's a skill I'd like to learn or improve?

  122. How do I feel about continuous education and self-improvement?

  123. What's my favorite hobby?

  124. How do I feel about playing video games or board games?

  125. What's a sport I love to play or watch?

  126. What's my favorite way to spend a holiday?

  127. How do I like to celebrate my birthday?

  128. What are my core values in life?

  129. How do I feel about charity and giving back?

  130. What's my stance on political or social issues?

  131. How do I feel about spirituality or religion?

  132. What's my philosophy on life and happiness?

  133. What's my favorite travel destination?

  134. How do I like to travel? (Luxury, backpacking, etc.)

  135. What's a place I've always wanted to visit?

  136. What's my favorite type of vacation? (Beach, city, etc.)

  137. How do I feel about traveling with friends or family?

  138. How do I feel about public displays of affection?

  139. What's something romantic I've done that you loved?

  140. How do I feel about intimacy in our relationship?

  141. What's a romantic destination I'd love to visit with you?

  142. How do I like to celebrate Valentine's Day?

  143. How do I handle failure or disappointment?

  144. What's something I'm proud of accomplishing?

  145. How do I stay motivated and inspired?

  146. How do I express love and affection?

  147. How do I feel about having children?

  148. How do I prefer to communicate? (Text, call, face-to-face)

  149. What's something I wish you understood better about me?

  150. What's a piece of technology I can't live without?

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