33 ‘How Well Do You Know Your Partner’ Questions

Ready for a relationship pop quiz? Test your couple knowledge with these questions

When you’ve been with your significant other for years, you might start to think you know everything about them. But no matter how long you’ve been together there’s always something new to learn — and taking our “how well do you know your partner” questions is a great way to test your couple knowledge. 

Experts say that knowing your partner inside and out is key to a happy and healthy relationship. In her long-term study on marital happiness, relationship therapist and academic Dr. Terri Orbuch found that relationship satisfaction is partly contingent on how deeply and intimately two partners know each other — including how well they know each other's thoughts, feelings, and vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, psychologist and relationship expert Dr. John Gottman believes that a strong predictor of relationship stability is how much partners know about each other's "inner worlds". This knowledge helps couples stay connected in stressful times, rather than becoming strangers to each other.

That’s why we put together a list of questions to gauge how well you know your partner, and how much you still have to learn about one another. Taking this quiz together can be a fun way to reconnect, and even be a springboard for new, uncharted conversations. 

Don’t worry if you get any of these questions wrong — it’s just a chance to get to know each other better! And if you ace all of them, you can rejoice in the fact that you’re completely in sync. 

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33 questions to see how well you know your partner

  1. What was your partner’s favorite childhood game or activity?

  2. Is anything stressing your partner out at the moment? What?

  3. Can you name one of your partner’s life dreams?

  4. What’s the first thing your partner would do if they won the lottery?

  5. What’s your partner’s idea of a perfect date night?

  6. What’s your partner’s favorite sexual position?

  7. If your partner had to eat one dish for the rest of their lives, what would it be?

  8. What’s your partner’s love language?

  9. What’s your partner’s favorite holiday destination?

  10. What’s at the top of your partner’s bucket list?

  11. If your partner could do any job in the world, which would they pick?

  12. How does your partner like to spend their free time? 

  13. What’s your partner’s biggest pet peeve?

  14. Does your partner have any irrational fears? If so, what are they?

  15. How does your partner feel about surprises?

  16. What’s your partner’s biggest insecurity? 

  17. If your partner had a superpower, what would it be?

  18. What’s one movie your partner could watch over and over and never get tired of?

  19. What’s your partner’s favorite form of physical intimacy?

  20. As a kid, what did your partner want to be when they grew up?

  21. Does your partner have any regrets? If so, which ones?

  22. What was your partner’s first job?

  23. What’s your partner’s biggest sexual fantasy?

  24. What’s your partner’s biggest dealbreaker in a relationship?

  25. How does your partner like to be apologized to?

  26. If your partner could live anywhere in the world, where would they live?

  27. What was your partner’s favorite subject in school? 

  28. Was your partner popular in high school?

  29. What’s the most dangerous thing your partner has ever done?

  30. Has your partner ever had any operations?

  31. What’s your partner’s most embarrassing memory? 

  32. Who was your partner’s best friend(s) growing up? 

  33. Which of your habits irritates your partner the most? 

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