15 Fun Last-Minute Date Ideas for Couples

Make date night fun... in no time!
by Sarah Finley
last minute date ideas

Not all dates have to be well planned out and cost you hundreds of dollars. Simple, last-minute date ideas can be easy to arrange, feel spontaneous, and even get you and your partner in the mood for more romantic pursuits at home. 

Last-minute date ideas don’t have to break the bank either, so they’re perfect if you’re on a budget. Sometimes just putting the thought in shows your partner that you care about them, and how much you love spending time with them.

If have small children you’ll also know how valuable — but rare — alone time with your partner can be, so a last-minute date idea could be a great option for when you’re short on time. 

Stuck for ideas on what to do on a last-minute date? We look at the fun, quirky, and cheap last-minute date night ideas that will help you reconnect and possibly spice up things in the bedroom for you and your partner.

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15 fun last-minute date ideas

1. Sexy Scrabble

Who says board games have to be boring? How about switching up normal words for sexy words in a game of Scrabble for a fun last-minute date — the winner chooses the next game!

2. Bake some cookies

You can’t go wrong with cookies. Whether you follow a recipe to a T or free-style it, have fun with the ingredients along the way. Who says you need to make the perfect cookies, anyway?! Once the cookies are in the oven, share some of the leftover cookie dough. And once they’re out, enjoy the fruits (or cookies) of your labor. 

3. Breakfast in bed, at night

Whether you’re snuggling up in bed with pancakes or you pick a sexier vibe (think chocolate-covered strawberries) breakfast in bed will give you that close connection and alone time you’re both craving.

4. Cocktail making 

Who’s up for a boozy night in for two? Try an at-home cocktail-making class. If you both have a favorite cocktail, take turns in playing barman and score each other out of 10 on who created the concoction better. When you’re a little tipsy, opt for another creation and see where the night leads you.

5. Cook a new meal together 

We all get in a rut when it comes to cooking the same meals, day in, day out. So, put an evening aside, turn your phones off, open the wine, and dust off those cookbooks. You don’t need to cook anything too elaborate, just a meal that will get both your taste buds excited again — pizza is always a great idea. Once you’ve simmered, stirred, or roasted, sit down and enjoy it together. 

6. Go stargazing

You don’t have to go far for this spontaneous last-minute date idea, even your backyard will do. However, if you fancy going further afield, pack some sandwiches and warm clothes, then pick a spot where you know you’ll have a good view. Lie back on your picnic blanket, snuggle into each other and pick out your favorite stars.

7. Make a romantic playlist together

Remember when mix tapes were a thing? The modern-day alternative is a shared playlist. Either spend the day separately adding songs to the list, or cuddle up one evening and add those heartfelt, cheesy songs that will make you remember where your relationship started. Sing, dance, and reminisce the night away.

8. Take a walk in nature 

If you’re both the outdoorsy or sporty types, getting out into nature can help you feel re-energized, and it’s also great for your mental and physical health. Talking about important things is also easier when you’re walking, so have those deep, serious conversions and feel the endorphins fill your whole body as you do.

9. Have a movie marathon 

On a cold or wet evening, is there ever a better way to spend your time? A movie marathon is also a great last-minute date idea. Choose a selection of movies — either your faves or new blockbusters — grab the popcorn, and settle in for a wild ride. Laughing, or connecting with a storyline will bring you closer together. Plus, you’ll both feel well-rested and in tune with each other afterward. 

10. Go foraging

If you both love nature, then foraging for food could be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Find your local public green space or park and look out for foods such as cherries, elderflowers, walnuts, and berries. Help each other spot the local produce and have fun with your finds. It will make you both appreciate your natural surroundings more. 

11. Slip into a bubble bath 

Run your partner a hot bubble bath, light a scented candle for some aromatherapy and surprise them when they get home after a stressful day at work. Play with the bubbles, massage each other, or just relax. The quality time together will not only bring your stress levels down but help you feel more connected as a couple. 

12. Indoor picnic for two

A picnic is one of the most spontaneous date ideas and can be just as fun at home, as it is in a park. Either pick up some food on your way home from work or see what’s left over in the fridge. Pop the food in a hamper basket, then all you need is a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some calming music. Make ‘work talk’ off limits — instead, concentrate on your hopes and dreams and see where the evening takes you.

13. Wine tasting

Who says you have to go to a vineyard for wine tasting? Pick up a few bottles of wine you’ve both never tasted, and use all your senses to smell and taste the fruits and spices in the different bottles. The next time you have friends over, you’ll both sound like professionals.

14. Have a spa night

A spa day or night is the perfect opportunity to put your phones down and just concentrate on each other. Apply the face masks, get into your robes, and play some relaxing music. It will feel like a real-life spa instantly. Pamper each other by bringing out the body oil and massaging each other from head to toe!

15. Camp in your backyard

If the thought of public restrooms and outdoor showers freaks you out, then why not pitch a tent in your backyard? Make it as cozy as possible, with your favorite pillows, sleeping bags, flashlights, and maybe even wildlife sounds. Have a "no-phone" rule until the morning and spend the night talking, dreaming, and snuggling.

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