16 Spring Date Ideas to Keep Things Fun and Fresh

Cute and cheap ideas to help you feel closer to your partner
by Sarah Finley

As the mornings and evenings become lighter and the taste of spring is in the air, date night ideas can become even more fun and creative. Spring also means better weather,  so alfresco dining and even walking in nature are great options. 

But, if you want some fresh ideas, where do you start when thinking of spring date ideas? While winter dates give you the option to snuggle up around a fire or wrap up for an activity outside, spring dates allow you to shed the clothing and enjoy the warmer weather. 

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of cheap spring date ideas that allow you to bond with your partner but not break the bank. Spring date ideas could also include food dates or learning something new together – two of the best ways to reconnect with your partner. Here’s our selection of the 16 best spring date ideas.


Cute date ideas for spring

1. Enjoy a bike ride 

Need an updated couples selfie? Nothing says a cute spring date more than on a bike ride together. Dust off your bikes, fasten up your helmets and explore a route you’ve both never taken before. Take in the nature around you and stop for regular breaks to admire the wildlife or views. 

2. Head to a farmer’s market

Any date that involves food is a winner – so wandering around a farmer's market hand in hand is the ideal fun spring date.  The weather will be just right for you to take your time as you taste test the cheese, meats, and olives together. Pick a morning where you don’t have to be anywhere for the rest of the day – giving you time to enjoy the atmosphere and take it all in together.

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3. Try wine tasting

Trying something new together can help you bond, especially if you’ve had a busy or stressful week. Book into your local vineyard and embrace your taste buds together – then decide on a favorite and make it the star of your next dinner party.

4. Press flowers

If you both already love nature, spring will blossom handfuls of pretty flowers for you to press. Pick your favorite flowers together and learn how to press them, before you arrange them in a photo frame. Every time you look at the frame, you’ll be reminded of your spring date together.

5. Do beach yoga

If you both love a downward dog but are bored by home workouts or doing sun salutations without any actual sun, then doing yoga on the beach is a great way to share a cute experience together. After you’ve stretched your bodies take a walk along the sand or share a healthy smoothie with your partner.


Fun spring date ideas

6. Go rollerblading 

Just like ice skating is a winter date idea staple, rollerblading should be on your spring date ideas list too. This one will not just have you laughing, as you try to master the art of blading, but encourages you to hold on tightly to keep each other stable, too – cute.

7. Visit the Zoo 

A “doing date”, when the sun’s out, is what spring days are made for. A Zoo date will get you up close and personal with tons of animals – giving you conversation starters and quirky animals to bond over.

8. Set up an Easter egg hunt

Who says Easter egg hunts are just for kids? Both take turns hiding some small eggs for each other in your garden and have fun trying to find them. The added bonus is that you get to share the chocolate together afterwards.

9. Try a local festival 

A local festival is a perfect way to spend a spring day with your partner – especially if you both love the same type of music. Don your craziest outfit, apply the glitter and dance all day with each other, without a care in the world. 

10. Rent a boat 

You don’t have to be on vacation to rent a boat, and it's the perfect fun and silly date idea for spring. Take turns rowing and giggle at other couples doing the same. Just make sure you don’t fall in.

11.  Sign up for an outdoor art class

If you both want a bit of culture, but also want to enjoy the light spring evenings, sign up for a local outdoor art class. You’ll get your creative juices flowing, and then you can bond over your finished drawings together. 


Cheap spring date ideas

12. Go for a beach stroll

It may not be warm enough for a dip in the ocean, but spring is the perfect time for a stroll along the beach with your partner. Spend an afternoon people watching, eating ice cream and talking – you’ll return home with lungs full of fresh salty air and a refreshed feeling.

13. Go hiking 

If you’re both the active types, then a hiking date is the perfect cheap date idea. Slip on your hiking boots and find a route that will challenge you both. Hiking in the spring will mean it’s just warm enough to not need that oversized jacket – but you won’t get sunburnt or return home sweating either. Take in the views, tune into nature and reap the benefits of those endorphins pumping around your body.

14. Pack a picnic 

If you’ve been desperate to eat alfresco with your partner now is the perfect time to pop some food into a hamper and head out for your nearest green space. Find a cute spot, lay out a blanket and feed each other strawberries.

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15. Dog walk 

Walking the dog can sometimes feel like a chore, but when you’re basking in the glory of a spring day, it can feel like a fun date idea. Pick a longer route than normal and explore your local area together. Walking together can also be a great time to talk – so get all those things off your chest, and you’ll finish the walk feeling much lighter.

16. Go for a run 

Exercise can help lift your mood and lower stress levels. If you both love running, commit to one run a week together, it doesn’t have to be far – but sharing a workout will bring you closer together and keep you both healthy.

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