12 Summer Date Ideas for the Warmer Months

Make the most of the warm weather with these summer date ideas
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summer date ideas

There’s nothing better than when the winter months draw to a close, the days get longer, and you can start enjoying warm weather again. Summer also opens up plenty of new date night opportunities, so if you’re looking for ways to impress your partner beyond the same four walls, check out these cute summer date ideas.

Where should I go on a date when it’s hot?

Naturally, the best summer date ideas vary enormously depending on where you’re based — it might be cool enough to stroll around New York but too hot to play volleyball in California. Take the temperature into account and make sure you’re both prepared. Wear loose clothes and be generous with that sunscreen!

Summertime dates don’t need to be confined to the sunshine alone. We’ve also included some summer date night ideas to help you make the most of those cool breezes with your significant other.

What are some cute summer dates?

From al fresco dining to a jaunt around your local park, here are the best summer date ideas for you and your significant other. 

1. Rock up to an outdoor movie

Don’t feel like donning your swimsuit or sweating it out? We hear you. Take her to a drive-in movie and watch one of the classics. Bonus points if you have an open-top car.

2. Throw a water balloon party

Couples and a little friendly competition go hand in hand — so get ready to be soaked in a balloon fight! This budget fun date doesn’t even need you to leave the house. Just make sure you clear up afterward.

3. Stroll around a botanical garden

Feel like you need to brush up on your plant knowledge? Take your partner around a botanical garden and smell the flowers. Bonus points: getting out in nature boosts those endorphins.

4. Take a couple’s massage outside

Great if you’re on vacation, a couple’s massage will let you both unwind with the touch of healing hands. Listen to the waves of the ocean or feel those summer night temperatures drop… and relax.

5. Wander around a farmer’s market

What better way to give back to your local community than to visit a farmer’s market? Hit the food trucks and sample the local cuisine. If retail therapy is an essential for your best summer date ideas, try hitting a flea market too.

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6. Indulge in wine tasting

This one’s great for those looking for summer date night ideas — you can stroll around the vineyards by day or throw back a bottle of wine by night. Be sure to use a spittoon if you think you might like the wine a little too much.

7. Take a road trip

Plan your route or get lost in style with a road trip. If you can incorporate coastlines or sweeping valley views, even better. There are hundreds of road trip apps to help you get on the way.

8. Power up for some extreme sports

There are no limits to outdoor dates. If you’ve got the drive, you’ll both enjoy it. Start slow with some paddleboarding or hop in a kayak. Ready to up the ante? Go for some rollerblading or even rock climbing (subject to local scenery, of course).

9. Hit the amusement park

Nothing says best date like a day on the rides — eating cotton candy and testing your mettle on the roller coasters. If you’re after something gentler, look for a park with mini golf or a water park. Why not enjoy an ice cream poolside?

10. Have an outdoor board game day

Summer is the perfect time to dust off those old board games. Take them outside and avoid the distractions of screens. Why not make a friendly competition out of it? Loser buys dinner…

11. Cuddle up under the sunset

After all that excitement, the two of you deserve some time to relax. Drive up to a high point and look out over the clouds. Who says stargazing should be reserved for Valentine’s Day only?

12. Dine on a boozy brunch

The best summer date ideas for adults include a little alcohol. Whether you’re wine tasting or sinking beers with your French toast, it gives you both the perfect excuse to relax later on.

How to have the best summer date: top tips

Looking to impress your significant other? Make it a great date with these tried-and-tested tips:

  • Plan your clothing accordingly, especially if you’re taking part in sports

  • Stay hydrated, particularly if you’re drinking alcohol

  • Arrange transport home if you are having a drink

  • Look out for bugs

  • Wear sunscreen!

Ready to have the best summer date? You’ve got the tips, now all you need is sunshine.

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