29 Talking Games for Couples to Pass the Time

Whether you’re relaxing at home or trying to pass the time on a long drive, here are the best talking games for couples
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talking games for couples

Whether you want to spice up game night with a new date or get to a deeper level with your long-term partner, talking games for couples are a great way to build your connection. Card games and board games are great ways to bond, but nothing beats good conversation!

From flirty wordplay to thought-provoking questions, look no further for the ultimate games to get the conversation flowing. On top of being a fun way to pass the time, these talking games could be a great way to open communication and bring you closer together. 

What games can you play with only talking?

Long road trip, hike, or a lull in conversation? These simple conversation games for couples are the perfect way to bring some fun to your communication wherever you are. All you need is your imagination!

1. I spy

A car journey favorite, this classic question game works anywhere. While it might not spark much deep conversation, I Spy is a fun way to pass the time and can give you new insight into how your partner sees the world. Don’t be afraid to get flirty — after all, who knows what you spy.

2. Kiss, Marry, or Kill

A playful way to talk about preferences! Simply choose three people and ask your partner which they’d kiss, marry or kill. Try it with celebrities or random strangers you can see around you. Also works with people you know, but beware: results may surprise you!

3. Word association

This game takes the least planning of all — that’s the beauty of it! You say a word, your partner says the first word it makes them think of, and you do the same until you’re dissolved in laughter. The more leftfield the associations, the better!

4. How well do you know me?

This is the perfect way for more established couples to reconnect, or new couples to get to know each other better. Mix relationship-specific questions like “what’s my love language?” with fun trivia like “what’s my favorite food?” See how your partner sees you — you might be surprised!

5. Roleplaying

Embrace your dramatic side and who knows who’ll you meet… Has your partner always wanted to date a firefighter? Do you have a secret fantasy life as a pilot? Go wild with outfits, wigs, and makeup, or just use your words, but try and stay in character as long as possible. Just as good for the bar or the bedroom.

6. Truth or dare

The ultimate game for mixing and matching deeper-level revelations and couple questions with silly challenges. Choosing “truth” can spark a meaningful convo, while “dare” allows you to unleash your flirty, fun side. Perfect for any date night!

7. Person most likely to

Bring some awards night glamor to your date night! Show your partner some love by voting them Most Likely to Plan a Cute Date, or Most Likely to Get You Hot… Be as sexy or as serious as you like, and don’t forget to claim your prize!

8. 20 questions

This classic is the perfect guessing game for two. Pick an object, place, or person, and have your partner try and work it out by asking Yes/No questions. Have mercy and give them clues or make it as tough as you like — getting flustered can be fun!

9. People watching

If all the world’s a stage, don’t miss the plays going on around you. Simply observe your surroundings and make up stories about whoever you can see. Does it look like a first date? How did they meet? What kind of wedding will they have? Especially fun on vacation!

10. Complete my sentence

You know you’re made for each other when you’re completing each other’s sentences. Be as romantic, steamy, or random as you like. Openers like “I love it when you…” or “Tonight, I want to…” can lead to all kinds of fun!

11. Trivia

Let’s get quizzical! Test your partner on music, TV, geography, movies… Whatever floats your boat. This is a great way to drill down into shared passions or learn something new about your partner’s interests. Keep score or just play for fun!

12. Alphabet games

There are endless possibilities for these word games. Pick a letter and a theme, like animals beginning with A, and take a turn each until you’re stumped. Sports teams, bands, snacks, capital cities — the sky’s the limit! Ideal for road trips or long walks in nature.

13. Charades

More like a not talking game for couples, silently act out a film, book, or TV show while your partner tries to guess. A great party game to reconnect over shared interests or add fun new suggestions to your Netflix and chill list.

14. Secret stories

Looking for a deeper connection on date night? Share a secret with your significant other for the first time and ask them to do the same. Go with the flow or make question cards in advance, then shuffle the card deck and start spilling secrets!

15. Two truths and a lie

One of the ultimate guessing games to get to know your partner. Ask fun questions to get to the bottom of their tall tales. No matter how long you’ve been together, you’re bound to find out something new about your significant other!

16. Favorites    

As simple as it sounds! Ask your loved one about their likes and dislikes, from favorite foods to movies, animals to albums. Best played as an icebreaker in the early days, but long-term partners can still surprise each other.  

17. Between the sheets

This romantic game gets you talking about your desires in the bedroom. Buy themed sensual question cards on Amazon or write your own to keep in your date night box. Sure to liven up any sleepover!

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What are some texting games for couples?

Prefer to stay connected over the phone? Try these fun games! While any of these options work just as well as phone call games for couples, some are even better over text. Maybe you’re long-distance or like to chat throughout the day. Bonus points for videos, GIFs, emojis, and voice notes — get creative!

18. Fill in the blanks

Spice things up by sending your loved one a sentence with some key points blanked out. “I’ve always wanted to x your x” might bring up some steamy surprises! Just make sure you remember them for your next sleepover…

19. Storytelling

Get on the same page with this fun way to express your creativity. Try poems, limericks, full-length novels, or scripts… Whether you write short sentences or full paragraphs, agree on a plot, or let your minds wander — watch your story unfurl.

20. Would you rather

These fun questions are great conversation starters. Get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes through thought-provoking questions or quirky comparisons. These can work quickfire style or as a springboard for deeper convos — don’t be scared to disagree or ask why!

21. Emoji game

Get in touch with your emojis! A fun twist on word games, use emojis to spell out a phrase and have your partner guess. From the titles of TV shows to your deepest feelings or desires, there’s a set of emojis for that. Stickers, GIFs, and memes can all add to the fun.

22. Never have I ever

This classic drinking game works just as well via text. Get to a deeper level by asking questions about your loved one’s history. Why not choose emojis to mean “I have” or “I have not”? Sit back and watch the revelations fly!

23. What if

Text your loved one “what if” questions to get the fun convos flowing. From the weird and wonderful (“what if I suddenly turned into a worm?”) to the naughty or nice (“what if we didn’t leave bed for a full day?”), let your imaginations run wild!

24. Guess the lyrics

They say music is the food of love! Text your partner lyrics from a hit song and have them guess the title and the artist. Bonus points if they know the next line! Not a music fan? Try quotes from your favorite movies or TV.

25. Last letter game

Word association with a twist. You can say any word so long as it ends with the last letter of the word your partner said. They say “love,” you say “eat!” If you can link the words, even better.

26. Where am I?

Send your significant other clues and have them guess your location in this fun question game. You can even use photos or emojis, but don’t give too much away. Spice things up by turning this into a scavenger hunt — the prize is your partner gets to meet you there!

27. Autocorrect antics

Swap prompts with your partner, type them in, and let autocorrect fill in the rest. Add in your names, locations, favorite foods, and other trivia. The funniest result is the winner. It might even generate random questions — don’t forget to ask each other!

What other talking games for couples can keep conversations going?

Once you’ve tried these conversation starters and texting games, you might find you want to take things further. Try these couples' games to spark an even deeper conversation.

28. 36 Questions to fall in love

Ever wished for a romantic game with a scientific twist? Look no further than these 36 questions designed to bring you and your partner closer. This is the ultimate question game to reconnect or break the ice at any stage of a relationship.

29. Deep relationship questions

Dig deep into these next-level relationship questions. Best suited to more established couples, take a trip down memory lane and enjoy meaningful conversation prompted by these openers. Get ready to open up!

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